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Playtech to lose Marvel Slots license

by Dirk_Tracy - March 29, 2017

Recently it was announced that Online Gaming giant Playtech will no longer be able to offer the brands well known and very popular Marvel Slots, due to Disney’s takeover of the licensing rights, back in 2009: in 2013 a spokesperson for the Disney conglomerate already made it perfectly clear that they weren’t planning on continuing any currently active licensing arrangements, with Gambling related operators, simply because it is not in line with their family friendly image. Playtech’s rights are valid until the 1st of April, which means the last time you will officially be able to play any of these Games, is this coming Friday: that said, It is most likely the Games are going to be pulled off the servers sometime before that, to ensure there won’t be any issues with incomplete games and such.

For any and all disappointed Marvel Slot fans out there, reading this for the first time, there is some good news too: Playtech is going to keep the Marvel Slot mechanics alive, simply re branding the names, and changing the graphics accordingly. They already have done this for some of the most popular titles, which are now to be found under the ‘Age of the Gods’ Brand. Each Marvel Hero will have a ‘Godly’ counterpart. A few examples: the Fantastic Four Slot will become the Age of the Gods – Furious Four, the Incredible Hulk Slot will become the Age of the Gods – Hercules, the Iron Man 3 Slot will be replaced by the Age of the Gods – Fate Sisters, etc.


The Marvel Super Hero Jackpots system, which was probably the main reason for the overall popularity of the Marvel line, is going to be kept intact as well. For those that never played any of these Slots: these are tiered Progressive Jackpots, going from Power (seeded with 50,-), Extra Power (seeded with 500,-), Super Power (seeded with 5000,-), to the top tier, aptly named Ultimate Power Jackpot, which is seeded with a starting amount of 100K. The main reason for the huge popularity of these Jackpots, was that they were relatively easily attainable, something which is definitely not the case with most Jackpots – Progressive or not.


In case you didn’t care much for the Slot mechanics, but are now heartbroken because your favorite heroes are exiting the scene, there may be a small consolation:

In preparation to this event, Playtech keenly made arrangements to receive a licensing deal with the WBSP (Warner Brothers Consumer Products), who control the rights for all DC Comics brands, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the recently televised, and quite popular heroes the Arrow, and the Flash –  who are perhaps no valid replacements for the ‘real’ X-Men, Spiderman, Elektra, and so on, to the hardcore fan – but you have to take what you can get, right? Or not, that is of course up to each player themselves!

For those not willing to make such sacrifices, i can only advise – stick to the comics, video games and movies, as those are the only places where you will still be able to enjoy their presence.


So Long, Spidey!
D. Tracy