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Draft Bill to be Discussed in Congress

by Glenn Baird - May 27, 2017

Proposed legislation to that would allow punters to gamble, both on and offline, may well be on its way to the table of The United States Congress.

For years now, campaigners have been calling for the abolition of federal gambling laws that many see as antiquated and out of touch with the demands of modern consumers.

The draft bill, known as The Gaming Accountability and Modernisation Enhancement Act, is merely a discussion paper aimed at taking a closer look at the inconsistencies that exist within gambling across the US. It also targets changes that would allow online gambling to become legal across the country.

Whilst there is movement within certain states, such as New York and Pennsylvania, to see online gambling legalised, there is still a long way to go before the gambling freedoms that exist in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are seen in other US States.

Gambling is big money in the US, with $400bn being generated from sports betting alone. For a country that calls itself “The Land of the Free” it’s astonishing that despite the obvious demand for fairer gambling legislation there are still laws in place that were passed in the early 1960s.

The proposed bill calls for all legislation on gambling to fall under state control. That would mean that states could decide for themselves if types of gambling become legal or not.

Whether or not the proposed changes in legislation ever become a reality, there is renewed hope within the gambling community that these discussions signal a shifting perception in the US.

If it does ever happen, then The US can look at the mistakes that have been made in Europe and ensure that self-exclusion policies are in place early and are regulated stringently by an external body. There will also be a lot of money to be made, a huge pile of tax revenue and the disintegration of a thriving black market to take into consideration.