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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Net Entertainment
RTP 96.06%
Play Net Entertainment Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 0
Min bet size 0.20
Max bet size 700
RTP 96.5
Wild symbols Yes
Free spins Yes
Bonus Yes
Jackpot No

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot Review

Released May 2020

The Street Fighter II: The World Warrior slot game can be found at Net Entertainment casinos. Net Entertainment are one of the most established software providers on the market, being founded in 1996. Net Entertainment are a Swedish company but gained enough success to have offices all over the world. Net Entertainment do make the house edge information of their slots games available and this can be found in the help files of the game (usually accessed by pressing the ‘?’ button at the bottom left of the game window). As such, we can state that the House Edge for Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is 3.94%.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior uses 5 reels that are 5 symbols high. Instead of paylines you form wins when you land 4 matching symbols within clusters. They can play in any direction and when you form a win those symbols will disappear off the reels, with new symbols falling down to replace them, giving you another chance to win within the 1 spin. If you win again the process will continue and it will keep doing so as long as you keep forming new clusters.

Matches – The slot is made up of rounds. When you first start playing you will be given the Ryu character who will face off against a random opponent from the game. The reels will then only contain Wilds, Letters and symbols with the 2 characters’ faces on them. When you form wins with your character’s face on them you will score points against your opponent and they will score points against you when wins are formed with their faces on them. These wins will result in the health bars at the top of the screen diminishing and once one of those health bars reaches zero the first round will be over. You will then either trigger the Free Spins if you win the round or the Bonus if you have lost it. Once you have played through the Free Spins or Bonus you will be able to choose a new character and round two will begin with 2 sets of full health bars.

Theme – This slot has a computer game theme as it uses all the animations and characters from the hugely popular 90s video game. The backgrounds will match those of your opponent’s. What I mean by this is that in the game each character had their own home screen, the place where they fought. This means that the background will be different depending on who you are fighting.

Special Symbols

Wild – Wilds will substitute for all symbols and appear on the reels when you fill the Wild gauge beside your character, something that you have to manage on a single spin. There are 7 spaces on the Wild gauge and you fill a space on it for every high paying symbol that forms a cluster. When this happens your character will perform one of their signature moves from the game and a number of Wilds will land on the reels in random positions, giving you another chance to win and each character comes with their own combinations as described below:

Blanka will place between 1 and 5 Wilds on the same reel

Chun Li will place 2 or 7 random Wilds on the reels

Dhalsim will place 3 or 4 random Wilds on the reels

E. Honda will place 3 Wilds on a random reel

Guile will place 2 stacks of 2 Wilds on the reels

Ken will place 1 or 5 Wilds on the same row

Ryu will place 3 Wilds on the same row

Zangief will place 2 horizontal stacks of 2 wilds on the reels

Giant Symbols – There is a random chance that character symbols can appear as 2x2 sized symbols on the reels, which would guarantee a win.

Bonus Features

Beat the Boss Free Spins – If you manage to win your fight and reduce your opponent’s health bar to zero then you will trigger the Beat the Boss Free Spins. This feature consists of a series fights that you can progress through if you win them, in the same way you would win against any other opponent. However, the health bars in these rounds are smaller than they are in the base game. In round one you will fly to Las Vegas and fight Balrog. Each win in this round is multiplied by 2. In round two you will fly to Spain and fight Vega. Each win in this round is multiplied by 3. In round three you will fly to Thailand and fight Sagat. Each win in this round is multiplied by 5. If you make it to the final round you will take on M. Bison in Russia. Each in will be worth x10 the bet and if you can beat him you will be given an instant win of x100 the bet. Each new level will see your health bar reset to the full amount and the Wild gauge triggers as usual.

Insert Coin Batch Function – If you lose a fight during the Beat the Boss feature you can pay to keep play, but an only do so once per day. This will allow you to restart the round that you lost and gives you another chance to try and progress. The amount you need to pay will depend on the size of the bet.

Car Smash Bonus – If you lose your fight in the base game you will have the chance to play the Car Smash Bonus. This plays out just like the round in the game, as you control your character, moving them around to smash up the car. At the end of the round you will be given an instant win between x5 and x15 the bet.


My hopes were pretty high as soon as I saw that Net Entertainment would be releasing Street Fighter II: The World Warrior and now that I have had the chance to play it I have to say it has not disappointed. As far as I am concerned this is a perfect slot. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it may well be the most perfect slot that I have ever played. Every element of this slot has been designed with the original game in mind. You play characters. You see their special moves. You fight an opponent and you see their special moves. You trigger features by either winning or losing your fight and if you make it to the Free Spins round you get to try and beat each of the game’s bosses. I believe that this is as close to the original game as it is possible to get and can genuinely find nothing to criticise. The house edge is fair, especially given the entertainment that is on offer. I like that you can only add credits per day as the urge to do so more often is bound to be high. This slot is so good that I think it is important to remember that it is a slot and not a computer game. That every time you press that button you have a chance to hurt your opponent but at the same time every time you press that button you are spending money, so keep an eye on your spending first and the health bar second.

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