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GamesOS copying content from other sites

Posted by ThePOGG on May 25, 2015

While putting together content for the new site, I’ve been taking an in depth look at the game rules at a large proportion of the online casino software providers on the market today. This has involved hours of work trudging through game help files to extract the nuances of each particular game. In doing this I encountered something rather unsavoury…..

When looking at the game help files at GamesOS software, one particular sentence jumped out at me with a bell ringing, déjà vu familiarity;

“Blackjack Switch is a blackjack variant which allows the player to do what is normally considered a classic cheating manoeuvre, trading cards between two hands.”

I’m including a screen shot of the help file for historical reference;

the particular phrase “considered a classic cheating manoeuver” really stuck out to me. When doing my own research for the content for the new site, one of the sources that I was always sure to check with was Going to the Wizard’s Blackjack Switch article here’s what I found;

As can be clearly seen above the first sentence of the above article is word for word the same as the GamesOS Blackjack Switch help file. I feel there’s little doubt regarding who is the original author of this material and that whoever’s put the GamesOS help file together has also referenced the Wizard of Odds site.

Having found this blatant lift, I compared the other GamesOS help files with the corresponding articles on the Wizard of Odds and while this wasn’t a widespread practice showing up for every game, I found the following content lifts;


Shockwaves Video Poker

Spanish 21

While the above examples are small in scale – ranging from phrasing to lifting a few sentences – it doesn’t speak of professionalism at all. It’s one thing to check with other credible sources – frankly Michael Shackleford’s work on the Wizard of Odds site is unquestionably credible in terms of gaming mathematics and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate in stating this site has been a resource I’ve consistently looked to when compiling game articles to double check the work of the people contributing to the new site and ensure nothing obvious has been missed – but to lift content directly from it isn’t in any way a reputable practice.

When looked at alongside the GamesOS Blackjack Switch issue ( that we covered in 2013, this paints a picture of a software provider that are cutting corners in testing games and even putting their own game help files together. This isn’t something that speaks of credibility or reliability and only reinforces our position of not wanting to work with operators using the GamesOS’ CTMX software.

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