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Justice League Comic Slot Exclusive in SIA Casinos

Posted by Glenn Baird on Oct 02, 2020

It is no secret that SIA Casinos like to stock Playtech’s DC slots. Just a few weeks ago we complied our list of the best 5 DC themed slots to play at a SIA casino and within a few days of that list going public sports Interaction announced a new addition to their DC slots.

Unlike the other DC slots that are available to play at SIA Casinos the Justice League Comic slot is an exclusive, meaning SIA Casinos are the only place you can play them online.

I have already written a review of the slot in our traditional slot reviewing format but I thought it was only fair that we delved a little deeper, given the exclusive nature of the content, starting with some back on the Justice League.

Justice League Background

The Original 1960 Justice League included: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter, all of whom appear in a comic titled “The Brave and the Bold” number 28.

As much as it might feel as if The Avengers have always led the way with superhero ensembles, it is worth noting that the Justice League saw the light of day a full 3 years before Tony Stark gathered his troops.

It is also worth pointing out that the original line up has depleted with Martian Manhunter and the Green Lantern both making way but with Cyborg coming the other way. As for this particular incarnation, there are only 4 of our heroes that take to the reels: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

However, all of this is but a grape in a vineyard, with many different versions of the DC superhero group forming over the years. The most recent comic book adaptation hit the shelves in 2016, just a year before the deeply flawed live action movie hit cinema screens back in 2017.

Playtech have gone contemporary with their comic book design, as it looks as of the 2016 DC Rebirth has been the basis for the symbol design. The biggest clue for this coming from Wonder Woman’s switch to a golden costume, over the more traditional red and blue associated with classic DC design.

The Slot

I’ve already gone some way to describing the slot’s aesthetic, which doesn’t leave me much more to add in terms of the design. Obviously, it looks modern in terms of the comic book design and it is worth mentioning that Aquaman is much different looking in the comics to what he was in the films. Jason Momoa is definitely not blonde haired and blue-eyed. The background is a simple royal blue and the bad guys chosen for this slot consist of the Joker, Darkseid and Catwoman.

I’ll deal with the Jackpot first. Quite simply, you get one, as you do in every single DC themed slot that I have review so far. And, it is exactly the same as it appears in each and every one of the slots. It is progressive and is naturally a nice little addition to each and every one of the DC slots.

There is nothing fancy in terms of the layout. We are talking 5 reels, 3 symbol spaces and 25 paylines. No rolling reels, no megaways, just good old-fashioned paylines, playing from left to right.

You can go very small with a 0.05 unit bet or you can go extremely high with a 500 unit bet. The rule, as always, is to only bet what you can afford. 500 dollars a spin is world that only the mega rich can live in.

There are Wilds that act like any other Wild you will have encountered before.

There are Free Spins that give you, well, spins that don’t cost anything and they can even come with a multiplier, but essentially these are just old fashioned spins for nothing.

The Bonus feature is where things get interesting. There are actually 3 you can play, with the one you are given chosen at random. There’s a Mystery symbol spin, which is really a 3x3 giant symbol spin, which guarantees a win. There’s a Wild respin Bonus, which will also guarantee a win on the first spin and then there’s an instant cash win, which sees you collecting symbols as the reels spin. There’s nothing out the ordinary here, but what you get is variety.

The big stand out with this slot is undoubtably the comparatively low house edge. This is not something that Playtech have an illustrious reputation for, and it’s not exactly a jaw dropping house edge either. However, given that the house edge for a Playtech slot often comes in at 5%, this is pretty remarkable stuff.

Our detailed, slightly less nuanced review of the Justice League slot can be found by clicking on the blue bit of this sentence. But if you can’t be bother heading over there I’ll tell you that this is a good slot. It is an 8 out of 10 slot, which means that it does all the basics well but perhaps could use a sprinkle of pixie dust here and there. Essentially, what I’m saying is that The Justice League Comic slot is worthy of its exclusivity at SIA Casinos.

Our SIA Casino reviews can be found in the Casino Reviews section.

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