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Royal Diamond

Royal Diamond is a Video Poker game which is a modified version of Jacks or Better. The Royal Diamond game adds an additional payout for a Royal Flush in the Diamond suit. When the player receives a Diamond Royal Flush while playing 5 coins they win the progressive jackpot. The basic changes to the Jacks or Better paytable – other than the progressive jackpot payout – are a reduction of the Full House and Flush payouts.

Royal Diamond is only available at Dragonfish casinos. All Dragonfish casinos are operated by the 888 group. We advise players to avoid all casino in this group due to increased risk of player issues;

Some notes on the table below;

– We’ve included both the 5 coin House Edge and the House Edge when playing 1-4 coins. The House Edge for 1-4 coins are the same and as such only one figure is listed. To find the house edge/paytable for 2-4 coins just multiple the 1 coin figure by the number of coins.


Dragonfish5 coins1-4 coins
Diamond Royal Flush14000-30000300
Royal Flush4000250
Straight Flush25050
Full House409
2 Pairs102
Jacks or Better51
House Edge(-1.43%)-1.19% 3.91%

* The paytables for 2, 3 and 4 coins are just the paytable for 1 coin multiplied by the number of coins. The House Edge for 1-4 coins are all equal at 3.91%.

* The negative house edge value indicates that the player has an edge over the house when the jackpot reaches a certain point. The breakeven point for this game is a jackpot of 21500 coins or $21500/£13760.

* We do not recommend any casino that uses Dragonfish due to various player and affiliate issues.



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Strategy Trainer


If you intend to play a lot of Royal Diamond we would advise learning the optimal strategy for the game you’ll be playing. Below you’ll find a strategy trainer that will allow you to practice the game and correct you when you make mistakes;


*All figures in this article rely on use of a strategy optimized to the specific paytable in use. Use of any other strategy will increase the House Edge. You can find the optimized strategy for any paytable using the calculators on this page.