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Pets Go Wild

RTP 95%
Play PariPlay Slots
Reels 7
Paylines 0
Min bet size 0.60
Max bet size 100
RTP 96.5
Wild symbols No
Free spins Yes
Bonus Yes

Pets Go Wild Slot Review

Released April 2019

The Pets Go Wild slots game can be found at online casinos offering Pariplay. Pariplay now publish the slots house edge information of all their games as a standard. You can find this by clicking the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom left hand corner of the game window then clicking ‘?’. Within this help file you’ll find the RTP information. As such we can say that the House Edge of Pets Go Wild is 5%. As the help file does not list a range of possible figures we assume that this game is not configurable and should be the same at every casino you find it at.

Pets Go Wild is played across 7 reels, with the height of the reels varying in size, from 3 symbols high at the edge and 7 symbols high in the middle. The shape of the grid can change with each turn that you take. The game does not use paylines, instead you win by clicking on clusters of 3 or more connecting symbols. Each time you find a winning cluster and click on it the symbols involved will disappear, remaining symbols will drop down and new symbols will be added at the top of the reels. As long as there are winning combinations available this process will continue. As soon as there are no winning combinations let on the reels your turn will end.

How to Play

Pets Go Wild is a slots game but it does not pay out like most slots games you will have played before. You will notice at the top of the screen there are various icons , each one with a value beside them. In order to win you need to fill the meter that sits beside the icon. Each icon corresponds to a different colour and each winning symbol that matches that colour will result in a space on the meter being filled. If you can fill the meter on a single turn then you will be awarded the amount assigned to that icon. Once a meter is filled it will re-set, allowing you to fill it again.

Icon Values – The Dog = 0.5 times the bet. The Cat = x1 the bet. The Parrot = x2 the bet. The Fish = x5 the bet. The Rabbit = x10 the bet.

XP Boost Bubbles – Some of the symbols have an “XP Bubble” sitting on top of them. If you land a winning cluster using that symbol then the “XP Bubble” will burst and will award you with additional Experience Points that allow you to move up a level. Bubble symbols do not drop down like the other symbols.

Star Bubbles – Some of the symbols have a “Star Bubble” sitting on top of them. If you land a winning cluster using that symbol then the “Star Bubble” will burst and will award you with a chance to move up one level. Bubble symbols do not drop down like the other symbols.

Bonus Bubbles - Some of the symbols have a “Bonus Bubble” sitting on top of them. If you land a winning cluster using that symbol then the “Bonus Bubble” will burst and will award you with a chance to play whatever Bonus is present in that level of the game. Bubble symbols do not drop down like the other symbols.


At the top right-hand-corner of the screen there is another meter. Every winning symbol is added to that meter and when it is full you can choose to move on to the next level of the game. The amount needed to trigger a level gets higher each time.

Level 1 – Level 1 takes place on the beach and contains no Bonus game.

Level 2 – Level 2 takes place in the Cinema and has the “Popcorn Bonus”. The “Popcorn Bonus” is an instant cash prize.

Level 3 – Level 3 takes place in the Circus and the “Looney Cannon” bonus. This is essentially an instant cash prize, but with some theatre. You pick a circle. Behind that circle is a pet and a prize. The pet is then launched from the cannon and every 100 feet of altitude that it reaches will add to a multiplier that the prize is multiplied by.

Level 4 – Level 4 is the Rock ‘n Roll level. In this level you have the chance to play the “Rock Legends” bonus. If you trigger the Bonus you will be awarded with 5 Free Games, during which x2, x3 and x5 multipliers can be won. Every turn results in a win.

Level 5 - Level 5 takes place in a Haunted House and has the “Knock Knock” bonus. In this game you open up 1 door out of a pair. 1 door has a cash prize and the other ends the bonus. There are 5 pairs of doors in total.

Level 6 - Level 6 takes place on the Moon and has the “Zero Gravity” bonus. The “Zero Gravity” bonus takes place on a 5x5 grid and sees you trying to form clusters of 3 or more as usual. Every winning cluster that you form will move Robin the Rabbit one milestone further ahead. Each milestone comes with a multiplier and the one he is on once no more winning combinations can be formed will be multiplied by the bet.

Level 7 - Level 7 takes place in the Pets’ Museum. The bonus here contains 10 tiles that you need to start flipping. 8 of the tiles contain cash prizes and 2 contain multipliers. Once you land a multiplier the game ends and the number of prizes you have landed are added up before they are multiplied by the multiplier.

Level 8 - Level 8 takes place on Safari. The bonus is called “Safari Blast” and involves you gaining 1 winning Free Game. The win you make will be multiplied by 10.

Cruise Event – You trigger the “Cruise Event” by winning 5 of the “Cruise Event Stars”. These are awarded when you level up. The “Cruise Event” awards you with 10 Free Turns and offers an additional 0% cash prize over all wins. “777” tiles are added to the “Cruise Event”. Blasting a cluster of “777” tiles will multiply the bet by 1000.


Pets Go Wild is not like other slots games. A clue to just how complex it is the size of this review, which is over double the size of most of our reviews. You don’t get spins, you get turns. You don’t have paylines, you form clusters. You don’t have symbols, you have tiles. You win by filling meters. You advance through levels by filling another meter. Each of the 8 levels has its own unique bonus that you might not even get to play if you have the chance to advance a level before you trigger the bonus. The game also looks fantastic, making it a seriously great release for 2019. My only complaint? The house edge. At 5% there is not enough value for money for Pets Go Wild to gain the coveted 10 out of 10 but anything less than 9 would be wildly unfair.

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