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Why Neteller?

What is Neteller?

Neteller is an online ewallet. Basically it’s a bank account that you can access online that is specifically set up to make transferring money to and from online gambling groups quick and easy.

Why should I use Neteller rather than a credit/debit card or bank transfer?

While there are many highly reputable online casino out there, regulation of these casinos is far from as robust as your personal banking services. Their data protection services are not equivalent to the encryption used to secure your personal details when opening a bank account and their processes are often not regulated by organisations with the legal powers and strict rules that your bank is subject to.

Neteller however is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) – the same body that regulates the UK banking sector and one of the most respected international financial regulatory bodies.

As such you can rest assured that your personal details have only been given to a tightly regulated financial body when you choose to use Neteller. Neteller do not give you card or bank details to any casino you choose to play with, so rather than having a host of online casinos with your bank details you only have one FSA regulated group with those details.

Alongside this Neteller is accepted at nearly every online casino, both deposits and withdrawals are using Neteller are processed by and large far quicker than their banking counterparts and Neteller offers a debit card that allows you to access the money in your Neteller account instantly.

Put simply, your money’s safer and you find transferring money in and out of casinos quicker and easier.

How do I sign up to Neteller?

By clicking here.