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The Top 10 Slots for August 2019

Posted by THEPOGG on Sep 06, 2019

As part of a new ongoing feature I will be rounding up the best slot games that have been released each month and crowning which one I believe is the best of the bunch.

After a fairly slow start August has galloped into life over the last couple of weeks with an arcade full of excellent slot games released. There are some you will have heard of, even some that you will have played, but there is also likely to be a few that have yet to hit the casinos given just how recent their publication has proved.

Unfortunately, August has not provided us with a perfect score. There have been some good slot games. There have even been some excellent slot games but there has not been anything that I would consider perfect. I understand that a perfect anything is practically impossible but when it comes to slots I need to see something that looks incredible, something that is filled with features, but not just any old features, I’m talking about features that have been made specifically with that slot in mind. Above all else I am looking for good value for money. If all 3 of those elements are in place then it is quite possible for a slot to be given a perfect score of 10 out of 10.

The fact is there have been quite a few already this year, which suggests there is little chance that any of the slots on this list will make it onto our list of best slots for 2019. However, there is one score of 9 out of 10 and if the competition drops off for the rest of the year, there is every chance it could wriggle its way into our end-of-year awards ceremony.

In a nutshell, there has been one slot awarded 9 out of 10, six that have all received 8 out of 10 and an impressive nine slots all receiving 7 out of 10. That makes a total of 16 slots released this month that we would consider to be good. In total, I have reviewed 30 different slots this month, which means the standard for August has been pretty high. However, with no comparable data so far I can only assume how successful slots designers have been during the month of August, something that will become clearer as our sample size increases over the months.

Unlike previous lists this one will be ranked in a top 10, moving from the 10th best slot in the month of August to the slot I deem to be the very best release in the month. I want to be clear that this is just one person’s opinion and that there is no clear science behind my choices. However, I will be using the criteria that I have mentioned above and where results prove to be close it will become a matter of personal preference.

From 10th best, to the very best, here is a list of the 10 slot games that we at ThePogg rate the most highly that were released during the month of August:

Number 10

Pirates’ Plenty: Battle for Gold

Piping PariPlay’s Lady Phoenix to the final spot on this list is Red Tiger’s hotly anticipated Pirates’ Plenty: Battle for Gold. It was a close-run thing but the Red Tiger slot had those all-important bonus features. For those who don’t know this is the second slot in what may now have become a pirate franchise and given the quality of the first release it had a lot to live up to. The original Pirates’ Plenty is considered by many to the standout slot of 2018. Whilst this slot is good, it’s not as good as that original slot. You still excellent bonus features but they nowhere near as immersive or as downright addictive as they are in Pirates’ Plenty. However, I can’t help but feel that I would have been kinder on this slot if it didn’t have such high standards to aspire to. Let’s face it, Pirates’ Plenty: Battle for Gold looks brilliant. It has Free Spins, a bonus feature and some random features too. This might not be a contender for slot of the year but it is still up there with the best slots released this month.

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Number 9

Dragon Stone

Dragon Stone was released early on in the month and has all the hallmarks of an iSoftBet slot. First of all, just look at it. It is so well designed, in fact, based on looks alone I don’t think there are many slots released in August that can compete with this one. The dragons themselves look stunning, as do the effects that hit the reels when each of their special features is triggered. Little touches like dragon shaped shadows floating over the reels help to make this slot appear so much more loved that most others released this month. The features do arguably struggle to live up to the aesthetic but you still get Free Spins and a hefty dose of random features. I particularly like how each of the random features has been designed with the characteristics of each individual dragon in mind.

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Number 8

Relic Hunters

Wazdan really took me by surprise with this slot and I hope that Relic Huntersis a sign of what is to come from the software developers. Most of Wazdan’s previous back catalogue has failed to inspire me, with a large selection of generic space and gem themed slots. However, this slot suggests that a shift might be on the way. This is by no means the best looking “Indiana Jones” inspired slot out there, but it is a huge improvement on what Wazdan have given us before and based on what they have coming up this year I see Relic Hunters as a sort of turning point for the designers, with hopes for further improvements very high. However, most importantly of all are the features that this slot has to offer. There are quite simply far too many for me to go through them all but trust me, there are lots and lots of them. With Relic Hunters Wazdan may well be about to start competing with the big boys.

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Number 7

Rise of Dead

Rise of the Dead is Play ‘n Go, doing what Play ‘n Go do best. What you have here is a simple but stunning slot. What I always love about the best Play ‘n Go slots is that they do not over-complicate things and at the same time they seem to still be able to inject their slots with more entertainment than most and they certainly know how to make their slots look better than most. Rise of Dead will take you into the heart of the pyramid, where long-dead Pharaohs rise again to help reward those brave enough to enter their tombs. Whilst not exactly the most feature-heavy slot on this list, the ones we do have are excellent. The Free Spins can re-trigger very easily and there are plenty of stacked symbols to give you that advantage you need to make the most of your Free Spins. There are also a few random features. Yet, despite this apparent lack of features, this slot keeps you entertained throughout.

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Number 6

Rabbit in the Hat

Rabbit in the Hat ticks all of our boxes, but some of those ticks have had more pressure applied to the pencil than others. MicroGaming have been very busy this year, ensuring that they almost had a new game every single week. However, a lot of those games have underwhelmed, suggesting that an approach of quantity over quality may have been established. Rabbit in the Hat bucks that trend with a slot that not only looks great but has excellent features and, most importantly of all, also offers excellent value for money. This, above all else, is what makes Rabbit in the Hat stand out from the crowd. It is rare to find a slot with an RTP as high as this but, of course, that alone would not be enough for this to be rated the 6th best slot released in August. Whist the features are simple, they are tied very closely to the theme, which means that despite there not being all that many, the ones we do have fit the game perfectly.

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Number 5

Viking Glory

If you want to judge a slot by its aesthetic alone then Viking Glory should get nowhere near the top 5 games released in a month. Quite simply, Viking Glory will not be the best-looking slot on this list. PariPlay have released more attractive slots in just this month alone, but what they have not done is release a slot that has features as good as the ones that you will find in Viking Glory. You get 3 different Free Spins games and you get to choose which one you want to trigger. There are features within the Free Spins and, along with your Wilds, you get a decent number of random features thrown in for good measure. However, the most important feature of all has to be the progressive jackpot. This is something that you do not get to see that much anymore, so its inclusion is something that we do like to see.

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Number 4

Kingmaker Megaways

Big Time Gaming have found a very effective formula for making excellent slot games and they know it. Following on from slots like The Final Countdown and Holy Diver, Big Time Gaming have clearly found a style of slot that they know their fans are going to love. The slot looks good, perhaps not as good as some on our list but the positives that do come with it, rightly place Kingmaker Megaways inside our top 5 slots released in August. What gives this slot the edge over the likes of Viking Glory is the value for money on offer. There are probably quite a few slots on this list with better features than Kingmaker Megaways, but what with a low house edge it is able to pip almost all of them to the post.

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Number 3

The Sword & the Grail

The only developer to make 2 entries on our list for August so far is Play ‘n Go and with The Sword & the Grail they have created a slot that only just misses out on the top spot for August 2019. This slot is, as you would expect an absolute stunner, picking up where the Rise of Merlin took off, just a few releases ago. The colours are bright, but retain that almost pastel colouring that many of Play ‘n Go’s slots have been adopting recently. The features are also as you would expect. There are Free Spins, which come with that all important guaranteed Wild Multipliers. Like Rise of the Dead, this slot is a bonus game and lower house edge away from being the best slot on our list.

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Number 2

Yokozuna Clash

You will definitely see better designed Yggdrasil slots than Yokozuna Clash. When I first saw it my instinct was that we were in Niagara Falls (a weak slot by Yggdrasil’s usual standards) territory and that along with the fuzzy graphics we might be in for a few turgid spins of the reels. The reality could not have been further from this. I would go as far as to say that with a bit of a face lift Yokozuna Clash could have been a serious heavy-weight contender for slot of the year. Who doesn’t love a slot that plays out like a computer game? One where there are levels and ever increasingly tough bosses for you to attempt to thwart. The central feature of the slot matches the central theme. You are a wrestler and you are taking on opponents, attempting to push them out of the ring and reap the rewards that come with doing so.

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Number 1

Butterfly Staxx 2

The best slot, by a fair margin, released in August, and the only slot to receive a score of 9 out of 10 is Net Entertainment’s Butterfly Staxx 2. What impressed me most about this slot is not necessarily the fact that it looks stunning, but the fact that it improved in every single area from the original Butterfly Staxx slot. Normally a second instalment is just a poor attempt to cash in but in this instance it was an attempt to make big improvements to an already excellent slot. Butterfly Staxx 2 looks better than the original, has better features and is offering better value for money. Essentially, we really could not have asked for any more from it. You still get Free Spins but this time you have them taking place over three grids instead of one. The same improvement has also been made to the re-spins. Add to this a brand-new feature and everything about this slot has seen an improvement. If you liked the original you simply have to play Butterfly Staxx 2.

Play the demo slot here for free


Whilst there has not been a huge number of truly excellent slots released in August there has been a lot of good ones. Butterfly Staxx 2 was a good deal better than the rest of the competition but is likely to struggle to find a spot on our end of year list. At least one game (“The Great Chicken Escape”) was released right at the end of August and as such will be considered in our September round up.

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