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Halloween Slots

Posted by THEPOGG on Oct 30, 2018

Unless there is an Ancient Egypt day that no one has told me about I doubt any world celebration holds as much nerdy potential for slots developers as Halloween. If you play slots games regularly I’d be willing to bet that there is at least one Halloween themed game on your top ten list of favourite slots games ever, possibly even more than one.

You might argue that labelling all spooky games as Halloween themed is cheating, but if you’re going to release a vampire or a werewolf game then chances are you’ll be making sure your ghouls and goblins hit the reels some time towards the end of October. It’s not cheating. It’s having your gruel and eating it. It’s a sure-fire recipe for a brilliant slots game.

As we move into autumn designers like to crank things up a notch and release some of their most engaging slots games. The dark nights and the cold weather mean the surfboard and cricket set will need to gather dust for a few months, leaving more time and energy to fire into developing the best kind of slots games. All our food is now eaten from deep steaming bowls. Soup and stews are the orders of the day and the comfort that they bring is infinitely more mentally stimulating than cold, depressing salad. We don’t have to waste time chewing food anymore because everything we eat has been slow cooked in gravy for days to free up our thinking time. In the software departments of casino slots games companies, the sound of slurping is a sure sign that it is time to gear up for best time of year.

Forget Christmas. Every Christmas slots game you’ve ever played disappointed you (forget this around December when I’m extorting their virtues). Like we do with the evergreen conifers that we drag into our homes, all games designers need is to take a pre-existing game, shove some tinsel on it and shake a few bells in its general direction and voilà, we’ve nailed our Yuletide bonuses.

Spooky doesn’t work like that. It’s all or nothing. You can’t shove some cobwebs on Koi Karp and call it Halloween. Halloween takes effort. In real life the best time of year to spot a crappy parent is at Halloween. If your child is a ghost, then you suck at parenting and you have actively participated in the demise of human civilisation. Halloween takes thought, you can’t just throw stuff together and hope for the best, save that for their birthdays.

The same rules apply for slots games. This is the chance for those involved in the craft to really earn their crust. We want bonus features. We want potions to collect. We want puffs of green smoke and blood smeared screens. We want characters, a narrative and most of all we want something s little different. Something we might never have seen before. Something that makes us stop what we are doing and say, wow, look at the effort that these guys have put into this game.

The slots games we are going to look at should fulfil some of that promise. We will look at a broad range of games, trying to fit in as many different Halloween themed genres as we can. Ultimately it will be you who decides which game is the best but with so many Halloween themed games out there we are happy to lend a skeletal hand and cast our pestilent eye over what games are out there.


Dark Vortex

Dark Vortex is the first offering that we are going to look at from Yggdrasil. It is a great place to start because, not only is the game brand new, it also looks, as so many Yggdrasil games do, incredible. The concept is a fairly unique one where we have expanding payline as we trigger more parts of the vortex. There are various creatures and demons lurking in the depths of the vortex, which manifest themselves in the detailed symbols that the game has to offer. There are some really interesting bonus features with stuff to collect. In this instance it is orbs that you are after; pink ones for stacked wilds and blue ones for free spins. The game also comes with a Pay per Play Bonus that some people might not be too keen on. For anyone who wants to skip straight to the good parts and is willing to pay a fair amount to do so Dark Vortex offers you something that sets it apart from most other games.

Play the game for free here

Wolf Hunters

Next up for Yggdrasil is the game they released just prior to Dark Vortex. That’s two Halloween themed games out within a few months of one another and once again we have been given a real feast for the eyes. In this game you do battle with a terrifying werewolf, taking on the role of wolf hunter in an attempt to banish the terrifying beast from the world. Not only does this game have some stunning looking symbols and the most decedent of backgrounds but there are mini animations built into the symbols showing you either slaying the beast or being slain by it. Every time you manage to get the better of the beast you top up one of the vials on either side of the grid, as you aim to fill one of them and trigger a bonus round.

So there you have it, two Halloween offerings from one software company in just a matter of months and they both kick some serious monster ass.

Play the game for free here


It’s Halloween so that means it’s time for Michael Myers to come home. For years we have asked questions about nurture and nature and what it takes for a person to become a serial killer. Are we born evil or is it something brought about by severe childhood trauma? In the 60s and 70s the world was gripped by the horror of the Zodiac Killer and in 1974 the slasher film as we know it today was born in the State of Texas, an evil known as Leatherface striking fear into cinema goers and setting the template that Myers would perfect before John Carpenter passed on his horror baton to Wez Craven.

One of the most memorable elements of the film is the simple, yet terrifying piano score that Carpenter wrote himself, something that the game has rightly seen fit to include. The game is set against the backdrop of Jamie Lee Curtis’ home in the movie, with the front porch moving from side to side to create different paylines and increase the game’s aesthetic and playability. There are interesting features and all the symbols you would expect to see are here waiting for you.

We quite simply, could not have a Halloween list without our unfriendly neighbourhood serial killer making a stoically terrifying appearance.

Play the game for free here

Paranormal Activity

Anything the Blair Witch Project can do, Cannibal Holocaust did 15 years prior. When Paranormal Activity picked up the found footage tapes the world was hungry for a new entry into the genre. As low budget as any film can be, found footage is film making on a shoe string that when done well can terrify the poop out of audiences.

The cannibals are gone, so are the witches, in Paranormal Activity we have some sort of creepy demon person and a lot crashes and bangs to get us up and out of our seats. Like all successful franchises this one has been sequelled to death and it might be about time to finally put the demon to rest. But not before you’ve had the chance to play the slots game.

The game looks good and is full of interesting bonus features that are bound to keep the fans of the franchise hooked.

Play the game for free here

So Many Monsters

I think we’ve had all the terrifying Halloween slots we need for now. To finish off we’re going to brighten things up a little bit and turn our attention to something a little cuter and more cartoony. For some people the spirit of Halloween is not something that only goths and psychos can enjoy. For some there is a simple pleasure in dressing up as anything that is not what you would normally wear to your work. What better compromise than a cute monster? Something that won’t frighten you to death but still meets the, “no shirt and tie” brief. So Many Monsters isn’t quite “Monsters Inc” but it is as close as you can get without facing a Disney lawsuit. The symbols are bright and cheerful and there are enough bonus features to keep you engaged and wanting to hit that spin button one more time.

Play the game for free here

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