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Top 10 Games about Pets

Posted by THEPOGG on Feb 14, 2019

International “Love Your Pet” day is essentially just a big excuse for us to create a list of slots games that are about dogs, cats, goldfish and rabbits. Our fluffy, cuddly, scaly, gillsy friends are such important parts of our lives that we felt it was about time gave our best friends the attention that they deserved.

Before we started I wasn’t convinced that a top 10 list would be feasible. It has been so long since I’ve seen a dog or a cat game that didn’t suck that I thought I would need to settle for a top 5 at most. But, lo and behold, after hours scouring the internet looking for the perfect pet games I managed to draw up a complete list of 10 games.

I was also worried that the quality would be so poor that I’d have to lower expectations and set the bar beneath the usual 7 out of 10 threshold that we reserve for all the games on our lists. Again, I have managed to find the magic 10 but have had to exclude certain, presumably more obvious games that didn’t reach our lofty standards. On top of that there may be one contentious game on our list that some of you might question. You might not consider the animals that make up those specific reels to be pets. However, I would like to point out that such is our warped relationship with the animal kingdom that there few fluffies we haven’t thrown in cages, emasculated with names like Coco and patted on the head with a reassuring “good boy”.

There are a few animals that I have had to exclude because the quality of game just wasn’t good enough for us. The most obvious and disappointing example being hamsters. There are lots of hamster themed slots games but they all, each and every one of them, suck really badly. And so I present a challenge to you the slots player to find me a hamster game that does not suck, you may also need to present its case if I’ve already seen it and dismissed it right out of sight. Also, I extend the challenge to slots designers out there looking to prove us hacks wrong. Make a hamster game that makes strong men in dive bars weep.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. International “Love Your Pet Day” happens on February the 20th. Apparently the purpose of this day is to show your pets “the love and affection they deserve”. That does make me want to ask what we should be doing for the rest of the year? However, I suspect that there is an increased expectation over the level of pampering that your pet should receive. You might want to book them in for a spa day, or reserve them a table at top Michelin star restaurant, or better still why not book them a city break?

Perhaps I’ve misinterpreted the intention “Love your Pet” day? Perhaps it is really just time for us to sit back for a minute and think about all the joy that those little fellas bring us every day. Here are just a few of the benefits that a website promoting international “Love your Pet” day claims our pets give to us:

Our children develop a more efficient immune system

They give us something to talk about in public

They make our hearts more healthy

Certain animals can improve our fitness

They can improve our mental health

Even if you can only pick out one on that list that is relevant to you and your pet then maybe you need to think about getting Rover something special this Wednesday.

Now that we’ve explored the day’s relevance let’s look at those 10 games that celebrate the lives of the pets we all love so much.

In no specific order here are our top 10 pet related slots games:

Rabbit in the Hat

Rabbit in the Hat is a Microgaming release that sees one of our favourite pets take centre stage in a magic show. Rabbits being pulled from hats is more than just a cheap parlour trick. It has become a symbol synonymous with magicians. It is a cliché used to express our shock when someone achieves something against all the odds. We are so familiar with the concept that it really wouldn’t be a magic show without a white rabbit appearing from a top hat and in this slots game the magic has to be just how good the game looks. Bright vibrant colours help to bring this magic show to life. The game’s bonus feature is very entertaining too, making Rabbit in the Hat a worthy title to go first in our list of great pet related games.

Play the game here for free

Copy Cats

Remember when you used to call the person sitting beside you in class who stole all your good ideas a “Copy Cat”? No? The you must have been the “Copy Cat” and shame on you. Net Entertainment have definitely not forgotten and they have used this particular burn, along with some brightly coloured cats to bring us our first cat related game. You want your cats to copy each other so you can gain identical stacked symbols and win big. The game has an interesting bonus feature and is offering decent value for money too. But the important question must now be asked. Who will win out battle of the pets? Cats have struck an early blow.

Play the game here for free

Lucky Pets

Lucky Pets by Multislot is all about the house edge. Sure, you can talk about the bunnies, the fish, the cats and the dogs. You can go on about the bonus feature and how good the whole thing looks but the truth is no one is listening. When you see a house edge lower than 2%, you know you’ve found something rare, an exotic pet of a game. One that offers you more than a good looking game or a fun bonus. You know you have value for money, and for all the hamster owners out there, nothing says you’re onto a good thing quite like a really cheap thing.

Play the game here for free

Golden Fish Tank

Brought to us by those magicians at Yggdrasil, Golden Fish Tank is full of the craziest looking little sea critters that you’re likely to see. The colours are bright, the bonus is fun and the house edge is lower than average. There really isn’t much to criticise here and whilst you might not be able to cuddle them, and we beg you not to try and prove us wrong on this, fish make for excellent pets for anyone who doesn’t want to have to take their animal for walks or for anyone who isn’t at home much. But how, I hear you ask, do you pamper a fish? Easy. Dragon skulls in the tank. You are welcome.

Play the game here for free

Puppy Love

Dogs are back in the game, with BetSoft’s Puppy love striking a blow for mans’ best friend. This game has all the cute puppies and they stare up at you with their big sad eyes and beg you to feed them some doggy treats. These puppies are so sad you are going to need to find a way to pamper before you start spinning those reels. There is a fun bonus and the house edge is offering decent value for money but more importantly, we now have one cat game and one dog game.

Play the game here for free

Kitty Cabana

And just like that, cats are back on top. “At the Kitty, Kitty Cabana. Catnip and scratchin’ were all in the fashion”. Whilst I could go on I think it might be best for all our sanities if I just leave that there and tell you a bit more about our second Microgaming entry. In Kitty Cabana you get some interesting features and a decent house edge. You also have an array of cats, mostly female ones, who have gone to the Kitty Cabana to sip cocktails beside the pool, get their hair done and read books and magazines. Kitty Cabana a place for wealthy cat ladies to go and relax whilst they order the barman around.

Play the game here for free

Cash Camel

OK. This is where things get a little contentious. Camels aren’t pets I hear you cry. Well, actually they are because I’ve found people on the internet who have pet camels. The way I see it is this: if a horse can be a pet then so can a camel for people who live in deserts. This is one of two iSoftBet games on this list and whilst you might want to argue that a camel is not a pet, you cannot argue about how good the game looks. The game is full of fun symbols and you even get a couple of bonus features in there too. If you don’t want to take the hump and accept that camels can be pets then be sure you check out one of the most fun entries on our list.

Play the game here for free

White Rabbit

This Alice in Wonderland inspired game is another game that is all about the house edge. Not as low as is in Lucky Pets, but still an absolute bargain, this Big Time Gaming entry is one of the best games I their back catalogue. It has everything you would want, from fun bonus features to symbols that look amazing and that incredible low house edge. Let’s not forget that along with a rabbit, this game also has a cat and I’m sure there’s someone out there who has tried to turn a caterpillar into a pet at some point.

Play the game here for free


Goldfish is one of the older games on our list and was published way back in the day by WMS Gaming. It looks pretty simple but there are loads of features in this game to really keep you engaged and of course there are plenty of underwater creatures to keep you amused too. I am most certainly taking advantage of the game’s name and perhaps not so much its content as most of the sea creatures you will see here are not strictly speaking pets. However, for the more serious marine tank owners there might actually be quite a few of your pets on display here.

Play the game here for free

Jackpot Rango

Finally, we reach the end of our list of pet related games, tying things up with another entry that might raise a few eyebrows. Again, some might argue that an iguana is not a pet but if Mike Tyson can have a pet tiger we can have a pet iguana. The game is obviously based on the film that was released back in 2011, staring Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher and Bill Nighy and is our second iSoftBet game. Whilst not offering the best value for money it is a fun game and looks good as everything is taken directly from the original movie.

Play the game here for free

Pet Conclusions

And so ends our list and I know there will be games that we haven’t mentioned that you feel we should have. Honourable mentions go to “Seasons” by Yggdrasil, which we felt would be one contentious inclusion too many; “Pets” by Pariplay, which looks amazing, fits the bill perfectly but scored badly from us because it had such a disappointing house edge.

It turns out that there are more cat games worth playing than dog games, which means that for the purposes of this list cats are better than dogs.

And Finally, what I’ve learned the most when making up this list is that there are a lot of pet related games out there but that an awful lot of them are badly made and not worth your time.

Let us know what you think of our list, if there’s anything we’ve missed or anything that just should not be there.

Until next time, remember to pamper your pets.

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