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All Jackpots - Sign Up Bonus


Found for the Casino - All Jackpots casino provided a wealth of evidence that strongly suggests this player has been either running multiple accounts or participating as part of a syndicate. As both of these activities would be a violation of casino terms and conditions ThePOGG will take no further role in representing this player.

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Player's Complaint

Hello there, I signed up to All Jackpots welcome bonus on 12th June (deposit £200, and they match it 100%) by the grace of God I won about £16k and they only paid me out £5k. This is the email they sent me:


Thank you for contacting Casino Support

[EDIT] we have recently received an update from our Player Security Department.

Unfortunately the Player Security Team have confiscated that balance due to discrepancies found on your account, unfortunately their decision is final and the balance will not be credited as per the casino terms.

Please contact us again, should you have any further queries.

Kind regards


I have tried on a few occasions to contact them and find out exactly why this is and for the firs 10 attempts to call them they would only let me speak to the admin guys, apparently the floor managers don't take calls. A further 10 or so emails and calls and I finally got this email back:


regarding your casino account closed, the Security Team have told me that your casino account was linked to other players with negative activity that transgressed the terms of the casino with several similarities. The details, play and profiles are similar enough to constitute a risk. All these accounts have been closed to protect the casino as per the Terms and Conditions stated on the website.

But they have never told me a single reason why, in their eyes, my account is deemed as negative or what my account has to do with other players! And furthermore they already paid me out 5K so why wouldn't they realise this before????? It all seems very fishy to me, they are getting out of paying me 11k I know that for fact. I have won this money honestly and in good faith they have to pay me the 11k balance. Considering they haven't even got the decency to regale more information about these so called Linked Accounts, not only are they accusing me of fraud, but they have highlighted their guilt even further.

I want to see the balance of my winnings returned to my Neteller or I am going to take them to the small claims court

Kind regards,


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5 Responses

User icon
July 25, 2014

Hi aalexaanstey - welcome to!

I'm going to clarify what what All Jackpots casino are saying in their emails as you've said you don't understand.

All Jackpots are directly saying that they believe that you're either participating in a syndicate of player who share a bankroll and play for profit rather than entertainment or, more likely, that you are not the person named on the account in question or are running multiple accounts under different names. They've actually been quite clear that you account has been associated with several others via similar behavioural and informational matches. In other words you are correct, All Jackpots believe that your account constitutes a high risk of fraud.

What does confuse me a little is you state that they haven't told you what you account has to do with other players, but you still managed to correctly determine that All Jackpots view this as a fraud issue? If you didn't understand what the statements regarding association with other accounts meant I'm struggling to see how you'd reach the conclusion that they were accusing you of fraud.

As to the case itself, All Jackpots are now part of the Fortune Lounge group and historically this group hasn't been willing to talk about this type of issue. As such I don't hold out much hope of being able to help you.

Nonetheless I'm happy to give it a go but before I can I'll need you to provide your username and email address with All Jackpots so we can locate your account.



User icon
July 25, 2014

Hi aalexaanstey - to address your email.

Not really - while the majority of players want to win they understand the house has the edge in the long run and that they will ultimately lose. Players that know they have a mathematical edge in the long run are the exception. Players that know enough to gain a mathematical edge also often cross the line into multi-accounting so they can gain more bonuses than they could running a single account. More bonuses = more profit.

As to your statement of slander, I'm afraid that's inaccurate. For a statement to be considered slanderous it has to receive publication or public airing by the stating party. Given that the casino hasn't published the said information and the fact that even if they had you're operating under an anonymous username and as such could not be subject to any reputational damage it would be next to impossible for the casino to actually slander you in this situation.

I'd also point out that just because you've provided ID that matches the name on the account doesn't dismiss the issue. It's fairly common for one person to rent or borrow ID from friends and family. ID doesn't exclude the possibility of fraud and as such other factors have to be considered.

All of the above is purely conversational though as I don't have any information on which to base the conclusion that you are indeed engaged in something you shouldn't be. My point was simply that in a case where the casino are clearly saying that they feel you're dishonest, representing that you don't understand what the casino are talking about when you clearly do is somewhat disingenuous and for obvious reasons could be detrimental to your case.

I'll contact All Jackpots and see what I can find out.


User icon
August 6, 2014

Hi aalexaanstey,

To keep you in the loop I have tried on several occasions to contact All Jackpot casino, but have not received a response.

I will keep trying, but if I haven't had a response by Friday the 15th I'm going to assume that All Jackpots are not interested in engaging with this discussion and close the case.


User icon
August 15, 2014

Hi aalexaanstey,

I am now discussing this issue with All Jackpots.



User icon
September 1, 2014

While it's rarely possible to confirm with 100% certainty that a player is running multiple accounts, in this instance All Jackpots have shown enough evidence that I consider it highly probable that this was the case here. As such ThePOGG will have no further part in representing this player.


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July 25, 2014

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