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Baron Samedi

RTP: 97%
Software: Yggdrasil Gaming

Baron Samedi Review

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Released November 2018

The Baron Samedi slots game is produced by Yggdrasil Gaming. Yggdrasil Gaming take their name from Norse mythology where Yggdrasil is a magical tree where dragons lived and Odin sacrificed himself. Yggdrasil Gaming are one of the smaller slot development companies on the market at the moment – primarily focusing on lottery and scratch card game – and do not offer a full casino platform. They lease their games out to casinos using other platforms as a bolt on package. Yggdrasil Gaming publish the Return to Player/House Edge of their slots games within the game help file. The House Edge of Baron Samedi is 3%.

Baron Samedi is a 5 reel game that is 3 symbols high. The game has traditional paylines, using a total of 25, playing from left to right.

Special Symbols

Wild – The Wild symbol is the “Sheep’s Skull” and will substitute for all regular symbols.

Free Spins/Re-Spins – The Free Spins/Re-Spins symbol is the “Baron Samedi” playing card.

Mystery Symbols – These are only available during Free Spins and Re-Spins. The “Potion” symbol is the Mystery symbol. When they appear they will be replaced by a random symbol.

Bonus Features

Voodoo Re-Spin – If you reveal 2 of the “Baron Samedi” playing card symbols you will trigger a Free Spin. You will be dealt 3 Feature Cards when this happens.

Voodoo Free Spins – 3 “Baron Samedi” playing card symbols will award you with 7 Free Spins and 50 coins; 4 “Baron Samedi” playing card symbols will award you with 12 Free Spins and 375 coins; 5 “Baron Samedi” playing card symbols will award you with 15 Free Spins and 25,000 coins. You will be dealt 3 Feature Cards with every Free Spin.

Feature Cards – There are 36 cards in total for you to collect, all of them offering something different. When you have collected a card it will be held in your collection at the top right of the screen and you can view your collection at any point during the game. You gain 3 cards for every Re-Spin and Free Spin that you earn. They will appear at the top of your screen and each one will perform its special feature before being placed into your hand. When you have a certain number of each card (that number is on the card) you will gain additional Free Spins.

There are far too many cards to go through what each one of them does. Instead, it makes more sense for me to give a general outline of what they can do. There are three categories of card – red, purple and green – and each category contains 12 cards, making a total of 36. The cards have different levels attached to them, with the higher level cards offering more desirable outcomes. However, the higher the level, the more you need to activate the cards. Once you have completed a set of cards, they will be placed in the discard pile on the left-hand side of the screen.

Green cards are more likely to add stacked symbols or mystery symbols. Purple cards are more likely to add bet multipliers or improve the quality of the symbols. Red cards are more likely to add Wilds or to modify the reels in some way.

Closing Thoughts

Wow! Mr Baron Samedi has cast his voodoo magic over my brain and I now have no idea what’s going on. This game is so difficult to understand that I’m not convinced I’ve explained it entirely accurately. However, what I do know for sure is that this game is a serious bundle of top end slots entertainment. I get the basic premise and I know roughly what’s going on but there are so many permutations that you’d need a fair amount of time before you could seamlessly explain all the machinations of this stunning game. Yggdrasil never make it easy for the reviewer and, you know what, that’s exactly how this reviewer likes it. The fact that nothing is simple of straight-forward means that you remain engaged just trying to figure out what the flip is going on. The game looks fantastic, is widely entertaining and has a low house edge. Take a bow Yggdrasil, you’ve only gone and nailed it again. 10 out of 10 from us!

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