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Winter Themed Slots

Posted by THEPOGG on Dec 06, 2019

According to calendars Winter has a bit to go before its icy claws gets a proper foothold on our doorsteps. However, despite the official 3 weeks that will need to pass before we can call the season Winter my toes are cold enough to justify the inclusion of a Jack Frost themed article.

There are moments within the season that we celebrate every year; little sparkles of light we call Christmas and New Year. But other than that, for most, those long dark chilly nights don’t really offer anything that would signal much cause for merriment. Our ancestors liked to party once it was over and just before it started, one final hurrah before we were forced to focus on just getting through things.

But nowadays we don’t need to think like that. We have thermals and central heating. We can sit back, huddled round a mug of something warm and appreciate the most underappreciated of our seasons. If you haven’t enjoyed that first crisp crunch of a boot tread on fresh, unspoiled snow then what have you been doing with your lives?

During Winter you have an excuse to eat the best types of food. A salad isn’t going to keep you warm in a blizzard. Icy conditions call for stews, pies, cakes, carbs, carbs and more carbs. Whatever you stuff in your mouth, don’t worry about the impending rolls of pudge. No one’s going to the beach and that new jacket of yours has so much extra padding that you can get away with a few natural layers of your own.

If it is too cold to go out you might just need to stay in and watch TV and what better time in the history of TV than the age of the box set? It might be too dangerous to get the car on the road but the walk to the pub is no problem at all and you know the trusty barkeep will have struggled through the drifts to get that fire roaring.

Here at ThePogg, we want to take a look at the slots that make the most out of the season without dipping our toes into the Christmas pool. We want snow, we want polar bears, penguins and ice skating.

Finding 10 slots that have been inspired by winter weather wasn’t the easiest set of games to draw up but at the same time I was expecting the worst and didn’t have to dredge nearly as much as I was expecting. I would describe this as a solid set of slots. All the scores come in at either 7 or 8 out of 10, meaning there are no perfect Winter slots and there are no nearly perfect ones. The flip side of this is that I had to whittle down the 7s, which should tell you that there are plenty of solid winter themed slots out there for you to play.

Slots and Winter

Before the ice starts to melt, here are the top 10 Winter themed slots for you to play in casinos today.

Winter Berries

The Winter Berries slot is a 2016 release from Yggdrasil that has a lot more going for it than initial inspection might suggest. Whilst it is far from perfect, let’s not forget that this was one of Yggdrasil’s first releases and it may not be the best but suggested some of the good things that were to come.

With this slot you need to forget about all the mind blowing stuff, like berzerking Vikings or card games with Baron Samedi, and instead ready yourself for a traditional slot experience, one in which function comes before design. You don’t get too much in terms of features either, with respins about the only thing on offer. But what you do get is an excellent house edge and a safe and steady slot. This isn’t one for the thrill seeker but if you like it simple and you like some value for money then this might be the winter themed slot for you.

Break Away Deluxe

If they play a sport at the Winter Olympics and then base a slot around that sport then as far as I am concerned you have yourself a Winter themed slot. The Break Away Deluxe slot is the first of quite a few MicroGaming releases to make it onto our list and also the only ice hockey game.

Released in the summer of 2019, Break Away Deluxe is an updated version of a much older ice hockey themed slot. Whilst I still think there is a spot in the market for a stunning looking ice hockey slot with features that link directly to the sport there is plenty to like about Break Away Deluxe, to the extent that we gave it a very solid 8 out of 10 when it came out in July. You get Rolling Reels, Smashing Wilds, Free Spins that come with a Multiplier trail and Growing Wilds. You can choose how many paylines to play over, obviously the more you choose the higher your minimum bet becomes, but an already competitive house edge will shrink if you choose to do so.

9k Yeti

The Second Yggdrasil slot on our list is a much more contemporary one. Released towards the end of 2019, 9K Yeti might be the last Yggdrasil slot for us to recommend here but you can bet a spin of the reels it won’t be the last time an abominable snowman lurches its way through the arctic tundra and onto your “To be Played in Winter” backburner.

The 9k Yeti slot is one of a recent run of games that Yggdrasil have released whilst working with, what I guess you might call, freelance developers. It might not have the shine and sparkle of a standard Yggdrasil number but we still gave it 8 out of 10 and for some really good reasons. Free Spins, Wilds and you get a quality additional feature within the Free Spins that turns losing spins into wins. The Free Spins can also be re-triggered but the star of this show has to be the house edge. Sitting at way below what we consider to be the average means that 9K Yeti is offering excellent value for money.

Wild North

As if winter wasn’t cold enough, now we have decided to travel north where northerners would argue they have real winters compared to the drizzle of snow needed to grind us soft southerners to a pathetic halt.

The snow is falling and lies heavily on the trees in this land of bears and wolves, all of it framed by the startling colours of the northern lights. The open expanse of the north has been captured in a slot that breaks from tradition and slows things down to a still, yet brutal way of life. And the Wild North slot has takes all of that and adds some excellent features to create a game that isn’t like the sort you are probably used to playing.

You get Free Spins and Wilds but the best part about this one has to be the 7 different Bonus options that can come with those Free Spins. A wheel needs turned which will chose from 7 animals, all indigenous to the north and all of which come with their own special little add on.

Frozen Diamonds

The Frozen Diamonds slot is pretty much what you think it is going to be based on the title alone. It is a cold, icy world and that you need to crack the diamonds out of (in combinations of 3 or more across adjacent reels, of course).

You get tumbles that can tumble again. You get Free Spins and Extra Free Spins, along with wilds and multipliers. This is certainly a slot that makes the most out of its concept. It sounds simple but it has been made to look slick and stylish and with a competitive house edge there aren’t too many wintery slots out there that will outshine it.

Wolf Cub

The Wolf Cub slot is a very rare inclusion on this list. Normally Net Ent slots like to hunt in packs, dominating any lists that we write up but in this one, Wolf Cub lives up to its name sake, a solitary inclusion, outnumbered by software developers they would normally swarm over.

I might have played up the lone wolf cliché somewhat here, especially when you consider that this is a slot that is all about the cartoon characters and there are plenty of fuzzy pals to keep the slot’s title character company throughout your spins.

Wilds, Free Spins and a Blizzard feature during the Free Spins that gives you a much better chance to land matching symbols across the reels all wait for you in this icy wonderland. The house edge is offering excellent value for money too, which along with that snow-covered forest floor make this a more than worthy inclusion in our best Winter themed slots list.

Arctic Valor

The Arctic Valor slot is another MicroGaming release, one that yet again made its way into casinos in 2019. This one is set in the frozen north with the sparkling addition of some, not to be messed with, Viking women. Based around the myth of the Valkyrie, winged warriors that would take to the field of battle and choose those who would live and who would die.

It was only natural that these mistresses of fate would become a staple of slot games that look to perpetuate the concept that some of us out there are destined to win big when we spin the reels. With this slot you get something that could look better but that plays really well. You get 2 features: Free Spins and a random feature that is also present during the Free Spins. However, the best part of this game has to be the low house edge, which along with everything already mentioned contributed to us scoring this one a very respectable 7 out of 10.

Fire Vs Ice

The Fire Vs Ice slot is one half of exactly what we are after and one half of exactly what we are not. However, I can’t just review half a slot and will be including the bits about fire in this brief summary.

This slot was a big deal for PariPlay when it was released a few years ago. Up until this slot PariPlay had a few decent games but were a fair away from being considered a player in the scene. Fire Vs Ice changed that for the developers. It was and still is an ambitious looking slot that you can tell plenty of time and effort has been invested in.

Fire and Ice do battle on the reels and the winner will either blow hot or cold, which will trigger either the Bonus feature or the Free Spins. I’m sure you will have a favourite but for the sake of this list I guess we need to say that we are on team Ice. Go Blues!

Northern Sky

The Northern Sky slot is the only one on this list from Quickspin. Again, we find ourselves in the northern regions of this world, surrounded by an icy and a colourfully framed version of the sort of animals that live in those areas, far away from hustle and bustle of the offices and studios that they were developed in.

At its heart this is a simple slot but one that has an air of class about it. There is nothing cheap and cheerful about this, despite the fact that does actually offer some good value for money. It comes with wilds, respins and free spins and all of it is set off against the glory of a sky that can only be found at the coldest and most northerly regions of our planet.

Yak, Yeti and Roll

The final addition to this this is the Yak, Yeti and Roll slot that was released in 2018 by BetSoft Gaming. I remember reviewing this slot when it came out and being thoroughly confused for quite some time by the sheer madness of it all.

Like, Wolf Cub this slot is a light-hearted venture into the frosty season. BetSoft like their cartoonish looking slots and this one is particularly fun and mad-capped. Along with your reels you have icons under them that you are looking to crush under the wheels of your stone age, Yak pedalled carriage. As you do so you will throw icons onto the reels that will give you a much better chance of landing the big wins you are looking for.

Your first spin won’t trigger anything too special until you land a win, then the Yak begins to pedal, looking for those icons to crush and will continue to do so as long as you keep landing wins. The process continues with consecutive wins and resets when you fail to land one. You get Free Spins and Wilds which doesn’t sound all that impressive until you fully understand the central feature, which is what really makes this slot shine. A decent house edge should also be worth a mention.


What you will find with most of the slots on this list is that Winter appears to have inspired a set of very solid slots. There is not a whole lot here that will blow you away but at the same time there is nothing you would want to throw away either. Like our ancestors who found a way to get through the toughest season of them all, this collection of slots can be relied on to offer a suitable amount of entertainment to get you through the spin of a few reels.

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