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Top 10 Space Themed Slots

Posted by THEPOGG on Jul 25, 2019

July the 20th is not only International Moon Day, it is also International Space Exploration Day. And, as months go, things don’t get much more space related than July. That is because it will be 50 years to the day this July the 20th that man first set foot on the moon. Expect to hear a fair amount about it on the news. Expect to see it mentioned quite a few times on your preferred mode of social media. You’ll be able to watch films about it in the cinema or from the comfort of your own home.

Space has never held the public’s imagination as tightly as it did back then in 1969. It was a brief moment in our civilisation where we put science and human endeavour first. The Vietnam war may have been 4 years into its bloody making but with a flicker of light in the summer of 69 we got to forget about our capacity for death and destruction and instead dream about a future where we could explore the universe together.

The directive came in 1961, called for by then president John F Kennedy. Despite all the arguably contrived notions that I have already mentioned about humanity finally putting each other first, the Apollo missions were a reaction to the progress being made by the 60s other super power. Strictly speaking the touch paper was not lit to see us make strides as a species but as yet another piece in a puzzle of one-upmanship.

However, regardless of politicians’ motivations eventually the scientists got to take control and create a moment in time that, despite all the conspiracy theorists out there, would go down as one of the most significant in a century filled with moments that will never be forgotten.

600 million people watched the moon landing in 1969 and there can be little doubt that in those moments in front of that grainy footage scientists and astronauts were born.

What we need to celebrate more than anything is that this was a high point in our collective history. Money was no obstacle. Physics was no obstacle. Politics may have been the motivator but once things got moving the power was placed in the hands of those who make the best differences to society. Religion and politics did not matter once Neil Armstrong took those famous first steps.

What we can lament is what we have done since. The concept of value that could not be quantified by the almighty dollar was a tough one for those who run our world to get their heads around and just as quickly as it all began it was over. We can look back at that moment in 1969 with as much shame as we can pride because it should have been the moment where it all began.

The entire Apollo programme is reported to have cost over 26 billion dollars and have involved hundreds of thousands of people working together to explore a tiny speck of a universe too vast for any of us to properly imagine. Those numbers only add up if we care more about our collective evolution than we do about the price of oil, steel or advertising. Back in 1966 NASA’s funding peaked at 4.4% of the federal budget. It now sits at less than 0.5%. No matter what way you look at it, the purse strings of space exploration have been tightened signalling a regression in our fascination with the stars and arguably a regression in our collective evolution.

I remember sitting in a pub quite a few moons ago now and listening to a friend arguing about the technological progress that had been made as a result of war. The list is a long one, everything from microwave ovens and duct tape to radar systems, jet engines and the computer. It is a list that is impressive in terms of our reliance on them in the modern age and proves that some good can be taken from the horror of war. Yet, with the Space Race there is no downside to the artificial limbs, the memory foam, the cordless technologies and the satellite TV that we all enjoy today. It wasn’t war that led to those advancements, it was us coming together to achieve something that, at first appeared beyond us. Sure, the fight or flight impulse will have led to sense of greater necessity and the technologies that sprung from war are arguably more impressive, but the Space Race didn’t have as much time. In schools we encourage pupils to work together because two, three, or hundreds of thousands of heads are always better than one. We understand that collectively we are much more impressive than the sum of our parts, we just need a reason to form that collective. A reason to knock those heads together and achieve more than we ever thought possible.

Making Space for Slot Games

Like a grain of pollen on the windscreen we plan to celebrate the anniversary of 50 years since the Moon Landing here at with the likelihood that no one will notice. However, like the endeavour needed to get there we will not let this stand in our way. We celebrate in the way we know best by bringing you a list. As usual it will be a list of slot games and they will all be connected in some way to Space. That’s right, to celebrate the Moon Landing we will be bringing you our top 10 list of Space themed slots.

As usual, the slots on this list will not be placed in any specific order but they will all have scored 7 out of 10 or more when we originally reviewed them. We won’t put any slots on this list that do not have a free to play demo game either, that way you can not only take our word for it but you can also try the slot before you play for real.

There will be one or two well known slots on this list but there I would like to think there will be plenty on here that you might not have played before. And with that let the countdown begin on the 10 best Space themed games available to play today.

Space Themed Slots


If you haven’t heard of Starburst and consider yourself a bit of a slots expert then I hate to break it to you, but you’re not a bit of a slots expert. Of course you’ve heard of Starburst. Everyone who has ever played a slot game has heard of Starburst. This is one of Net Entertainment’s most played games and they are arguably the biggest, most popular slot developers out there, with easily one of the most impressive back catalogues of slot games you can find. What is it about Starburst that people love so much? Honestly, I don’t know exactly. I think it’s the space theme, the bright colours and the simplicity that the game offers. If you haven’t played it, you probably should, even if it is just to find out what all the fuss is about.

Click here to play the free demo slot

Battlestar Galactica

This slot is based on the reimaging of the classic 70s sci fi drama that pits men against machine in an epic battle for survival. The new series paved new ground in the quality that we now expect from our science fiction dramas and is epic enough to be considered a modern day space opera. Excellent acting, realistic design and an enthralling continuous storyline made this one of the most poplar science fiction TV shows of the last 15 years. The game was never likely to fail as long as all the elements from the TV show remained in place. That is exactly what has happened, leaving the player with a stunning slot game, easily the best one based a science fiction TV show.

Click here to play the free demo slot

Ticket to the Stars

Released by Quickspin at the start of the year, Ticket to the Stars is set in a future where travelling through space is as easy as getting a bus to your local shopping centre. When you see this game you should have memories of the Jetsons springing to mind, as long as you remember the Jetsons as being exceptionally good looking as they fly around in their space bubbles. The colours are bright and the lifestyle is lavish, bringing the dream of winning big on a slot to the outer reaches of our solar system.

Click here to play the free demo slot

The Final Countdown

“We’re heading for Venus and still we stand tall. Cause maybe they’ve seen us and welcome us all.” Well, whether they welcome us or not, we’re heading there on the back of this excellent Big Time Gaming slot. Released this year, accompanied by the stadium shaking anthem and filled with a tonne of excellent slot features, this is one of the best space themed games of the year. There might not be light years to go but there’s still plenty to be found in this slot.

Click here to play the free demo slot

Astro Legends

Astro Legends takes space and crams a bunch of it into tight lyrca, tops the lot off with an afro and the ultimate symbol of 80s musical decadence: the guitar keyboard. The colour scheme is neon and the beats come straight out of any film from that decade involving space. The slot is fun, it is over the top and it is exactly what we want from a space themed slot. Clusters instead of paylines and a pile of other features mean that MicroGaming have ensured that this game is both fun to play and fun to look at.

Click here to play the free demo slot

2027 ISS

It isn’t very often that I get to include an Endorphina slot in a best of list but there’s little doubt in my mind that 2027 ISS deserves its place on this one. If I had any concerns about this slot it would be that there are only 8 between now and then, not a long time to ensure that there are giant roulette satellites in space. What Endorphina have done well is to make the simple things look good. There isn’t a whole lot here you won’t have seen before but if you like a space game that doesn’t mess too much with tradition.

Click here to play the free demo slot

Shogun of Time

Is this a space game? It’s certainly a science fiction one and when coming up with a list this size, sometimes you just have to take what you can get. Here you get time travel mixed with ancient Japanese culture as old meets new is a kaleidoscope of light and colour. This MicroGaming slot was released earlier in the year and impressed, not just with how good it looks but also with how fun and engaging the features are.

Click here to play the free demo slot

Cosmic Fortune

Cosmic Fortune is another cracking game brought to you by those stargazers at Net Entertainment. What more is there to say other than the game looks good, that it has some great features and that it offers decent value for money. Don’t tell anyone but I actually prefer this to Starburst.

Click here to play the free demo slot

Elements: The Awakening

If you check out the Elements: The Awakening page on the Net Entertainment site you will find the following description of this classic slot game: “Space may be the final frontier for some, but we conquered it a long time ago. Join us on yet another adventure. Elements: The Awakening™ is an intergalactic journey using cutting-edge graphics, sound and animation…” It is hard to argue with much of that, as this has to be one of the best-looking space themed slot games on our list and it is over 7 years old. There’s plenty here for the new player and for those a little longer in the tooth maybe it is about time you rekindled an old flame.

Click here to play the free demo slot

Magic Star 6

Wazdan love a space game and if I am being honest I wanted to add one of their games partly because I applaud their commitment to the theme. There were a few games that I could have included but of the Magic Stars series this most recent version is without doubt the best instalment so far. It might look like all the other Magic Stars games but, with this you get Wilds and Free Spins, something that was missing from some of the other slots in the series. The slot also comes with a relatively favourable house edge, making this the best space themed slot game that Wazdan have produced so far.

Click here to play the free demo slot


The main conclusion I have come to is that there is space within this slot market for a big game. I don’t know if Starburst has scared everyone else off into Ancient Egypt and Central America but there simply are not enough good space themed slots. The issue is that it is far too easy to be lazy and have a black screen with some generic space related symbols on the reels, when in reality this should be a theme that stretches the imaginations of our developers. It was good to see a few of the smaller companies make it onto the list but once again Net Entertainment and Microgaming have stolen the show.

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