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How our Bonus Rating system works

After years of watching every gambling related website either claim that their bonus was the “best” or that a specific operator’s bonus was “best” based on nothing more than opinion (often significantly influenced by which operator is paying the site most to say their bonus is best) we here at ThePOGG wanted to offer players something more than opinion. As such we’ve put together a system that simulates the actual value of the bonus to you based on a range of criteria.

Instead of guessing or being paid to say a bonus is best, we simulate the bonus based on various criteria for a Low, Mid, High and Super High rolling player. In doing this we look to take into account all of the rules that are associated with the bonus. So if there’s a maximum allowed bet or a maximum allowed win, if there are extra complimentary spins or a No Deposit Bonus or if the bonus is sticky or if you are free to withdraw anytime as long as you only play with your deposited funds this has been taken into consideration.

What criteria do you use?

There are certain criteria that are the same for all simulations. Firstly we use the Two Tier Simulator tool available at This site is no longer as active as it used to be, but the tools and resources available there are still of a very high quality.

When simulating we always use the same game – Thunderstruck. Our simulations are intended for the everyday player and the majority of players playing online today choose to play slots games. We’ve chosen to use Thunderstruck as it is widely available and has a fairly average House Edge.

We always use 10 million repetitions of the simulation. This means that the bonus is played 10 million times and the results are then averaged to give the figure we ultimately present.

We always look to take account of any and all incentives that are provided up until the point of your first deposit. So if you receive complimentary spins or a No Deposit Bonus just for registering this will be taken account of. Note that we only goes as any incentives offered up until the first deposit – if there are further bonuses offered on subsequent deposits these are not considered.

The criteria are different for the different roller sizes but are approximately as follows:

Low Roller : A low rolling player uses a deposit size of £€$30 and a bet size of £€$0.09/spin.

Mid Roller : A mid rolling player uses a deposit size of £€$50 and a bet size of £€$0.54/spin.

High Roller : A high rolling player uses a deposit size of between £€$100-150 and a bet size of between £€$4.95-6.50/spin.

Super High Roller : A super high rolling player uses a deposit size of between £€$151-1000 and a bet size of between £€$6.51-10/spin.

The bet sizes were selected based on a survey conducted on the CasinoMeister forum -

There are some exceptions to the above. Where the maximum bonus can be triggered with less than the deposit size used by the roller category, only the deposit needed to trigger the maximum bonus will be used (i.e. we don’t ever ‘over deposit’ for a bonus).

Is this system perfect?

Absolutely not! To establish the mathematical value of any bonus requires definition of the exact approach taken. As every player will play in a slightly different way it’s not possible to give a single figure that is representative of all players. We’ve generalised with 4 different types of players, tailoring the simulations for each to what we feel are appropriate estimates of the bet sizes and deposit sizes these players are likely to make. This system is intended to give a reasonably accurate approximation of the comparative values of different bonuses based on the style of play that most closely approximates your own.

Every step you take away from the criteria the simulations use makes the figures less accurate for you. So if you choose a game other than Thunderstruck, the figures become less accurate. If you vary your bet size dramatically, or choose a bet size that is significantly different from those we’ve chosen the system becomes less accurate. If you wager more than the wagering requirement the system become less accurate.

In short this system should be seen as a guide for comparison of different welcome offers, not an absolute statement regarding the welcome offer’s value. It is absolutely possible that based on your play that a bonus may be slightly better than some bonuses ranked slightly above it. However it is unlikely that the order the bonuses appear in would change significantly based on your play.

It should also be noted that this system does have some inherent flaws that we'll detail below:

- Where complimentary spins are awarded, there is a difference in their value to the player depending on whether the winnings of the complimentary spins are attached to a deposit (potentially associated with another bonus) or whether they are treated entirely independently of the deposit. For the most part this system treats them independently which potentially inflates their value slightly.

- Bonuses that allow the player to play and withdraw without restriction as long as they are only using deposited funds are slightly disadvantaged by this system. The reason for this is that to establish the value of this type of bonus a pre-defined amount of pre-bonus play has to be considered to establish what the likelihood is of using the bonus. This pre-bonus play would be equivalent to playing beyond the wagering requirement with a standard bonus.