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Player Resources

The following are a list of quality player resources that we feel are reputable and offer their readership genuine value.

  • – A very knowledgeable and experienced Advantage Player – not to mention a good personal friend of ThePOGG’s – has set up the Advantage Gaming Institute with the intention of helping players learn to play with an advantage and organizing team play.
  • – A fantastic dispute mediation website, with a unique casino rating system that automatically takes into account casino complaints. Ask Gamblers is relatively young (though several years our senior), but has already won several industry awards.
  • – A very credible and useful player resource for learning the best way to approach playing with bonuses to ensure you maximise the probabilities of coming away a winner. As the techniques discussed on this site comply with casino terms and conditions this is also a good place to find out how various casino treat winning players.
  • – The home of the blog of James Grosjean – one of the most infamous Advantage Players ever to sit at the tables. Already ruffling a few feathers, the blog is rapidly filling up with insightful observations about gambling and is well worth a read for any player regardless of skill level.
  • – Unquestionably the biggest blackjack card counting and advantage play community online, unfortunately Blackjack Info recently closed their message boards, however the complete archive of years worth of conversations and articles are still available.
  • – Blackjack Science is run by Semyon Dukach, one of the captains of one of the MIT teams made famous by Ben Mezrich’s ‘Busting Vegas’ book. Semyon is a personal friend of the site and offers exclusive advantage play training spanning a variety of advanced techniques from card counting right through to cutting and tracking.
  • – The longest running casino dispute mediation portal around today, CasinoMeister has a thriving message board and is a excellent resource to check with before you play with any casino. They’ve made such an impression on the industry they even have their own slots game!
  • – John and the team at were instrumental in refocusing and redesigning this site for its relaunch. offers invaluable resources for any new affiliate and coaching to help affiliates make the most out of their website.
  • – the smallest of the dispute mediation websites we check regularly, Gambling Grumbles is probably one of the strongest player advocates around today.
  • – Jackpot Graphs tracks over 200 progressive jackpots across 10 software platforms. You can view graphs and hit history, and you can also sign up to receive free email alerts when the jackpots you select are hit or if they rise above some threshold that you set. The site has been online since 2007, and it records around 3,000 jackpot hits each month. Very useful for progressive jackpot players.
  • – One of the most prominent mathematicians and game designers online today, every gambler should be intimately familiar with this site and the work of the Wizard himself – Michael Shackleford. This site offers a gold vein of quality information on just about every casino game you can think of.