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Club World Group Casinos' Breaking Bad?

by Dirk_Tracy - March 17, 2017

Hostile Takeover and associations with Rogue AffPower group

The Club World Group, who were until very recently, still one of the most renowned and respected RTG Casino operators - a rarity in itself - and who were one of the very few ‘safe havens’ left, for US players - although unlicensed since 2016, save for a Curacao eGaming license - has just recently been taken over in a quite hostile move from two of the three Partners, who are in fact brothers - all three of them - forcibly replacing and silencing the one Partner that was pretty much responsible for everything that was good about said Casinos. Of course he didn’t do that entirely alone, but was assisted by two of CWG’s former well known headstones, Karolina and Martyn, respective Manager and Affiliate Manager, who felt obliged to hand in their notices soon thereafter, not wanting any part of the former, nor the following fact:

Because as if the Takeover and the manner in which it was conducted, wasn’t bad enough in itself, this group of Casinos is now reportedly (actually pretty much confirmed, but not yet officially) associated with the AffPower group - which is one of the most rogue operations in the business, as previously displayed here on ThePOGG.

They have been known to go as far as to work with affiliate hackers, groups who were hacking WordPress blogs and websites and injecting gambling related content with their own affiliate tracking codes. Often the sites that were targeted has nothing to do with gambling, hijacking pages on the sites of international educational outlets and even care homes. The goal was to gain as much so called ‘unnatural’ links and backlinks as possible while also attempting to gain ground in the rankings from search engines such as Google. I personally find this to be one of the crudest examples possible, regarding proof of highly immoral business ethics. Truly unbelievable.

This because it is not only plain criminal behaviour by the affiliates involved, but also can cause severe problems for the victimised webmasters, who could even find themselves saddled with charges and/or fines. And it will at the very least make a dent in their reputations, something of which the gravity is only fully understood by those that have struggled and worked hard for years trying to establish one... One thing that is very important in this still largely grey area that Online Gaming is trust and henceforth reputation.

Another equally incredulous action from this group, as discovered by our colleagues over at Latest Casino Bonuses, is that they were caught running fake NetEnt Games in several of their Casinos, under the labels Game Tech Group N.V. and Conan LTD, under the Cyberluck Master License: the list goes on, and i find it quite unbelievable that a company such as Affpower has had presence in some of the Major Casino Conferences around the Globe, so far, and one would now have to wonder if they dare show up again at the next? (see

But now we still haven’t highlighted the latest scandalous act this group are involved in: there is strong evidence that from the point where Affpower seemingly started pulling the strings behind the scenes of the CWG, a significant number of longstanding and loyal affiliates, were being ‘shaved’: this basically comes down to detagging previously referred players from active affiliate accounts, which is equivalent to theft, and socially and financially impacts families that make their living out of affiliate incomes.

To elaborate on that, as I feel you need to understand that becoming a successful affiliate, requires a lot of hard work and dedication and is mostly only possible after years of building up. When you then have carefully built up a steady income this is the heart and soul of your financial security and if that suddenly stops, because your players are secretly detagged, you are basically being financially robbed, beaten, and left for dead.

Luckily most affiliates were on to them, and have now collected and presented evidence, strongly indicating that this is the case. Actions to hopefully follow, and when we know more, be assured I will provide updates. (see, and

God knows what else this group is capable of, or even involved in at the moment: in my opinion, it is clear that there exists no moral compass whatsoever for the core group of people that is behind the scenes there. To me they are a highly questionable group of people, and I genuinely hope they reap the full rewards of their dishonest behaviour.

By now it should be clear as day that all businesses that are even remotely involved with Affpower should be avoided like the plague!

To summarize and make sure you know which businesses are currently known to be tied with this group, we’ve listed all the recently Affected Properties, as well as the previously known, below:

CWG Group:

Aladdin's Gold Casino

All Star Slots Casino

Buzzluck Casino Review

Club SA Casino

Club World Casino

Highnoon Casino

Lucky Red Casino

Manhattan Slots

Other Properties already associated with Affpower:

I must again stress, that I strongly advise you to steer clear of any of the properties listed above! Not that think you would still want to check them out after reading all that but, you never know….

Watch this space,

D. Tracy

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