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The War of the Worlds

RTP: 94.7%
Software: WagerWorks

The War of the Worlds Review

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The War of the Worlds slot game is made by IGT – the company behind WagerWorks casinos. IGT publish the house edge of their slots games with the paytable, however if the game has a range of possible settings, this figure is usually only given only as a range. Check with the casino you are playing at to find out if they give the exact value or range of possible values. The house edge of Arabian Riches is between 5.3% and 6.5%. Unless you are playing at a casino that explicitly states the house edge they are using it would be wise to assume you are playing against a 6.5% edge.

Using Jeff Wayne’s musical version of H.G. Wells’ classic War of the Worlds as a backdrop, this game drops you right in the middle of humanities battle for survival as the infernal machines stalk the Earth destroying everything in their path.

This game is a 5 reel game, with 100 paylines and you can only bet 1 coin on each payline.

The ‘War of the Worlds Logo’ symbol is wild and when 2 turn up on one reel they expand to make the whole reel wild.

There is only one bonus feature when playing War of the Worlds and it is activated when three or more of the ‘Infernal Machine’ scatter symbols turn up anywhere on the reels. You can choose to play this bonus feature manually or allow the computer to play for you, but as this game is great fun we’d highly recommend playing yourself. When this happens you will be taken to a new screen showing Horsell Common with three infernal machines walking towards three cannons. Each cannon powers up at a different rate and can only shoot at the infernal machine directly in front of it (a little bit of a design flaw when building a cannon don’t you think?). The green bar defines how powerful the cannon’s shot will be, the higher the power of the shot the greater the prize on impact. The objective here is to destroy the infernal machines before they shoot and destroy your cannons. If you manage to destroy all three infernal machines before you lose any of your cannons you progress to London where you will face another three infernal machines, but this time the bonuses are larger. Again if you manage to destroy all three infernal machines you’ll progress to the coast where you’ll fight the final battle to push the infernal machines off British land. If you destroy all three infernal machines this time you are awarded a large bonus.

Closing Thoughts

The War of the Worlds game has a fantastic bonus feature, which while it isn’t as skill based as it may seem - the deciding factor on whether you progress to the next round is whether any of the infernal machines fire and destroy one of your cannons, essentially making that aspect of the bonus feature is entirely random - we found that the best strategy is to be patient and allow each cannon to power as fully as possible before firing. Unfortunately, to get a high quality bonus feature you have to pay for it with a house edge that is higher than average.

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