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Let it Spin

RTP: 93.71%
Software: Boss Media

Let it Spin Review

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The Let it Spin casino game was produced by the Dynamite slots design company and is leased out by casinos using many different primary casino platforms. As a standard Dynamite Ideas do not include the house edge information of their slots games, however some casino do list this information in the game help files. It is not clear whether their games are configurable and as such you should treat the information in this review as a guideline only when playing at a casino that does not explicitly state the house edge they use.

An unusual twist on a roulette style game where the odds increase on each successive win.

Let It Spin isn’t technically a slots game but what’s usually listed as a Casual game. You are displayed a roulette style wheel with 16 numbers, 4 black numbers on the compass points of the wheel and the rest white. All black numbers offer a payout of 15:1 and all white numbers start with a payout of 3:1.When playing, if you bet on a white number and that number comes up after the payout the odds of all white numbers that you bet on will be increased by 0.25 for the next spin. The odds on white numbers you bet on will increase by this amount on each successive spin and reset to 3:1 when the first black number comes out. After the odds of a white number have increased beyond 3:1 you cannot increase your bet until a black number has come out.

Closing Thoughts

An interesting games that offers an alternative to standard roulette, albeit one that’s substantially more expensive.

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