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Top Ten Movie Slots

Posted by Glenn Baird on Sep 30, 2019

Once upon a time all you had to do to draw up a list of the 10 best movie slots was take a trip over to the Playtech website where you would find all of them in one neat little space. Fast forward to Disney’s acquisition of Marvel and all those slots are now out of bounds. Say goodbye to “The Avengers”, “X-Men”, “Spiderman” and a raft of other, well-known comic-book adaptations, all of which have been resigned to the dustbin of forgotten slot games. The last thing Disney (arguably the largest children’s entertainment company in the world) needs is an association with the gambling industry, which means the list you read about today will be vastly different to ones you might have read about 5 or so years ago.

This does not mean we are short of the best online slots to include in a top ten movie list, it just means that the spoils will have been redistributed amongst the remaining developers.

The future of this particular genre of slot is likely to see further diversions, with developers opting to either avoid the minefield or to navigate it with titles that are blatantly not intended to be consumed by a younger, more vulnerable audience.

It doesn’t mean that movies are out of bounds but it does mean that anything rated 12A (UK ratings) or less is unlikely to be given this particular makeover, which means that superheroes and slots are, pretty much, a thing of the past.


This iSoftBet slot coincided with the 4th Rambo movie, but with the release of the 5th it feels like perfect timing to roll it out again. Based on what has become an increasingly adult franchise there is nothing other than the demise of Rambo himself to suggest that we won’t see a revamped version of this title at some point in the future. There are plenty of features in the Rambo slot game, along with moving symbols, all of which are taken directly from the films that help to keep the eye entertained through those spins. Yet, the real hero of this piece is the house edge, which means you can play Rambo knowing that in the competitive world of slots you are getting some value for your money.

Terminator 2

It wouldn’t be fair to have a list with “Sly” and then not invite “Arnie” to the party. The two biggest 80s action movie stars fill the first two spots on this list, with this early Microgaming release still offering as much as it did all the way back in 2014. The Terminator 2 slot comes with Free Spins and the very original T-800 Mode. Of course, it looks good an of course there are stills from the movie with some of the actors and key scenes etched into them. It also comes with a very competitive house edge, giving Terminator 2 a worthy spot on our top 10.

Jurassic Park

What’s that? You want a slot that takes its cues from the second highest grossing movie of the 1990s. Then say no more. 2014 was a big year for Microgaming’s “Classic Movies as Slot Games” portfolio. Just 2 months after Terminator 2 and we have a Jurassic Park slot. You can see certain similarities between the two, with T-Rex Alert Mode replacing T-800 Mode. However, with this slot you get 5 different Free Spins that act as levels for you to work through. Of course, this slot looks incredible, and again you get those all-important stills that bring the whole thing to life. Unsurprisingly, this slot also comes with a very competitive house edge.

Planet of the Apes

The Lord of the Rings movies that were released in the early 2000s showed the world that film technology had moved on far enough for us to begin re-imagining many of our old favourites, all thanks to the leaps and bounds that were being made with green-screen technology. Andy Serkis was the early poster boy for motion capture technology and brought Gollum to life in 2001. He reprised the lycra bodysuit in 2011, this time taking on the role of Caesar, Leader of the Ape Army. The Planet of the Apes slot wasn’t exactly hot on the heels of the rebooted movie franchise, having been released in 2017, a full six years after Serkis and co made it back onto our screens. However, the wait was worth it, with Net Entertainment releasing a slot that looks good, offers excellent entertainment and good value for money.

Battlestar Galactica

Where this list would be without Microgaming’s contributions is anybody’s guess, but trust me, there is a lot more still to come. For anyone who wants to argue, yes I know this was a TV show, but there’s enough spin-off movies for me to make an exception. And what better time to bring up this master class of science fiction (just don’t mention that final episode) than just a few days after it was announced that the franchise would be winging its way back onto our small screens in the not too distant future? Released in 2012, the Battlestar Galactica slot is one of the oldest on our list, but one that still stands up to today’s competition. You get all the features you would expect from a slot on this list and that all important low house edge.

The Goonies

The Goonies Video Slot is a nostalgia trip for any fans of a certain brand of 80s cinema. The movie hit the multiplex all the way back in 1985 bringing its rag-tag bunch of cheeky characters to the big screen, finding a special place in many of our hearts. What makes the Goonies so utterly brilliant is that it lacks all the pretensions of a modern day children's movie . The characters, the twists and turns, all of it comes with a certain innocence that is hard to find nowadays. There might be swearing and smoking but you have pirate ships, lost treasure and and a bunch of bad guys that feel as if they could have only been conjured by in the mind of a child. And that is exactly what makes this film a classic, one that you won’t see anything like in modern sophisticated cinema. As for the slot, I was blown away by the features that it has to offer. 6 bonuses, 6 random features and all the characters from the film make their way onto the reels. Add to this a plethora of catchphrases and you have a slot that is a completely immersive experience. Every single spin of the reels leaves you thinking that something spectacular is going to happen.


When Jumanji first hit our screens back in 1995 it was met with fairly lukewarm reviews from critics despite the fact that it has gone on to cement itself within popular culture, in part thanks to the originality of the concept. When the reboot, staring Jack Black and Dwayne, the Rock, Johnson hit our screens it too seemed to fail to capture the imagination of critics, despite making nearly a billion dollars worldwide at the box office. Jumanji, the slot was released by Net Entertainment last year, charging its way through the casino jungle with a stunning opening sequence, something that has become synonymous with many of Net Entertainment’s most enduring games. With this one you get plenty of features and an excellent house edge, along with a slot that looks as good as any out there. How long it will remain in casinos is something we’ll needs to wait to see.

Jurassic World

What I say about the Jurassic World slot is not something that I can say about the movie. The slot was an improvement. You got better features, it looked better, but if there is a downside it would be the reduced value that came from the increase in house edge. When it comes to the films there really is no contest. Maybe it is dewy-eyed nostalgia that makes me think it but, has there been a Jurassic Park movie that holds up to the original? I’m sure there are some out there who think that there has but for me, without the influence of Sam Neill (I know he made it into the 3rd movie, but there were other issues we don’t have time to go through)and Jeff Goldblum (I know he made it into the 2nd movie, but there were other issues we don’t have time to go through) the franchise and its reboot have never managed to recapture the glory days of that first movie.


The Halloween slot is the last Microgaming slot on this list, rounding off what has been an impressive outing for the software giants. When this film came out in 1979 it fed from a growing pool of serial killer anxiety that was permeating American society, with names like the Zodiac Killer and Ted Bundy now known in most households. Step up one Michael Myers, killer of babysitters and the genesis for a series of movies, most of which have failed to live up the promise of that first and best in the franchise. As for the slot, like the film, it is not the best looking you have ever seen but for me, it embraces the independent nature of the movie and comes with a pile of decent features and a solid house edge.


The final slot to make it onto this list is the newest one here. The Conan Video Slot does not have any direct ties to the film released back in 1982 but I personally cannot separate the character from the one played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. That film might have an awful lot wrong with it, but it should not be dismissed as a pile of empty-headed loinclothery. For a film with a relatively modest budget, what they achieved is bigger than the sum of its parts, one that hasn’t aged nearly as badly as many of the epic movies of yester-years. In terms of the slot, you get 3 different Free Spins options, a few random features and, as you should expect from Net Entertainment, you get a game that looks incredible. We’d love to see a more competitive house edge, but there’s little else here for me to criticise.


Over the last few years there appears to have been a shift away from movies as slot games, something that is likely to be down to movie studios looking to distance themselves from the gambling industry. Microgaming have more titles on our list than any other slot developer out there, yet is has been nearly 2 years since they published the Highlander Slot, the last movie slot from MicroGaming to see the light of day. Who knows what the future holds, if it holds anything, for movies as slot games?

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