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Golden Balls

RTP 95.52%
Play Slots
Reels 0
Paylines 0
Min bet size
Max bet size
RTP 96.5
Wild symbols NA
Free spins NA
Bonus NA
Jackpot NA

Golden Balls Slot Review

The Golden Balls slots game was produced by the GameSys slots design company and is leased out by casinos using many different primary casino platforms. As a standard GameSys do not include the house edge information of their slots games, however some casino do list this information in the game help files. It is not clear whether their games are configurable and as such you should treat the information in this review as a guideline only when playing at a casino that does not explicitly state the house edge they use.

Based on the short lived game show hosted by Jasper Carrot, now you can play Golden Balls any time you like.

Golden Balls isn’t technically a slots game but what’s usually listed as a Casual game. In the first round there are 16 balls each with either a cash prize or a ‘Killer’ inside. The balls are divided between you and three other contestants. You can see the values of all four of your balls and two of each or your opponent’s. You then have to select one of your opponents to eliminate – look to eliminate someone with either two Killer balls or a Killer ball and a low cash value. If that’s not possible you want to eliminate two small cash values. In the next round the balls that were eliminated are gone and three new balls are added. The balls are then mixed up and split between the three remaining contestants so that each player has five balls. Again you can see all of your balls and two of each or your opponent’s balls. Select an opponent to eliminate. In the final round all remaining balls are collected together and a final Killer ball is added. You now have to select five balls. Each cash prize is added to the cash prize pool, any Killer balls divide the prize pool by 10! Finally, once all five balls have been selected you are given the choice of whether you’d like to split the prize pool with the other remaining contestant or whether you’d like to try and steal the whole pot. This is where things get a little confusing – despite being given the option of splitting or stealing, splitting doesn’t actually split the pot. In fact in the case of a successful split, you get the full prize pool and a successful steal gets you twice the prize pool. If you choose to split the prize pool and your opponent chooses to steal, you get nothing. If you choose to split and your opponent chooses to split, you get the full pot. If you choose to steal and your opponent chooses to split you get twice the pot. Finally if both you and your opponent choose to steal neither of you get anything.


Golden Balls is pretty good fun, allowing you to indulge in the baser of human impulses even if it is only against a computer.


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