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BetDSI - Loss of History and Balance


Found for the Player - BetDSI have been entirely unresponsive to our repeated efforts to discuss this player complaint with their team.

Player's Complaint

NOte: this complaint is against I did not see that casino on the list, so I chose the first option.

My fiance and myself have 2 accounts with this site, We do not gamble often, so the account was inactive, for probably over 1 year. However, with an event upcoming, I wanted to place a wager, and when I logged onto our accounts, both accounts had respectively .10 and .27 cents.

I called and had them do an investigation and I requested a history of my account from beginning deposit, and all wagers (which probably totalled about 4).

All I got back was an email, stating that the balances of .1 and .27 was correct. I called again to have them give me my history, they said they would not give me that info and they had recently switched servers. This is pretty basic information that I was asking. The rep told me to prove I still had money in my account. That is pretty impossible since my proof would be to log into the account and view it or show them the betting history within the account.

However, b/c they "accidentally" or perhaps on purpose deleted and no longer have this info, I'm unable to prove that I still have a substantial balance (substantial being in the low $100s).

This is not what I consider fair or professional. I pretty much have no recourse since this company is not within the US. All I can do is not use them again and hopefully if this title of "certified fair gambling" is a real title, that there are enough complaints that this company get investigated.

Perhaps they are correct and I did somehow forget a wager that I made and I do, in fact, have no money left (which is HIGHLY unlikely)...they should keep records to prove this.


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3 Responses

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August 14, 2017

Hi tucker941 - welcome to!

Before we can do anything to help you I need you to provide the usernames for both involved accounts.



User icon
August 15, 2017

The usernames are the accounts...



User icon
September 8, 2017

Hi tucker941,

After repeated efforts to contact BetDSI to discuss your issue we've had no response what-so-ever.

However, I notice that their site is actively promoting their approved status with SportsBookReview. I've contacted the SBR team who feel that they should be able to get an answer to your complaint if you submit it via their service. As such I'd recommend you submit your complaint to their service via this form -

Sorry we couldn't be of more help!


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August 14, 2017

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