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Betfair - Autoplay fund seizure


This complaint was very similar to the previous issue posted about Betfair and given the previous decision this problem was resolved very quickly and the player was paid in full!

Despite their negative standing on the site I do feel it necessary how quick and responsive Betfair have been when we've approached them about player issues and also highlight that were conversations have occurred Betfair have listened and affected change in their terms and conditions to ensure that players are absolutely clear about what they are allowed to do when they have a bonus. This sort of engagement and consultation with regard to player issues is to my mind highly positive.

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Player's Complaint


The casino is Betfair.

The last email I had was on the 27th of June 3013 from [email protected] and the person was called [EDIT] Bristol , England I am a female and a mrs

On the 16th April I played Golden Games and Golden Tour on a promotion being offered. When I tried to withdraw Betfair sent me a email asking for certified documents which I provided but still could not withdraw. Eventually after emailing them a few times they sent me a email saying I had used a bot. I replied to them saying that I used the auto play feature which they featured with the game, they declined to check this and said their previous message was final and the auto play was not a feature. If they checked which I asked them to to do with their technical department that this was a feature they would have found out that. The problem is they took the auto play feature off and I think the game and therefore are using this as their final outcome, but both the promotion and game and auto feature on April the 16th was there and I used it.

They returned my £350 and closed my account and will not respond to my request to check the date they removed the feature, I also sent them an email with a picture of the feature still available at their other casinos. I have also emailed them to ask them to pass this matter on to a independent third party and they still don't respond. It is very frustrating they offer something, take it off the site and then say it was never there. Ummmm frustrated and obviously want the money owed to me.

If there is any help you give me that would be great .

I used the email [EDIT] and my username was [EDIT]


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5 Responses

User icon
September 6, 2013

Hi dominooo - thanks for getting in contact.

I'll be more than happy to contact Betfair casino and see if I can resolve this situation. Could you clarify the sum of winnings that you've not been paid?



User icon
September 6, 2013

Hi again dominooo,

Two things;

Firstly, I've just checked with the free play version of Golden Games and Golden Tour and Betfair and I can still use the AutoPlay feature. Could you check in free play whether you still have access to the AutoPlay feature? If you still have access to your account could you also send me a screen shot of the Golden Games slot in real play mode? Send it to [email protected].

I've already emailed my contact at Betfair and received an Out of Office response, so it's unlikely I'll hear anything further until next week.



User icon
dominique sakoilsky
September 10, 2013

Thank you i can login no problem now have changed to Chrome from firefox and can view everything .


User icon
September 10, 2013

Betfair have confirmed that they have re-opened dominooo's account and they are free to withdraw their funds.

Betfair have also clarified the rules with respect to allowed betsizes, changes in game selection and use of the autoplay feature to ensure that issues like this do not arise in the future. The new terms are as follows;

"5. The casino reserves the right to withhold any withdrawals and/or confiscate all winnings for irregular play. Irregular play includes, but is not limited to, any one or more of the following types of play:

Placing single bets equal to or in excess of 30% of the value of the bonus + deposit before the wagering requirements for that bonus have been met.

EG – You deposit £100, accept a £100 bonus and place a single bet of £60 on any game.

Moving from a low weighted game (25% or less) to a high weighted game (100%) after large wins for the purpose of clearing wagering requirements.

EG – You place at least one bet on any game in the above list weighted at 25% or less, win 100% more than your stake and move your original stake and winnings to a game in the above list weighted at 100% in order to meet wagering requirements.

Playing equal to or more than 500 auto spins on a Slot machine and/or playing a Slot machine consistently for a period longer than two hours while a bonus is active.

EG – You set any game to run on auto spin for 500 spins while you have an active bonus in your account and/or you play for a period of two hours or more (irrelevant of how many sessions) while you have an active bonus.

Low risk Roulette bets. ANY bet spread combination on Roulette games covering 25 or more (67%) of the 37 unique number spots on the table.

EG - You bet on Red and Black, You are covering 36 of the 37 possible outcomes, therefore this bet would not count towards any wagering requirements."

User icon
September 10, 2013

Hi dominooo,

Just approved your last comment - yeh that makes sense, we're having some browser compatibility issues that are being worked on as I type this.

Thanks for alerting me to another problem.


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September 6, 2013

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