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The Best Viking Themed Slots

Posted by THEPOGG on Jun 28, 2019

For many living in the northern hemisphere the 21st of June is known as the Summer Solstice, a celebration with its roots firmly planted in pagan tradition where matters such as the chronicling of the year’s longest day were central to a way of life subject to nature’s mercy. Give or take a few hours, if you live north of the equator then you will not be able to find a day with more minutes of precious daylight than those found on the 21st of June. For people living in Europe hundreds and thousands of years ago this marked a zenith that was celebrated before the dark began to claw back its grip.

In particular, the Summer Solstice is a big deal for those living in the most northern regions in Europe. With the exception of parts of Russia, Canada and Greenland, the Scandinavian countries sit as the most northern in the world, which means that night and day are a big deal for people who live in a cycle of daylight feast or famine.

I view the Summer Solstice as a sort of cup half full celebration, making the most out of peak daylight hours instead of lamenting the dark times ahead. For people living in Scandinavian countries it is a festival celebrated as all good festivals are: with good food, drink, music and company and is a tradition that would have been embraced by Scandinavia’s most famous export: the Viking.

Here at we have been biding our time, waiting for the Summer Solstice, not to braid wreaths or drink bramble wine but to create one of our most anticipated lists. Over the last year I have seen slots developers move away from the Egyptian slots that once dominated the landscape and begin to focus more on Ancient Greece, Rome, the Mayans, Incans, Aztecs and, most notably, the Vikings. In particular, Viking slots games have stood out as some the best releases of over the last 12 months and historically have always managed to hold our attention more than your average slots game.

Amazingly when I went through our list of Viking themed games I was able to find more good games (I would class anything that was given 7 or more out of 10 as good) than weak ones. The key to this appears to be the fact that Vikings are indisputably cool, which leads to excellent looking slots games and features that are more engaging and more imaginative than most.

Thor clearly plays a pretty large part in the popularity, as hammers and lightening bolts lend themselves so well to a slot’s reels. Then you have the helmets, the long ships and the plunder, which is exactly what every slots player is hoping to do to every casino that they play in.

Finding 10 games to make up a thematic slots list has actually never been easier. In fact, it was so easy to find 10 good Viking slots games that I could redefine the parameters that I normally set and say that there are no games on our list that have scored less than 8 out of 10. That is 10 slot games that have all scored 8 or more out of 10 and of those 10 only 3 scored 8! Two thirds of the list that we are going to bring you here have scored 9 or 10 out of 10. That should tell you everything you need to know about the quality of a Viking slot game, and so without further procrastinating let us dip our toes into the bitter North Sea and set sail for a trip on a longship towards our top 10 Viking themed slots games.

The 10 Best Viking Themed Slots Games

Thunderstruck II

Released back in 2010, Thunderstruck II is one of MicroGaming’s most popular slot games. Take a look at their website and it still, 9 years on, appears on their homepage. The fact that a slot game as old as this one can still be played in casinos today is testament to just how good Thunderstruck II is. We gave the game an impressive 10 out of 10 when it was released back then and all these years later we still struggle to find much to criticise. Whilst it might not look quite as impressive as the slots games being released today, you do get levels within your Free Spins which allows for Thor, Odin and Loki all to make an appearance. Add to this a very competitive house edge and Thunderstruck II stands out as a modern slots classic.

Play the slot game here for free


From the old to the new. Vikings is one of the most recent releases on our list. Based on the hit TV show of the same name and was released last year off the back of the new Amazon Prime season. From the very moment you click on the game you know that Net Entertainment have created something pretty special. The opening sequence is broodier than a teenager without wifi. Everything looks incredible. No penny has been spared with the design, making this one of the best looking slots games on our list. Little touches like snow drifting over the reels and flags billowing in the background let you know that this is a slot game where time and effort have not been spared. You might not get a whole host of features but the ones you do get are of a very high standard.

Play the slot game here for free

Brave Viking

I have come to expect certain things from BGaming slots games: first of all, I expect them to look great and secondly I expect good value for money and in the case of this particular BGaming slot game both of those boxes have been ticked with resounding aplomb. One criticism that I would often lay at the feet of BGaming slots is a lack of features but in this instance you have Free Spins, Wilds and a Bonus game and as such there really isn’t much here for you not to like.

Play the slot game here for free

Viking Runecraft

I bloody well love Viking Runecraft. I remember when I first reviewed it that I hadn’t seen a slot game quite like it before. This is not a game for lovers of traditional fruit-based slots. If “Starburst” is your bag then you are, quite simply, not going to like Viking Runecraft. This is a slot game that does not sit still for anyone, with a whole host of random features that really taps into the fickle nature of the gods. There are meters to charge, clusters to form and bonus rounds to be negotiated. As I said in my initial review, if you suffer from ADHD then this might just be the perfect slot game for you.

Play the slot game here for free

Viking Wilds

I don’t think that Iron Dog have ever managed to find one of their games on one of our lists before but if they were ever going to break that particular seal then surely the only way in was going to be with a Viking themed slots game? Viking Wilds came out this year and genuinely took me by surprise in terms of just how imaginative it was. It might not have the looks of some of the games that will make it onto this list but what it does have is whole host of interesting features that will not fail to hold your attention.

Play the slot game here for free

Viking Quest

Viking Quest is another older entry from MicroGaming, but is again a slot game that is well worth its place on our list. This is probably the most cartoonish looking slot that I have included, something you might not normally associate with the marauding, plundering conquests of the Vikings. This is a fun, light-hearted game that comes with an abundance of different features. The antithesis of “Vikings”, Viking Quest is for anyone who doesn’t want to have to take their slots games too seriously.

Play the slot game here for free

Vikings Go to Hell

Vikings Go to Hell is the first of our 2 Yggdrasil instalments and like most of their slot games this one comes in hitting hard. The game has one of the most impressive opening sequences that I have ever seen or heard. Not only does it look incredible but the dramatic music in the background also makes it sound incredible. The scene opens with 4 Vikings, each carrying a different weapon, standing before the gates of hell, where they face off against a demon left decapitated by the end of it all, lava flowing from his molten neck stump. The game itself looks just as impressive and the features available are varied and engaging. There really is nothing to criticise here, hence the 10 out 10 it received from us last year.

Play the slot game here for free

Asgardian Stones

Asgardian Stones does what all the best Net Entertainment slot games do the best. It looks stunning, with each symbol taking the form of a large stone that slides into place with the satisfying crunch of granite on granite. Like so many of the games on this list you know you are in for a treat as soon as you click to play as a superbly well-designed opening sequence draws you into the action before you’ve even chosen the size of your wager. Along with all of this you get a series of small features and the inclusion of free spins. The house edge is also very reasonable. It is a real struggle to find anything about this game that we do not love.

Play the slot game here for free

Viking Gods – Thor and Loki

What is this? A Playson slot game on a best of list? I have to confess that I have, at times, been quite mean to Playson slots because they often lack the sort of ambition that we have grown to expect from modern slots designers. Safe games with fruits and bells just aren’t going to cut it in Valhalla. This, above all else should be proof of the incredible potential that lies within the Viking theme as Viking Gods – Thor and Loki received a storming 9 out of 10 and saw Playson do things that we rarely get to see from them these days. First of all, the game looks stunning. It is bright. It is colourful, with every single element impeccably designed. You don’t just get Free Spins. You get Thor and you get Loki Free Spins. A lower house edge would have probably left Viking Gods – Thor and Loki with a perfect 10 out of 10.

Play the slot game here for free

Vikings Go Berzerk

There could have quite easily been three Yggdrasil slot games on our list but with so many quality releases vying for a space we left it down to the two perfect 10 out of 10 games. Vikings Go Berzerk is instantly recognisable as a Yggdrasil slot game. This time the opening sequence takes you around a battle, one where all the players have been encased in stone and frozen in time, each warrior with the manic expression of full on berzerk mode etched across their faces. Yet again there are plenty of features to keep you engaged and, of course, it looks incredible. Like every game on this list there is nothing here for you not to like.

Play the slot game here for free


This is, without question, the best set of 10 slot games that we at have brought together in one of our lists. Viking slot games are, in my opinion, currently the best slots out there. 3 of the slot games on the list were awarded 10 out 10, 3 were awarded 8 out of 10 and the remaining 4 all received 9. That is some seriously impressive scoring. Whilst the usual suspects of MicroGaming, Net Entertainment, Play N’ Go and Yggdrasil are all there flexing their creative muscles there are a few of the smaller operators rising to the challenge and finding a space on this mighty list of 10. What tops all of this off is that there are a pile of games that all received 7 out 10 that couldn’t make it onto the list. Games that would have breezed it on just about any other week. So what I can tell you now is very simple. If you are looking for a well-designed game with a load of immersive features then you can almost guarantee that you won’t go wrong if you take a punt on a Viking themed slot.

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