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Top 10 Books as Slots

Posted by Glenn Baird on Nov 08, 2019

For some people November is all about Fall. The rusting of leaves, a final burst of colour before barren winter takes hold. For others, November is fireworks and friends, warm drinks held in fingerless gloves, the last celebration before the big spend.

For some, November is the season for men’s health. By the end our streets will be littered with medleys of upper-lip debris; some establishing a welcome addition to a face previously lacking: Others embarrassed and ashamed will scramble for the foam and the blade before they open door number 1 of 24.

Once the fireworks have ended, November can be cast aside as that month we need to get through before Advent begins.

But for some, November is the time to face-up to an unfulfilled promise. A layer of dust on a shelve that you have been meaning to wipe clear for years. It is the empty word document that has taunted, winking at out from under the cover of a Netflix app.

International Novel Writing Month is the month of your novel. The one you’ve been meaning to get round to all your life but have, for numerous reasons, found excuses not to. 30 days and at the end of it you will have your setting, your story, your characters, your thoughts, ideas and feelings all poured out hastily onto the page, a toddlers’ toybox at the end of the day.

The premise is simple: write a novel in 30 days. The reality is far from it. 50,000 words by the end of the month, 1600-1700 a day, hours set aside that were previously spent enjoying the fruits of someone else’s labour. It is meant to be daunting. It is meant to be a struggle. It is meant to be something most can’t manage. 1600 words in a day seems plausible, but what about the next day? And one after that? Life will get in the way: Twitter, Facebook, football or whatever particular brand of procrastination it is that you peddle.

The 50,000 words won’t be the best. The point is that there are 50,000 words. Quality can wait in the margins as you purge yourself of the idea gnawing at your mind’s gristle. Forget editing until the pages are full. Getting it done, normally the reserve of a grafter, doesn’t feel like something Kerouac would have worried about. But at some point even a beatnik has to realise that writing does unfortunately involve actually writing.

You taste before you cook. You listen before you play. And you read before you write. But once the process begins it might be an idea to hide the Hemmingways and ditch the Dickens because, and no offence intended, reading those guys will depress anyone who needs to use National Novel Writing Month to get off their butts and pick up a pencil.

Although you could argue that I’m being harsh, that in a world perpetual distraction maybe the next great American, Dutch, Swiss or English novel needs impetus more than ever. Perhaps if we have a reason to bury X-Box, the firestick, tablet, kindle and internet connection in a large hole in the earth we might just discover the next Melville or McCarthy.

If you can manage the first day, you’ll be in good company. Get to the end of the week and you’ll feel like a war vet, a skilful dodger of distraction’s relentless artillery. You’ll be a stalwart, holding the fort against an increasingly pervasive enemy with fewer and fewer allies to hold them off. Battles will have been won but with each victory you will tire, and the enemy will creep closer towards the ramparts. If you make it to the end of that first week you will be wearied worn, more than ready to succumb.

Get to the end of all four and you will have accomplished something that few can boast. Almost everyone enrolled with you at the beginning will have fallen, moved on to something else, their ideas back on the shelf with a new layer of dust already forming.

Here at ThePogg we respect this level of mental endurance and believe that the writers of this world, the ones who see it through to the end deserve our plaudits. This is because we believe in the importance of good storytelling. Stories are what make us human. A world without those twists and turns, the ability to look back at something or imagine something and apply a narrative to it is how we make sense of it all.

We look for a narrative in everything that we do. The walk to the pub is one that begs for incident in so that when we arrive there is something that means we will listened to. We have defined Muhamad Ali is the greatest fighter ever even though he lost 5 times, because unlike Floyd Mayweather, his wins and his losses, combined with his character gave his audience a story. It was more than just rags to riches, it was a man against a system, one who was knocked to the floor but kept dragging himself back onto his feet. Mayweather’s sequence of binary wins and knockouts can be reserved for the robots who require that sort of turgid consistency. For a life to be properly lived and for us to live vicariously through someone else’s story we need ups and down, peaks and troughs, highs and lows.

Good can only shine when evil casts its shadow. The best writers, the ones we pick up to read time and time again tap into that particular human longing for contrast. It is a small part of what makes a story good but the ones that continue to be passed down are the ones that contain the necessary ying yang needed to keep us turning the page.

All of us have a story to tell but not all of us will find the time to tell it. If you have a burning desire to bring a person or a place to life then why make International Novel Writing Month the one where you out them to paper?

If it is stories that you want from a casino review site, then look no further than your own trials and tribulations, your own highs and lows, wins and losses. If I was to pick a piece of an online casino where the best stories rest then I’d head straight for the slots section. The best slots in the business are the ones that use a convincing narrative. There are plenty of binary elements that you might look for in a quality slot but if you want one that is a bit special then it needs a story.

To make things even easier we will be focussing this week on the slots that explore some of our most recognised narratives. But, if you are planning on writing a novel this month then maybe hang off until December the 1st before you commit yourself to try out our recommendations.

This list can be summarised as the Top 10 Novels as Slots and as such, I can guarantee 10 absolutely cracking sets of reels for you. Hopefully there may even be a few in here that you haven’t seen or played before that helps you to find your new favourite slot.

Jurassic Park

Yes, I know that Jurassic Park is a movie, but it was a novel long before it became one of the highest grossing films of the 90s. Michael Crichton is the mind behind the famous dinosaur park and a prolific writer of science fiction novels that have made their way onto the big screen. The concept of taking the DNA of dinosaurs contained in bodies of blood sucking creatures that have been preserved in the amber that consumed them is a stroke of sheer genius, coming at a time when the concept of DNA was only just becoming something that all of us were aware of. As for the Jurassic Park slot, it comes with 5 different Free Spins that act as levels for you to work through. Of course, this slot looks amazing and again, you get those all-important stills that bring the whole thing to life. Unsurprisingly, this slot also comes with a very competitive house edge.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was a massive hit for Scottish author, Robert Louis Stevenson when it was first published back in 1886. The novel has had such a profound impact on popular culture that we talk about sporadic shifts in personalities as being “Jekyll and Hyde”. Stevenson tapped into that fear that most of us have about who we really are and what we are really capable of. For any sort of game designer, there is a tonne of material available here to use at their disposal. In this instance, BetSoft’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde slot does not fail to impress. As I am sure you can imagine, potions are important to this slot. You need to collect them and in certain combinations so that you can trigger the game’s many different features, of which there are far too many for me to go through them all. Add to this a series of impressive animated sequences and you have absolutely everything you could ever hope for from a video slot.

Game of Thrones

There are only 3 types of people in the world: Those who have seen Game of Thrones, those who have not and those who refuse to watch it because they think George RR Martin should spend more time trying to finish the series of novels he appears to have abandoned. Anyone who watched the series and was left underwhelmed by the final season might be able to take some solace in the knowledge that that the novels, if they ever do get finished, might turn out to be better. Martin carved out readership early on by abandoning old-fashioned conventions of high fantasy in favour of something much grittier and more realistic. Magic exists in his novels, but it is not central to the narrative like it is in Lord of the Rings or in the Wheel of Time series. Martin enthrals and confounds his audience by doing something that does not happen in fantasy novels: He kills the characters that you grow to love. As for the Game of Thrones slot, of course it looks incredible. It also needed to have quality features, and again the developers make sure that the slot comes with plenty to keep you as entertained as the show, or in this case, the novels have.

The Invisible Man

The late 18th and early 19th centuries were fertile ground for science fiction lovers, especially fans of HG Wells. His output was exceptional and went on to define much of what we expect from today’s popular science fiction. The Invisible Man is about a scientist who discovers a way to change a body's refractive index to that of air and subsequently turn himself invisible. What people loved about Wells’ novels was that they were based in science. It may have not been exact science but there was enough in there to at least create the impression of realism. As for The Invisible Man Slot, as with most Net Entertainment slots it looks absolutely stunning. It also comes with a wide range of features, from Wilds to Free Spins. Within your Free Spins there is a collection feature that gives you the chance to trigger a bonus or another set of Free Spins. Add to this, good value for money and you are on to a real winner.

Sherlock: Scandal in Bohemia

We are not done with Victorian literature by a long way yet. Published at the end of the 19th century, “A Scandal in Bohemia” is considered one of Sherlock Holmes’ best narratives and one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s greatest achievements. You don’t need me to explain who the great detective is. No mention of the hat, the pipe or the long coat are needed. Sherlock Holmes is such an iconic character that a silhouette of his features is probably enough for us all to know who is being cast in shadow. As for Sherlock: Scandal in Bohemia the slot, this is, without a doubt Wazdan’s best. The slot looks incredible and does a phenomenal job to use the source material to bring the narrative to life. You get multiple bonuses and, I promise, you are going to love them all. A stunning slot, the very best that Wazdan has to offer.


If Sherlock Holmes is well known then his guy needs absolutely no introduction. We all know who Dracula is and we all know what he looks like. The late 19th century is very happy hunting ground for anyone looking to find iconic figures from literature and I would argue that they don’t come much more iconic than this one. The Count was not the first Vampire to make his way into the pages of popular fiction, but he is the one that kick started the genre. Written in a first person narrative, through a series of letters, Dracula is Bram Stoker’s masterpiece and one of the most influential novels of any era. The Dracula slot is well designed and comes with a series of interesting Wild symbols, and has to be considered one of Net Entertainment’s most successful slots.


Before he was a movie character. Before he was a comic book character, Conan was a character is a sprawling set of novels, written predominantly by Robert E. Howard, with a succession of roughly 14 additional authors, many of whom took Howard’s old manuscripts and turned them into a piece of Conan lore. However, it was in the pages of a pulp magazine that Howard first brought his barbarian to life, writing short stories that would go on to capture the imagination of readers and spawn the countless numbers of novels that would feature our favourite barbarian, destroyer, usurper, warrior, conqueror, etc… As for the Conan slot, there is plenty for us to get excited about. Net Entertainment have had a good 2019 and this Conan slot is partly responsible for that. You get 3 different Free Spins features, plus 3 additional features on top of that. There are 2 different Wild symbols and, as you have probably guessed, it looks the absolute business.

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera was written French author Gaston Leroux in serial form between 1909 and 1910. However, it is most likely that you know the story thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s smash hit musical of the same name and story. The novel is about a disfigured musical genius who has been forced to live in hiding inside a Parisian Opera House. He cannot bear to be seen outside, wears a mask and subsequently helps to form the myth that the Opera House that he hides in is haunted. He becomes infatuated with a young soprano, kidnaps her, with only the true love of her life now capable of saving her. It is an epic story of love and obsession, one that has captivated audiences for decades. As for The Phantom of the Opera slot, Microgaming have helped to bring it to life through the stills that were taken from the most recent Hollywood adaptation. You get, at least, 3 bonus features, plus a set of Free Spins and pretty competitive house edge to boot.

Lost Boys Loot

Peter Pan is a story that everybody knows because it has been re-written in various forms now for decades. Written by the 3rd Scottish writer on this list, J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan first appeared as a character in The Little White Bird, an adult novel written by Barrie in 1902. His first outing as a central character occurred in the play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, before Barrie finally adapted the script into a novel in 1911 called Peter and Wendy. We don’t know this for sure but many believe that the character is based on Barrie’s older brother, David, who died aged 14 following an ice-skating accident. The iconic characters in the novel have gone on to work their magic in countless movies and stage adaptations over the years. The Lost Boys Loot slot is a 2019 release from iSoftBet, which does the most fantastic job of bring the source material to life. You get Free Spins, a bonus and some random features. You get more than one type of Wild symbols and all your favourite characters will make an appearance at some point.

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast or, La Belle et la Bête, is a fairy tale written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in 1740. However, according to researchers at universities in Durham and Lisbon the story is over 4000 years old. This should tell us all that for 4 millennia we have need to be taught that beauty and other superficial qualities should not be held in higher regard than inward qualities like kindness and compassion. For anyone looking to create something as timeless as this story then perhaps you should look no further than the morality lesson that we have continue ignore. As for the Beauty and the Beast slot, I will begin in hypocritically superficial fashion by telling you that looks stunning, which is no less than you should expect from a developer like Yggdrasil, who never seem to fail to get that part right. You get Free Spins that come with 3 different versions. You get a bonus game and you get symbols that do special things. We rated this slot the perfect 10 out of 10 so if it is quality you are looking for then look no further than this.

Let us know what you think. Have we forgotten a slot classic, should we have ditched Dracula for something more modern? And to anyone attempting to write a novel this month, good luck and I hope that it too becomes as well known as the titles listed above.

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