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The Price is Right

RTP: 96.65%
Software: NextGen Gaming

The Price is Right Review

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The Price is Right slots game is produced by NextGen. NextGen are one of the smaller slot development companies on the market at the moment and do not offer their own casino platform. Instead they lease their games out to casinos using other platforms. NextGen appear to publish the house edge of their slots within the paytable file for the game, though this may not be universal. As such the figures contained within this review should be treated as a guideline only when playing at any casino that does not explicitly state the settings they are using.

Paddy Power list the house edge of The Priceis Right as 3.59% with the ‘Big Wheel’ feature on and 4.57% when it’s off.

So what are you waiting for?

This game is a 5 reel game, with 25 paylines and you can only bet one coin on each payline.

The ‘Host’ symbol is wild.

There are four bonus features when playing The Price is Right. The first bonus feature can be activated every round by choosing to play an extra 10 coin on top of the 25 coins you are betting on each payline. When the player chooses to do this the wheel at the right side of the reels spins each time the reels are spun. The number that the big wheel stops on is the multiplier that will be applied to any prizes won on that spin.

The second and third bonus feature is activated when 3 or more of the ‘Host’ symbol appear anywhere on the reels of the Big Wheel at the right side of the reels lands on the bonus symbol. When this happens you will be given the choice between choice between the Secret X feature or the Cliffhanger feature. If you choose the Secret X feature you will be taken to a new screen showing a board with nine squares the middle column with ‘?’ and the rest blank. One of the ? squares covers an X symbol. Choose one of the blank squares to place another X. You will then be asked to guess the value of an item, if you guess correctly you will be given another X to place on the board. Then you are asked to guess the value of another item for another X. After this the ? squares are revealed. If the hidden X forms a horizontal or diagonal line with your Xs you win a larger multiplier. If you choose the Cliffhanger feature you will be awarded 8 complimentary spins. At the end of the complimentary spins you will be taken to a new screen showing a hiker climbing a mountain lined with multipliers with the biggest multipliers at the top. The hiker starts off and climbs up the mountain. When he stops you are given the choice to accept the multiplier you’ve landed on or continue to climb and risk fall off the top. If you fall off the top you receive the lowest possible multiplier. Whichever multiplier you win is applied to the winnings from your complimentary spins.

The fourth bonus feature is activated when you receive 3 or more of the ‘The Price is Right Logo’ scatter symbol anywhere on the reels. When this happens you will be taken to a new screen showing a list of 7 items, the 7th is always a car. The other six items have to be re-ordered so the lowest cost item is in position one and the highest cost item is in position six. For each item you get in the correct position you win a prize.

Closing Thoughts

Packed full of variety and fun and with a reasonable house edge attached, The Price is Right is a real winner.

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