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Monopoly Plus

RTP: 96.71%
Software: WagerWorks

Monopoly Plus Review

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The Monopoly Plus slot game is made by IGT – the company behind WagerWorks casinos. IGT publish the house edge of their slots games with the paytable, however if the game has a range of possible settings, this figure is usually only given only as a range. Check with the casino you are playing at to find out if they give the exact value or range of possible values. The house edge of Monopoly Plus is between 3.29% and 5.97%. Unless you are playing at a casino that explicitly states the house edge they are using it would be wise to assume you are playing against a 5.97% edge.

Time for another trip round the Monopoly board.

The Monopoly Plus game has 5 reels, 30 paylines and you can bet one coin on each payline.

The ‘Monopoly Logo’ symbol is wild.

There are three bonus features when playing Monopoly Plus. The first bonus feature is activated when you receive the ‘Board Bonus’ symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5. When this happens you will be asked to click on one of the Board Bonus symbols to reveal the number of times you can roll the dice during the feature. You’ll then be asked to pick a playing piece and taken to the board. When you are taken to the Monopoly board you will automatically be awarded 5M (Monopoly Money) that is used for the second bonus feature. When moving round the board certain squares have certain effect. If you move round the whole board and pass the ‘Go’ square you win 200x you line bet in the main game and you will be awarded 5M. Landing on any property square earns you 5M and gives you one spin on a mini slots game that can award cash prizes and extra rolls. Landing on a ‘Utility’ square gets you a roll on the Utility dice where you can win cash prizes and extra rolls in the main bonus feature. You will also be awarded 5M when you land on a Utility. When you land on a property you will also receive 5M for landing on a Brown, Light Blue, Purple or Orange property, 10M for landing on a Yellow or Red property and 15M for landing on a Green or Dark Blue property. Landing on a ‘Chance’ square will award you a cash prize, move you to another square or give you extra rolls. Landing on ‘Free Parking’ gives you an extra roll. Landing on a ‘Rail Road’ moves you to the next Rail Road and gives you an extra roll. Landing on the ‘Go to Jail’ square activates the Jail Bonus where you get three chances to roll a double and if you do you win a cash prize. This bonus can also be activated by rolling doubles three times in a row. Once the Jail Bonus is finished you go back to the Jail square on the main board and continue any remaining rolls. Landing on the ‘Income Tax’, ‘Super Tax’ or the ‘Just Visiting’ space of the Jail square awards 5M. Rolling doubles at any time awards an extra roll. The bonus feature ends when you have no more rolls and the maximum number of rolls you can receive is 50.

The second bonus feature is activated by earning Monopoly Money. Once you’ve earned 25M you move up to Leader level and the first Rail Road square on the board is changed so that it moves you all the way to the third Rail Road square. Earning 75M moves you to Executive level and opens up new playing pieces when you enter the bonus feature. Earning 150M moves you to Luminary level and changes 2 properties on the board so that all cash prizes won there are doubled. Earning 300M moves you to Baron level and opens up the final 4 playing pieces. Earning 600M moves you to Tycoon level and changes the ‘Super Tax’ square so it has a special mini slots game when you land on it. You will also gain an extra 5M when you land on a property square for every level you have advanced. These changes are permanent and will last as long as your gaming session.

The third bonus feature is activated randomly during the main game. When it is activated Mr Monopoly will appear and randomly turn up to 5 reels into wild reels.

With the improved payouts as you earn your way up the bonus feature levels it seems reasonable to assume that when you start a new game you are playing against a 5.97% house edge and by the time you reach Tycoon level you are playing against a 3.29% house edge.

Closing Thoughts

Monopoly Plus really is a great game. A real variety of bonus features and a progression element that’s sure to keep you engaged for a long time combined with a house edge that seems likely to drop the longer you play to a very attractive level makes Monopoly Plus a game to keep going back to.

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