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Betway - Sports Bet not paid


Found for the Player - This is just another example of the Betway casino group hiding behind privacy laws. The laws do NOT prevent them from discussing this complaint as the player is willing to provide whatever relevant permissions the company needs to protect itself from any legal issues and as such Betway's stance can be seen as nothing other than an internal company policy devoid of sound legal basis.

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Player's Complaint

On Friday 7th of March I placed £1750 on a draw between Norwich and Stoke in the Premier League. The odds 3.3. The result was a draw. So the winnings were 4025. I should have had 7775 returned. However, the stake was returned to my account, and the winnings were confiscated. The reason given was this;

16.3 Termination of Account

(vii) If you have played in a professional capacity, or in tandem with other Player(s) as part of a club, group, etc., or placed bets or wagers in a coordinated manner with other Player(s) involving the same (or materially the same) selections. Betway is for sole use on an individual basis and for personal entertainment only. In this instance we further reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to restrict the total maximum pay out for the combined total of any such bets, to the equivalent of the Maximum Payout Limits permitted for a single Customer (as outlined in the Betway Rules);

Please be advised that your initial deposits has been returned to you and all remaining funds have been confiscated.

Your account will remain locked.

Obviously, this is disgraceful behaviour for a sportsbook to carry out. I put a bet on one of the biggest markets in the world, I won, and they will not pay, for no reason whatsoever.

I have called them twice, and they cannot give a valid reason. I asked them 3 very valid questions.

1. Why did they let me have the bet in the first place. Sportsbooks are more than capable of imposing max bet limits on the same market.

2. Why did they have the best odds on this result, if they were not willing to take the bet. I bet with them because they had the best odds.

3. There was no bonus involved on this placement AT ALL just me depositing my own money

I can answer the last question. It is because they are greedy. They ran with the bet, knowing that they would not pay out regardless of the outcome.

I am speechless at their decision as I take it anyone who places any bet at Betway does not get paid, is that their style? And to say I have played in a professional manner is laughable as I simply signed up an account placed a large bet on a result on the premiership and won...simple !!!

I hope Betway can resolve this issue asap.

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3 Responses

User icon
July 1, 2014

Hi MUZZA1991 - welcome to!

Before I can do anything to help you I'll need you to provide me with the username and email address you use at Betway.

I also want to address some of the points you made, as I'm not convinced you understand what's going on here.

The term you've quoted is specifically related to suspected collusion/fraud. This is nothing to do with the odds on offered or being greedy, this is Betway directly stating that they believe that you are either working with other players or operating multiple accounts under different names. The purpose for this could be several possible things but in essence Betway believe that you are manipulating the system so that some combination of bets placed over multiple accounts ends with you being the favourite rather than the house.

To answer your questions;

1) As a standard play is reviewed by the security team at time of cashout. The sportsbook team will review bets at the time they are placed, but they will not have access to other information pertinent to this decision (like the details of potentially linked accounts). This is standard practice across the industry.

2 and 3) They were willing to take the bet. The issue isn't the odds, it's something else. As you correctly point out this is one of the biggest sports betting markets in the world. If Betway simply weren't prepared to pay out there would be hundreds of people posting all over the web right now with similar stories to your own. It's not the odds on the bet that were offered that Betway are unhappy with, it's the activity on your account.

Whether Betway are right or not to be unhappy with the activity on your account I won't be able to answer until I've spoken to them and have reviewed the evidence. From previous experience I can say that Betway are unlikely to be willing to speak to me, but I am happy to give it a go.

I'll contact Betway as soon as I have your account info.



User icon
July 15, 2014

Hi MUZZA1991,

In response to your email I have heard from one of the management team at Betway on Friday. I responded to them and am waiting to see if I hear anything further.



User icon
July 23, 2014

Hi MUZZA1991,

At this point I feel it's fair to assume that Betway casino are not interested in engaging in any further discussion. I've replied to their manager requesting that they get back in contact before Friday otherwise I'm going to close this complaint.

I'll let you know if I hear anything.



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July 1, 2014

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