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ViggoSlots and Staybet association

Posted by THEPOGG on Mar 10, 2018

We wanted to draw everyone’s attention to some information that came to light this week while we were reviewing Viggo Partners the affiliate program for ViggoSlots casino. Effectively we’ve found evidence strongly suggesting that ViggoSlots are managed by the same people running StayBet.

Before going into the details I’m going to give a quick overview of both of these groups for those who aren’t already aware of them.

ViggoSlots run on the Danguad Limited Curacao licence. During the management of player complaints submitted against the operators running on this license we have found these operators to be engaged in a variety of highly questionable activities, a list of which we will provide below:

– Retroactively changing terms and conditions to justify non-payment of winnings and altering the terms documents to appear as if the new terms were put in place before the players won.

– Actively accepting play from players in jurisdictions that prohibit online gambling, then refusing to pay when the player won a significant amount.

– Enforcing a maximum bet term in a manner where the player could not have violated the limit. The operator claims the player bet €8 when the maximum allowed bet was €5. On examination of the game in question, there was no betting combination that would have resulted in a wager of €8. When questioned about this the operator’s response was that the player had wagered €4 and then used the ‘double’ feature. This would have required the game to return exactly the same amount that was staked which would be rather unusual (though not impossible) but a bigger concern is the game offered no double feature.

In short, we consider this group to be fundamentally dishonest. Again and again we have seen complaints that in our opinion demonstrate this organisation’s very loose relationship with the truth. This is a group that we consider VERY high risk for player.

Staybet are the sister property to SlotsMoon. Staybet have in their own rights managed to make their way to our Blacklist for a far more straightforward reason – non-payment. During discussion of two complaints against this group the operator acknowledge that one of the players should be paid, assured us that payment had been sent and then no payment turned up. Since that point this operator has been entirely non-responsive to our enquiries about that complaint and other complaints and it is repeatedly the same problem – payments simply not turning up.

Both these groups have managed to independently make their way to our Blacklist.

So what’s the connection between them? When reviewing the affiliate program for ViggoSlots, Viggo Partners, we came across the following in their FAQ’s:

While the email address displayed in the text is ‘[email protected]’, if you look at the bottom left-hand corner of the image, you can see the email address that will be populated in Outlook when you click on the link. It’s ‘[email protected]’. This can be more clearly seen in the html code for the page:

So Viggo Partners affiliates are displaying a program specific email address while actively sending their affiliate enquiries to SlotsMoon, the sister property of Staybet. That’s not something that can happen as a copy/paste accident.

It should also be noted that the ‘[email protected]’ address is returning mails to us as undeliverable, suggesting that this email address never actually existed.

For us this is fairly clear cut evidence that the teams running these properties are related.

4 Responses

Mar 15, 2018

Dear Pogg,

How are you doing today? I hope hat you have an amazing Thursday as we have in Viggoslots :)

Let me me clarify a few things so everyone can better understand what are the facts for this case.

As a first thing you guys have mentioned above in your article is, that Viggoslots are managed by the same people as another brand. This completely new information to whole Viggoslots’s Team. Jokes aside, this is not true and we want you to remove this ‘’information’’ from your forum immediately as this is damaging our good reputation amongst our players.

Do not get me wrong, we are really happy that you found this redirection problem in our FAQ’s section. We already asked our platform provider’s development team to change the redirection.

And this Staybet you are talking about ? I found some time and went through their site. I am not here to judge others, but do you really see any similarity from how the frontend looks like, promotional plan, game portfolio to the type of the sub-license we do have? Me personally NO, and I am a bit sad if you do.

Now, let’s move to the other part, when you are talking about treatment of the other operators running their sites under same sub licence as we do. I am really sorry to read this and I would like to say [ADVERT REMOVED]!! We treat our players with transparency, accountability, and fair-play.

We are slowly getting to the point of the theory you have mentioned. That our email on the redirecting to different email address which is not working.
Here at Viggoslots everyone knows that mistakes can be done as all of us are just human beings. The right email for our affiliate program is: [email protected] and we are in the communication especially with all our affiliates on daily basis. We are deeply sorry for misinformation on our affiliate site. We are working as we speak to fix all.

If anyone has more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to reply on all your questions. In the meantime, please remove all your speculations about

Have a lovely day,

your Viggoslots

Mar 16, 2018

Hi ViggoSlots representative,

Unfortunately we're not going to be able to comply with your request to remove this post. While you may not like the information in this post, or the conclusions we have drawn based on the evidence we have found, nothing contained within it is factually inaccurate.

Moving on - if ViggoSlots wish to create a positive reputation for themselves I would suggest they take certain actions:

i) Respond to player complaints. Email after email after email we've sent your team regarding player complaints and unfortunately we never quite seem to get to the point where your team decide it's a priority to actually get back to us when a player has problems.

ii) Consider more carefully who YOU choose to work with. Let's be clear, ViggoSlots have earned themselves a negative reputation in their own rights by their failures to response to us when complaints come in, but right now you share a license with a group of operators that in our opinion are engaged in some of the worst types of disreputable practices possible. Even if there's no association what-so-ever between ViggoSlots and the other brands on the Danguad Limited license, you are happy to have your name listed alongside some very questionable operators and work with a license holder that appears to be taking no responsibility what-so-ever for the actions of their licensees.

And moving on - at no point have I suggested that there were any similarities in the front end design or promotional campaigns being run by ViggoSlots and SLOTSMOON (Staybet are just the sister property, but the property we've had no-pay issues with resulting in the Blacklist status for both operators). But why would that make any difference? I know a number of groups that run multiple brands and oft time there are no visual similarities between the front end presentations.

What I do know is that you affiliate site has been directing affiliate to contact you at '[email protected]'. When affiliates clicked the email link to send an email to ViggoParnters, the pre-populated address that would appear in the email field was [email protected]

You are claiming that this was simply a mistake. Well I'm stating that in our opinion we believe that to be highly unlikely. You didn't trip, fall and accidentally put the domain '' into the hidden section of the code that controls where your emails are sent through to. But if it was a mistake it was one that would require your team to have copied and pasted sections of code from the SlotsMoon site. If you have no association with SlotsMoon that would effectively mean that you were using their work without permission. So either you are associated with SlotsMoon, or you've been engaged in a highly dubious activity. Which of these would you prefer us to think? Because I can guarantee you that we view neither in a positive light.

And let's get on to your SECOND mistake involving your own email address. As can be seen in the screenshots above, the address you have been displaying on your affiliate program is '[email protected]'. In the day to day process of contacting programs about the complaints that are submitted to this site we do actually email affiliate programs. Below is the message we got returned from this email address yesterday:

This email address is bouncing!

But I notice in your post the email address that you're now saying is accurate is '[email protected]', so not only is the email address that is pre-populated in your affiliate contact section directing emails to you to what you are claiming is a competitor program, the email address that is actually displayed is wrong as well!! So, if we were to assume that this was a mistake, short of you directly contacting the affiliate to initiate a conversation there has been no email address on which your partners could have reached you full stop. This is a pretty glaring oversight!

All the best,


Mar 16, 2018

Good morning Dear Pogg,

Thank you for your reply I do really appreciate your time dedicated to us :)

I am sorry to disappoint you as I am not gonna reply point by point.I will try to make it as quick as possible as you got the explanation already yesterday from Viggoslots’s side and if you want to follow and find more answers, there are ways to confirm or verify what I wrote you already. I tried to be transparent and honest and I found that silly as you are looking probably for sensation not the truth :) .

You are saying that we have builded our reputation ourselves. That’s correct and exactly this is the reason why I replied to your conspiracy theory at the first place.
Even though you said that we should reply to your emails, there is not much to reply, there was only one complaint if I am not mistaken and you have removed the complaint after we have explained what happened with that player.

To make long story short here please find the bullet points:

- Viggoslots is Viggoslots
-other brands are other brands
-THePogg makes conclusion of something without even ask the operator
-Honest explanation is not enough

At the end on my reply which was much longer than I wanted to at the beginning I would like to invite you for a coffee or lunch as we can discuss further everything from scratch. At the same time please let inform you that email address you have found has been replaced with the correct one.

If you are interested to know Viggoslots’s Team better, please let us know to [email protected] and we will be more than happy to do personal meeting or Skype call.

Have a great weekend and hopefully we speak soon,

Your Viggoslots,

Mar 16, 2018

Hi ViggoSlots Rep,

Unfortunately you've done exactly as you promised. You have not responded to any points made other than to say 'we're honest, you should believe us'. You're absolutely right that that is far from enough to change our opinion. I find it "silly" that you cannot offer any well reasoned response to the evidence presented other than to say 'we've done nothing wrong'. There's little need for sensationalism here. You are already Blacklisted in your own right. You now appear to have been directing affiliates to contact you at another Blacklisted affiliate program. We have highlighted what's you have been doing. But even without this connection you would still hold the same status you do.

You have made your own reputation with who you choose to associate with and how you choose to behave. No, the complaint you posted a response to is not the only complaint. In fact I personally have sent emails to the email address your account is registered to on both the 7th and the 14th of this month with regard to another complaint we currently have open (but unpublished) against your brand with no response so far. I would suggest you check your emails and respond to that.

While I'll thank you for your kind offer to meet to discuss this issue, at the present time our policies are to keep this type of conversation exclusively written so that there is a defined history of what each party has said that can be referred to in case of dispute.

Best regards,


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