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Top Rated Casinos

Welcome Bonuses

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The world of casino welcome bonuses is a diverse one. Casino Sign-up bonuses come in all shapes and sizes with deposit bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses and cashback being offered by different casinos. But the differences don’t stop there. The terms and conditions associated with a bonus can make a massive difference. How much are you required to wager, can you withdraw the bonus after completing the wagering requirement, do the bonus restrictions apply to play with bonus funds or any funds, what’s the maximum amount you’re allowed to bet, is there a maximum amount you are allowed to win, are there games you cannot play – every bonus is slightly different and paying attention to the terms and conditions can make the difference between getting paid and having a win voided.

To make things even more complicated how is a player meant to know which bonus is better for them with all these rules? Is 100 free spins on Starburst better than 100% up to £50? Is it better to claim 50% up to €300 or 200% up to €50? Is a bonus of 100% up to $100 better with a wagering requirement of 30xbonus and a maximum win of $100, or a wagering requirement of 60xbonus and no maximum win?

There is no easy way for players to compare bonuses to each other, so we have put together a bonus review section where we simulate playing each bonus under the given rules and conditions on a widely available and highly popular game (Thunderstruck) to establish what the value of the bonus is for the player. This way you can easily compare the bonus value figures for two bonuses to see which one is offering you better value for your gambling buck.

New Slots

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While every player has their favourite slots game, games that have gained a well-deserved place in the pantheon of slots royalty - like Starburst, Cleopatra II, Thunderstruck II, Immortal Romance or Gonzo’s Quest - variety is the spice of life and there can be no doubt that everyone loves the opportunity to try something new and engage with novelty that new slots games offer.

Recent years have seen online casinos expanding their portfolios in a shift from operators running on a single casino software platform to operator offering an array of software providers with hundreds of games available in the one place.

This has blown the market wide open, allowing scores of new smaller companies, who perhaps don’t have the portfolio to offer a complete casino suite, to gain traction providing additional games as part of a package of softwares bought in by casino operators. This increase competition on the markets has fostered creativity and ingenuity as software providers strive to create new slots games providing users with an experience that they haven’t seen before.

Established industry leaders like NetEnt and Microgaming lead the pack, constantly pushing forward with new and creative slot bonus features. Net Entertainment in particular have really set a high bar in terms of innovation with bonus features and game structures from the old staple of free spins and pick and click bonus features. NetEnt’s creative approach had challenged other providers to match them in terms of player driven games intended to keep you engaged and entertained.

This is a challenge that has been gratefully accepted by many up and coming firms. Yggdrasil Gaming have really stepped up to the play with their Vikings series (most recently Vikings go to Hell) offering a spectacular visual feast while the bonus features draw the user in as you progress towards triggering the bonus feature. Releases from this provider are continuing to improve and we’ve little doubt that players will be excited to see what they’ve got in store.

Play N Go are another top slots game production house release games with superb graphics and a intuitive user interface. Their bonus features are getting consistently better and the slot RTP figures are certainly in the competitive zone.

WMS Gaming have redefined slots games by allowing players to buy multiple spins at once. When you buy groups of spins at higher stakes you get improved chances of triggering bonus feature and a increased RTP figure (meaning the game costs less to play in the long run).

There’s plenty new to see in the online slots sector, so keep an eye this section to find out about the latest releases!

Top 10 Crazy Slots

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Sunday the 14th of July is International Pandemonium Day. What this means exactly is open to interpretation but from what I can gather the 14th of July is a day where we throw out the rule book and invite however much anarchy we can handle into our lives. The day is sold as one where we ignore the itinerary and give ourselves up to impulse. You might wake up every morning wanting cake for breakfast but know you should really be having muesli. Well this is your day to say goodbye to the cereal bowl and hello to the cake tin and if you already eat cake for breakfast then you might want to upgrade to a kebab, an entire trifle or maybe even a gin and tonic or two.

On International Pandemonium Day if you feel like doing it then you do it. Obviously no one is suggest you go on full “The Purge” mode, murder and pillage are not really options, but maybe that pile of ironing can just get shoved in a cupboard, along with anything sensible you might have planned for that day.

Luckily International Pandemonium Day falls on a Sunday so most people won’t have to worry about skipping out on work. For those of us who are slaves to the graft that day, perhaps check with your boss first to see if the company recognises International Pandemonium Day, if not maybe you could find another less sackable way to get in on the action.

Look up pandemonium in the dictionary and this is what you will find:

“wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar.”

If you have kids then you will have experienced pandemonium at your local soft play, especially on days where the parents have given up on parenting and have decided to in quietly ignore the chaos around them and quietly, in a state of shell-shock, drink the cup of tea that signals a minute or two of raucous peace and vacant contemplation.

Pandemonium is the substitute teacher who thinks they might be listened to. It is a fire alarm in a swimming pool. It is Black Friday sales and 10 minutes before closing on Christmas Eve. We’ve all experienced it in some form or another and as contradictory as it sounds, Sunday is your day to engineer it so that you can escape the restrictions that rules and order bring.

The word has its origins in Greek and Latin, with Pan meaning “all” and demonium stemming from the ancient Greek work “daimōn”, meaning “demon”. “All demons”. The word itself was first coined by John Milton in his 17th century epic poem “Paradise Lost”, in which “Pandemonium” was the name of the palace built in the middle of Hell, "the high capital of Satan and all his peers,". If anyone can do chaos and madness justice then I guess we should look no further than the Lord of Darkness.

Pandemonium was the meeting place for Satan and the other generals of the fallen angels to get together and do some brainstorming. Ironically enough, despite the chaos we associate with Pandemonium, this was the spot where Satan called on his followers to come up with a plan. Some blue-sky thinking was required. The company was in free fall and the fallen were in desperate need of a survival strategy to compete with God’s monopoly. A consensus was reached, most were in agreement that beating God in a fair fight was utterly futile and that at best they could only irritate him. This was achieved, not by attacking God, but by ruining what he had created, by chaos and pandemonium here on Earth.

In a slot game there are plenty of elements that can contribute to a sense of pandemonium. One such element is something that is often referred to as volatility. A volatile slot game is one that doesn’t pay out often but when it does the reward can be significant. Highly volatile games involve a greater degree of risk than involatile games. You will normally have to spend big to win big and as such you shouldn’t really play a volatile game unless you have a bankroll that supports a more gung-ho approach. Essentially, you need to be prepared to go big or go home when you play a volatile game.

The difficulty with volatility is identifying it in the first place. Some developers, like Net Entertainment and Pragmatic Play, will tell you in the game descriptions how volatile they are but in most instances you will need to discover this for yourself. The added issue you have with this is even if you are told that a game is volatile, chances are it is volatile compared to other games that the company have developed. Essentially there are no industry wide figures for volatility and so it is very difficult to know what games are and are not volatile. There is no requirement for a casino to reveal how volatile their games are and, ultimately, in the long run, volatility is less relevant than the RTP. In other words, regardless of volatility, the amount you win should stabilise over a prolonged playing period.

Whilst volatility is something we might consider when looking at the most insane and chaotic slots, it will not be the first or the last word on the matter. If volatility can be factored in then we will mention it but we will be looking at other factors when piecing together this set of slot games. Our approach will be more holistic than concrete number analysis. We’ll take a thematic view of insanity, looking at slots that celebrate the weird, wonderful and utterly insane. Some games can be crazy in a complex and confusing way and other are crazy because they buck trends that we didn’t think could ever be bucked (I said bucked).

That means when I am determining what I believe are the craziest, most pandemonium inspired slots, I will not be following any kind of check list or working within any set of parameters. Instead, I will imbibe the spirit of International Pandemonium Day and bring you a list of the 10 games that I believe are the most bonkers because I believe they are the most bonkers. I will explain why I believe this but the reasons will vary from game to game and you might even find some of them less than convincing, but hey, today we make our won rules.

Wild Worlds

Net Entertainment have had a very good 2019 so far, with Wild Worlds a clear and slightly unhinged stand out. This game is a mad rush of levels that can leave your head spinning as you try to catch up with what everything that is going on. You get to be a superhero and you get to battle bad guys as you form winning combinations instead of the standard more orthodox paylines. All the superheroes are birds and some of them have some especially impressive hairdos. This is a feature heavy slot filled with the sort of twists and turns that make it the antithesis of traditional games like Starburst.

Play the slot demo here

Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness

Play ‘N Go struck gold when they brought us Riche Wilde and the Book of the Dead, easily one of the most popular slot games of all time. This month they released the newest Rich Wilde instalment and the results are truly mind blowing. I suspect Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness won’t hold the same level of universal appeal as its predecessor and a lot of that has to do with just how crazy and confusing this game is. There is so much going on, with so many permutations, that for some Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness will be too much madness for them to cope with. For the rest of us, this might just be the best Rich Wilde game so far.

Play the slot demo here

Village People: Macho Moves

Strip this MicroGaming release down to its bare bones and you have nothing all that remarkable, nothing out of the ordinary or particularly crazy. But play the game and bear witness to the massive podiums that each member of the band stands on top of, depicted in animated form with oversized arms and heads and tiny little legs. Add to the mix 5 tracks from the champions of disco and you have a mad-capped combination that almost beggars belief. Other than that you get your usual paylines and features but nothing quite as out of the ordinary as the theme itself.

Play the slot demo here

Baron Samedi

Baron Samedi, like the very best Voodoo, melted my brain when I tried to explain how it all works last year. So it is with a degree of trepidation that I revisit the Yggdrasil slot and try to get my head around it all over again. Obviously, it is a tremendous looking slot and there is a massive bundle of features to go along with it and if you will bear with me I will try to unravel the madness one more time. You get your usual Free Spins etc, but what makes this game a mad-capped ball of confusion is the feature game. You play this by collecting Voodoo cards. Each type of card has a different strength level, meaning it does something more or less profound and each card comes will a special feature that will be in place for 3 Free Spins. Once you collect the amount indicated on the card you will trigger that feature. There are lots of these cards, meaning you could play for a long time before you get to see everything that this game is capable of.

Play the slot demo here

Pinata Fiesta

Pinata Fiesta is, like most Mexican themed slot games, a little bit loco in the brain. I don’t know what it is about Mexico and slot games but they tend to be some of the most bonkers and fun slots out there. The slot is bright and very very colourful and to give things that particularly crazy Mexican flair you have chillies smoking cigars, cacti with maracas and a fiesta of music and margaritas. I could have chosen from a whole host of Mexican themed games but I felt that this iSoftBet slot in particular was more than worthy of a place on our list.

Play the slot demo here

Yak, Yeti and Roll

If you haven’t seen or played this BetSoft slot before then do me a favour, before playing the demo just take a minute to read that title. What the… As crazy, hard to figure out slots go, there isn’t much out-there that can leave your mind boggled quite as much as Yak, Yeti and Roll. This slot game took me a long time to figure out but once I knew what was going on, I was hooked. There is a sled in this game and if you think it is being pulled by the Yak, then think again. The Yeti drags the sled, with its large stone wheels and every time you from a win, a number of symbols along the bottom of the reels will move to the left and be crashed by your yeti-drawn steamless-roller. As you crush you collect and doing so allows you to trigger certain features and prizes. Sheer madness in a slot game.

Play the slot demo here

Snow Wild and the 7 Features

In some ways this slot is fairly predictable. There are dwarves and each one will trigger a different random feature. But with 7 random features on the go and dwarves called Boozy, Flash(plays guitar and looks a lot like Slash) and Crazy you know you’re in for a mad time of it. This is a fun slot with a tonne of great features, flipping the Snow White story well and truly on its head.

Play the slot demo here

Emoji Planet

I could be quite easily talked out of including this slot. At the end of the day this list is entirely subjective and on another day I might not find Emoji Planet quite as mad or as crazy as I have this morning. Hot on the heels of the Emoji Movie all the way back in 2017 Net Entertainment decided to cash in on the Emoji phenomenon. 2 years later and this games hasn’t aged, despite the fact that the number of emojis have grown. The slot comes with avalanches, sticky Wilds and a whole host of special random Emoji features.

Play the slot demo here

Vikings go Berzerk

The name says it all really. I could have included Vikings go to Hell, which is arguably a slightly better game but in a list that is meant to celebrate the crazy and unorthodox then surely this slot ticks all those boxes with its name alone? Yggdrasil have done serious work on their Viking series and this game takes the terrifyingly erratic side of war, plunder and murder to the fore as it depicts the madness and blood lust of a battling warrior and throws it expertly onto reels that included a bountiful selection of features. The more you win the more you fuel those rage meters and the angrier and more insane your Vikings become. This is pure pandemonium.

Play the slot demo here

Rise of Olympus

Rise of Olympus is a bit of personal favourite for me. This was one of my first Play ‘N Go slot reviews and to say it took me a while to get my head around it would be an understatement. Fireballs, lightening bolts, animated sequences, helmets and shields are all happening at any given time on this set of reels. You form combinations instead of paylines, with the power of the Greek Gods well and truly displayed in slot form. If volatility is your thing then Play ‘N Go have marked this one down as Very High, which when you consider everything else that is going on and the game’s overall theme makes perfect sense.

Play the slot demo here


I know that if I made this list again tomorrow it might be different. The whole point of Pandemonium Day is that you embrace the unpredictable, that you do things differently to normal and shred that rule book. So without rules and guidelines to draw out my conclusions I went with my gut on the day and whilst that list might change the slot games on it are all worthy of their place on this list of the most crazy games you can play in casinos today.

Classic Slots

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There are some online slot games that will forever be seen as classics by players. They are not always the games that critics (like us) think are the most impressive. They are the games that players vote for with their fingers. The games that get disproportionately high volumes of spins. The games that players come back to again and again and again.

Every software provider knows which games fall into these categories, many will try to copy the themes and styles of the most popular games offered by their competition, and gambling forums are full of players talking about wins on these big hitters of the slots world.

These games stand the test of time, appealing to something in the playing community that is hard to place a finger on, but once tapped into demands loyalty from slots lovers everywhere.

Take NetEnt’s Starburst. Deconstructed, this game would not appear to offer anything all that spectacular. But the game sums to far more than its parts. Something about the aesthetic combined with that spacy soundtrack, the ratio and size of wins and the free spins with expanding wild symbols has made this easily one of the most popular slots games of all time.

If creating a classic slot game was easy, everyone would be doing it. The combination however, is intangible. Hard to define and harder to recreate. Game after game has been put out by competing providers trying to capture that x-factor that Starburst captured, but all have fallen well short of their goal. Even Net Entertainment have not managed to re-create this success.

And NetEnt are far from alone in this experience. Look to Microgaming’s Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck II. Both games that could be considered old by current market standard, yet both games that consistently rank highly on many operators lists of ‘most played games’.

Whatever it is that lodges these games so firmly in the consciousness of slots players everywhere, these games have reached heady heights with their appeal and longevity amongst players.

Casino Complaints

See all 2485 complaints

Here at ThePOGG, the busiest section of our site is definitely the casino complaints section. We deal with a large number of player complaints and the number of complaints being submitted to our mediation service is growing all the time. We believe that every player has a right to fair treatment and that casino support staff have the right to work in an abuse free environment – a rule that we enforce on our site too.

We have a vast amount of experience dealing with complaints management arising from a variety of the areas associated with online casinos. Casino bonuses generate a fair number of complaints at this portal – often such complaints arise as a result of player mistakenly not completing wagering requirements associated with the bonus, or breaches of the maximum bet term stipulated for a particular bonus. Reading bonus terms and conditions is of paramount importance when accepting a bonus.

Casino software also gives rise to a number of complaints for a variety of reasons ranging from genuine glitches to provably unfair games. Our complaints manager’s background in mathematics and statistics means a unique skillset is at our disposal in-house when we are investigating such issues: a definite advantage to our users.

More and more complaints are arising as a result of responsible gambling issues but luckily gambling regulators are becoming more and more adept at supporting players with problem gambling habits and at ThePOGG we have developed our own tool to support such players in the form of our app,BetBlocker, which allows users to restrict their device from accessing thousands of gambling websites quickly and easily.

Generally, operators holding licenses with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA) are of good standing and we work closely with these casino regulators to provide a fair and robust complaints management service. We have previously served as an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) for the UKGC which allows us a unique insight into how this regulator works and we still enjoy a close working relationship with this organization which we believe uniquely benefits our customers.

We strive to resolve every complaint that is logged at our site and players can rest assured that we will thoroughly investigate any issues brought to our attention. To date we have managed to negotiate the return of over two million dollars to players that have logged complaints with us over the course of managing over 2k complaints.