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Top 10 Egyptian Slots Games

Posted by THEPOGG on Jan 12, 2019

Last week I tried to unpick the glory of Ancient Egypt by pinpointing what I believe are the reasons for its popularity as a theme for slots games. I came to the studious conclusion that Ancient Egypt is properly olden days, like before pretty much anything you can think of that’s not a cave man or a dinosaur. Add to that the level of ingenuity that the Ancient Egyptians reached and the whole thing: Pyramids, Sphinxes, ships, obelisks, written language, etc; doesn’t fit with our perceptions of the past.

The Egyptians loved gold and so do slot games designers. It’s the colour scheme; it’s the signal that you’ve hit the jackpot, it’s currency, and currency is gambling.

I don’t want to end up re-writing what I’ve been over already and would much rather just head straight to the conclusion that I reached, that Egyptian themed slots games are easier to create than most other games. That most of what you deal with is predetermined and little to no thought needs to go into getting an Egyptian themed game up and earning a casino money.

However, that simplicity brings with it a real problem. How do slots designers make an Egyptian game that’s actually good? How do they stand out from that cluttered crowd?

The games I look at will all have scored a minimum of 7 out of 10 on initial review. However, we also know that it might only be a matter of weeks before our list is out of date and newer more interesting games are released that could take the place of one of our entries, which is why I want to be clear that anything I add today could easily be usurped by the time I next come to review our Egyptian top 10.

There will be no particular order to our top 10, just the 10 best Egyptian themed games that we have in our review vault. Without wasting any more of your time, here are the 10 best Egyptian themed slots games as chosen by

Valley of the Gods

Our first entry was released last summer by Yggdrasil, making it one of two Egyptian themed games in their stable. From the moment you press play you know you are in for something special. The opening sequence could have been taken straight out of a Hollywood movie, as golden beetles burrow their way out of the sand and scurry up a statue of Anubis at the entrance to what you can only assume must be an ancient Egyptian tomb. The game looks incredible, set against the backdrop of the Pyramids, with the reels sandwiched between the two pillars outside of the tomb. There are beetles to collect that unlock multipliers, additional lives and extra winways. The game can also boast a house edge that is under the 4% mark, which makes it decent value for money. Essentially Valley of the Gods is a stunning looking game with excellent variety within the base game. Yggdrasil have ensured that this game looks good and that there is more to play for than your usual free spins and bonus feature.

Play the game here for free

Coins of Egypt

Also released last year, a month after Valley of the Gods, Coins of Egypt came out in the Autumn of 2018 and made an instant splash with its exquisite design and engaging bonus feature. Horus and Anubis sit crouching on either side of the reels, resplendent in gold waiting for you to start spinning those reels. The sarcophagus gets a strong look in here, playing an important role within the complex and immersive free spins feature, the only real feature, but one so rich and multifaceted that you don’t need more to keep things interesting. The best bit about this game is how good it looks, but add to that an impressively low house edge and you’re going to struggle to find a better Egyptian game to play.

Play the game here for free

Rise of Egypt

Rise of Egypt is another entry from 2018 (clearly a big year for Egyptian themed games) and is our first and only offering from Maltese based company, Playson. This is another game that does a really good job of looking good. In particular, the symbols are exceptionally well designed, full of elaborate details. The game itself is relatively simple, the only feature being a set of free spins. But all that can be forgiven when you take in the view.

Play the game here for free

Ancient Egypt: Classic

Released last year by Pragmatic Play, Ancient Egypt: Classic is, as the name would suggest, a traditional slots game, with some simple bonus features set inside the bowels of an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Golden plinths sit at either side of the reels topped with bowls of fire that lick their way up pillars adorned with hieroglyphics. Beneath each one sits piles of gold, helping to frame the reels that are themselves filled with bright and colourful symbols. You get free spins and wilds, all topped off with a reasonable house edge.

Play the game here for free

Lady of Egypt

Released in 2017 by Scientific Gaming, Lady of Egypt is all about the reels. In this game you have no clearly defined set of reels, as they move and shift in composition with each and every spin. The classic symbols are all there with the sun setting between two Pyramids in the background. I would assume that the lady in question is meant to be Cleopatra, who is the game’s most valuable symbol. The game looks good and comes with free spins and wild symbols, along with a guaranteed bonus win.

Play the game here for free

Temple of Luxor

Temple of Luxor came out in 2017, released by Microgaming and was instant hit for us. The game looks good and uses two sets of reels, playing in opposite directions. Straight away, the game is offering something a little different to what you might expect to see. There are four gods making an appearance on both sets of reels which nestle inside the ruins of a long forgotten Egyptian temple, separated by a worn looking obelisk. But the true glory of this game has to be the house edge. As we stated in our original review, you are going to struggle to find another game, never mind another Egyptian themed game, out there that offers anywhere near the same value for money as Temple of Luxor does.

Play the game here for free

Ark of Mystery

Ark of Mystery is a relatively new game, released last year by the increasingly impressive Quickspin company. Major effort has gone into making this game look good and unlike all the other games we’ve explored so far, this one takes a slightly different slant on the Egyptian theme. Here we have a female Indiana Jones character, called Anna who is trying to navigate her way through cursed tombs in an attempt to unlock the treasures of ancient Egypt. Features might be a little thin on the ground, but that can be forgiven when you have a game that looks as good as this one does.

Play the game here for free

Tut’s Twister

If there’s one thing Yggdrasil know how to do it’s creating impressive opening sequences. If you were impressed by Valley of the Gods then hold on to your hats because Tut’s Twister, released last year, is even more breath-taking than Yggdrasil’s first entry into our top 10. Everything about this game says quality. Nothing has been scrimped on, from the animated sequences to the detailed symbols, Tut’s Twister welcomes you into a world of pure Egyptian wonder. Chuck in a twister (I have no idea why, but it works) and an absolute shed-load of features and you have one of the best games on our list.

Play the game here for free

Leprechaun Goes to Egypt

Nothing says Ancient Egypt more than a Leprechaun, 4 leaf clovers and Celtic writing. OK, so those things are hardly what you’d expect to see in an Egyptian themed game, but that is exactly what Play ‘n Go have done, allowing them into our top 10. This game sees the mischievous Leprechaun travel to Ancient Egypt as two slots favourites find themselves mashed together in perfectly ridiculous harmony. There are pyramids, beetles, mummies and a sphinx but they’ve all been given a lick of Irish revelry as the cheeky little sprite undoes millennia of stoic decency and decorum. There are free spins and a brilliant little animated bonus, along with what has to be considered a low house edge for Play ‘n Go who almost always plump for the 4%.

Play the game here for free

Scrolls of Ra

The final entry into our top 10 goes to our only offering from iSoftBet, their 2018 release: Scrolls of Ra. This is the only game on list to offer itself up to one specific god and boy did they choose a good one. Ra, the Sun God, creator of everything (that’s a lot of stuff), not to be confused with Horus, who also happens to have a falcon head, is this game’s main man. The game looks fantastic, as the reels roll inside an Egyptian temple and you wait for the two bonus features to reveal their hidden treasures.

Play the game here for free

There you have it people. The 10 best Ancient Egyptian themed games according to what we liked the most here at ThePogg. With 2019 just underway it will be interesting to see how many of those games, many of which were released last year, still make the cut.

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