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Around the World

RTP: 96.95%
Software: Playtech

Around the World Review

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The Around the World slots game can be found at Playtech casinos. Playtech do not publish the house edge of their games, however several established Playtech casinos have started releasing this information and on the CasinoMeister forum, the Boyle Casino Manager confirmed that Playtech slots games are not configurable at the operators end. As such, it is possible to identify that the house edge of Around the World is dependant on the point in the game that the player chooses to exit. If the player chooses to exit after the first level the house edge is 14.42%, after level 2 the house edge is 18.65%, after level 3 the house edge is 14.96% and if the player plays right through to the end the house edge is 3.05% and should be valid at all Playtech casinos.

Up or down and around and around.

Around the world is not a traditional slots game, instead it falls into the category of ‘Casual’ games. The player is presented with a wheel surrounded by the numbers 1-49 and three spaces labelled ‘RS’, ‘AS’ and ‘AL’. Once you place a bet, the object of the game is to guess whether the next number to come out will be higher or lower than the number the wheel currently rests on. If you guess correctly you move on to the next step. If you are incorrect you receive a strike. If you manage to guess correctly 6 times in a row you complete the level and your stake is multiplied by 2.5 for the first level, 3 for the second level, 3.5 for the third level and finally 4 for the fourth level. If you have one strike when you finish a level you be remains the same. If you receive two strikes on a level you lose your wager. If the wheel lands on the ‘RS’ space, this will remove a strike if you have one and allow you to guess again whether the next spin will be lower or higher than the previous number, the ‘AS’ space will allow you to advance a space and guess again whether the next spin will be lower or higher than the previous number and the ‘AL’ space will advance you to the next level.

It is important to note that the Playtech documentation regarding Around the World does indicate that skill has any affect on the outcome of this game. This would suggest that either the house edge figures are valid only for the average player or that the wheel does not represent true odds and as such making decisions based on which result would be more likely if the wheel did represent true odds is non-valuable. To expand – if the wheel is currently sitting on 2 and you are presented with the choice lower or higher, obviously you’re going to choose higher as there are far more numbers higher than 2 than lower than 2, however if the wheel does not represent true odds then this may be not be true as either outcome would have to be weighted to maintain the house edge values stated above. Personally I suspect that these figures represent the average players house edge, although I doubt that the likelihood of receiving a ‘RS’, ‘AS’ or ‘AL’ space is the same as the numbers (ie the numbers represent true odds and the three other spaces are weighted).

Closing Thoughts

An interesting alternative to the standard slots game, Around the World is good fun though it doesn't take a genius to work out the correct strategy assuming that the numbers are representative of true odds. One very significant piece of advice you should take away from this is that you should ALWAYS play through to the very end, otherwise you face a house edge that's frankly bankroll suicide.

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