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How Big Progressive Jackpot Winners can be Good for a Casino

Posted by THEPOGG on Dec 19, 2019

This may seem counter intuitive, but a player winning a huge progressive jackpots is actually a huge boon to the casino that the jackpot is won at.

How can that be? Read on to find out.

Promoting a Big Win

Most obviously, whenever a player wins big it gives the casino the opportunity to let run major PR campaigns to let everyone know about the win. A perfect example of this came out in the middle of 2018 where a UK man won £1,371,621.61 at Mansion Casino while playing the Gladiator Jackpot slot game. This win provide the opportunity for the operator to contact lots of news agencies to promote this win, even seeing major news papers like the Mirror in the UK covering the story.

Reading stories about these type of big wins encourages readers to believe that if a life changing win like this can happen to someone else, it could happen to them. It follows the same principal that National Lottery use when they promote winners. When you see someone winning huge sums of money you tend to forget the thousands of other players who played and didn’t win in the aspirational hope that maybe you will be the next lucky player. This type of promotion draws new players in droves and encourages existing players to play a few extra spins. All this extra play is money for the casino.

And this leads us on to the next reason that Progressive Jackpots being won help casino operators: the mechanics of the system.

What Happens When You Win a Progressive Jackpot?

With a regular game the player is in direct competition with the casino. When they place a bet if they lose the casino wins and vice versa. Progressive Jackpots are a little different.

With a Progressive Jackpot every time any player places a bet a small percentage of the wager is taken off the bet amount and placed into the jackpot pool which is usually held centrally by the game provider. This is the reason for the name and the jackpot sizes that get progressively bigger the longer they go un-won. Often – in fact almost universally with the really big jackpots – the same game is being offered at hundreds of different casinos and players in all of these casino are contributing to the jackpot pool. When a player wins the jackpot, unlike regular games, it is not the casino that pays the win. When the win occurs the game provider simply hands the collect jackpot pool contributions to the casino operator where the play occurred (after verification that the win is legitimate) and then the casino then pays out to the player.

This creates a unique situation for the casino – one of their players has experienced a huge win, but the casino has not experienced the corresponding huge loss. In fact, for the most part, play at other casinos has paid for their big winner.

This creates a huge opportunity for the casino operator. The winning player is likely to feel elated having experienced a life changing win. All the casino has to do now is encourage a sense of brand loyalty to ensure that the player returns to them when they next want to play and they suddenly have a player that can afford to wager at far higher levels than they had before at no cost to themselves, turning an often low to mid rolling player into a potential super high roller. As such the red carpet will be rolled out.

Again you can see this with the Mansion win – high up staff in the company flew out to meet the winner, presenting them with a cheque and wining and dining them.

How Progressive Jackpots can be Abused by Unscrupulous Casinos

Sadly over the years some operators have chosen to abuse this opportunity. The ploy is that they restrict how much of the Progressive Jackpot win that the player can withdraw. They receive the payment for the jackpot win as normal from the game provider, but they hold on to it and trickle release it to the player in instalments. The intention behind this is to frustrate the player into playing on with the balance that they cannot withdraw and end up losing it back to the casino. When this happens the end result is that the casino keeps the Progressive Jackpot win rather than the lucky player.

There is no sound reason for Progressive Jackpot wins not to be paid out in full at the point where they occur. Unlike regular wins it does not place any financial strain on the operator to pay out this large sum of money. When they refuse to do so they are effectively taking the winner’s funds hostage in the hopes of inducing them to play recklessly.

Some go even further than this. We have actually seen operators instituting terms that would result in Progressive Jackpot wins taking years to be paid, but offering a quickly lump some payment of a percentage of the balance on the condition that the player allows the casino to keep the rest of the balance. Totally unethical.

We would advise players who like to play Progressive Jackpot games to keep an eye out for these terms and avoid any operator that would treat players in this manner.

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