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Triple Bonus Plus

Triple Bonus Plus is a Video Poker game which is a modified version of Jacks or Better. The basic changes to the Jacks or Better paytable are that Four of a Kind and Straight Flush hands have an increased payout while Flush and Two Pair hands have a reduced payout.

Online we are not aware of any software providers offering Triple Bonus Plus.


Quick Quads Double Bonus variants


Quick Quads is a game variant that allows a 6th coin to be played that gives a boost to the 4 of a Kind payouts and when you receive 3 of a Kind and the additional 2 cards add up to the rank of the 3 of a Kind the hand is paid out as 4 of a Kind. We have not encountered Quick Quads at any online software providers.

Triple Bonus Plus (Best Paytable) 6 coins 5 coins 1-4 coins
Royal Flush 4000 4000 250
Straight Flush 500 500 100
4oaK Aces 1200 1200 60
4oaK 2-4 600 600 120
4oaK 5-K 250 250 50
Full House 35 35 7
Flush 25 25 5
Straight 20 20 4
3oaK 15 15 3
2 Pairs 5 5 1
Jacks or Better 5 5 1
House Edge 0.90% 2.33% 3.58%

* The paytables for 2, 3 and 4 coins are just the paytable for 1 coin multiplied by the number of coins. The House Edge for 1-4 coins are all equal at 3.58%.


Paytable Analyser

If you encounter a different paytable you can use our Paytable Analyser to find the House Edge for the game.


Strategy Calculator

To find out the correct play for individual hands use our Strategy Calculator which will tell you the correct cards to hold for the paytable you are playing.

Strategy Trainer

If you intend to play a lot of Triple Bonus Plus we would advise learning the optimal strategy for the game you’ll be playing. Below you’ll find a strategy trainer that will allow you to practice the game and correct you when you make mistakes;


*All figures in this article rely on use of a strategy optimized to the specific paytable in use. Use of any other strategy will increase the House Edge. You can find the optimized strategy for any paytable using the calculators on this page.

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