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Ave Caesar

RTP: 96%
Software: Leander Games

Ave Caesar Review

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Released: 2017

The Ave Caesar slots game was produced by the Leander slots design company and is leased out by casinos using many different primary casino platforms. Leander Gaming publish the House Edge information for their slots games within the game help files. The House Edge of Ave Caesar is 4.00%.

Do you hail to the Emperor of all the known world?

The Ave Caesar game has 5 reels, 20 paylines and you can bet one coin per payline.

The ‘Caesar’ symbol is Wild.

There are nine bonus features when playing Ave Caesar. The first bonus feature is activated randomly and when this happens Hannibal will appear and try to summon an army of elephants. If he manages an army of elephants will charge across the reels resulting in extra Caesar Wild symbols dropping into the reels and stacking from the bottom symbol of each reel.

The second bonus feature is triggered randomly. When this happens a Gaul will appear on the screen. Rocks will then be thrown at the Gaul, if they miss the rocks will then be thrown at the reels. Each symbol that is hit by a rock is covered over. At the end of the feature all of the covered symbol will become the same randomly selected symbol from the paytable. A random multiplier may be awarded and applied to all winnings.

The third bonus feature is activated randomly. When this happens a Centurion will appear on the reels. If he calls the Legion, the legionaries will hit the top of the reels possibly causing a 2×2 or 3×3 banner to fall down covering a section of the reels with a randomly selected symbol. It is possible to receive two 2×2 banners.

The next four bonus features are all triggered in the same manner, when you receive the ‘Eagle’ bonus symbol anywhere on reels 1 and 3 and one of the bonus symbols on reel 5. The features are as follows:

– ‘Caesar and the Pretty Girl’ symbol on reel 5 – you are taken to a new screen showing Caesar arriving in the army camp. You are given the choice of 3 tents. If you select a tent with a pretty girl inside you win a prize and get to pick again from 3 new tents. You repeat this process until you select a tent that does not contain a pretty girl.

– ‘Dagger’ symbol on reel 5 – You are taken to a new screen showing a map of Europe. Select a new territory to conquer. Each battle awards prizes and if you conquer the territory you are awarded an extra prize, but they also reduce your truth. When you have no troops left the bonus feature ends.

– ‘Coliseum’ symbol on reel 5 – You are awarded 10 free spins. During the free spins the Caesar Wild symbol will have up to 3 stars on it. This indicates how many spins the Caesar Wild symbol will remained locked in the position it landed on. During the free spins the Caesar Wild symbol only appears on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4. On reel 5 a ‘+1’ symbol appears that awards an additional free spin every time you receive it. The +1 symbol is stacked on reel 5.

– ‘Druid’ symbol appears on reel 5 – You are awarded up to 10 free spins with one of the following features: the Caesar Wild symbol will double all wins it contributes to with the multipliers stacking if you receive more than one Caesar Wild symbol; the ‘I’ and ‘II’ symbols become Wild symbols; the Caesar Wild symbol locks in position for the remainder of the free spins; a random reel is turned into a Wild reel each spin. During the free spins if you receive a ‘Potion’ symbol on reel 5 you will be awarded one of the following bonuses: 3 extra free spins; additional Caesar Wild symbols added to random positions for this spin; a cash win; a multiplier applied to the current spin.

The eighth bonus feature is triggered randomly. When this happens Caesar will appear and you will be asked to pick one of six scrolls. The scroll can award a cash win, a 5 of a Kind combination or any of the four bonus features described above.

Once your bonus feature has been selected Caesar will offer the opportunity to gamble your feature for a better one. If you choose to gamble and archer will shoot at a target and if he hits the target you will be awarded the feature you gambled to win. If he doesn’t hit you are awarded a consolation prize.

The final bonus feature is activated randomly and awards the progressive jackpot. This is guaranteed to be paid out before the jackpot total reaches €21430.

Closing Thoughts

Ave Caesar sees Leander Gaming putting a strong and confident best foot forward. A very appealing graphical interface is combined with a dazzling array of bonus features and a progressive jackpot. The only slight negative is a House Edge that’s on the higher end of the range being released currently, but with so much on offer in the way of bonus features this game is worth every penny of the extra price.

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