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English in United States - confiscation of 700,000 rubles


Resolved - Both the submitting complainant and have informed us that this issue has been resolved and the player has received their funds.

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Player's Complaint

I signed up in on 13 August. I made a deposit 4500 rubles and got 100% bonus. As a result, after successful wagering I had 695000 rubles (10500$) . All necessary documents have successfully uploaded and approved. After it I have been waited for 2 days when I get paid. The words of operators in the chat sounded: "waiting, waiting" and nothing new. This company immediately became to look suspicious for me.

Today 16.08.19 in 12 p.m. I got such e-mail: "Dear player,

We inform you about confiscation of winnings and closure of your account due to failed verification. According to our terms and conditions:

In case the provided phone number is incorrect, missing or false or the player will not answer the phone call, we reserve the right to confiscate your winnings and/or disable your user account.

Another surprising fact is that the rules they sent were not sent to the end) The full version says:

We reserve the right to make a phone call (to the number specified in the player's profile), which at our discretion may be a necessary part of the verification procedure. Until the account is fully verified, no payment will be made. If the phone number provided is incorrect, missing from the player's profile, incorrect or if the player does not answer the phone, we reserve the right to confiscate the player's winnings and/or disable the account. We will make every effort to contact the player about the withdrawal of funds, but in the event that we are unable to do so within two (2) weeks (by email or phone), the funds will be retained by the Company, as the account verification procedure will be deemed to have failed.

No efforts has been made by the casino. No e-mail from the casino regarding the wish to contact the casino has been received (especially by email).

I am trying to contact the manager to get a call and solve this issue, but nobody reacts.

To make you understand this casino doesn’t even have the line “phone” in the profile. What are we talking about?

The manager didn’t even bother to specify the contact phone number in order to contact me, but simply used the “payment method as a way of communication”. According to the casino's rule, they have right to call to player. But they even don't have line "phone number" in section personal data in account. Instead of asking my phone number, they use number in Qiwi account. Qiwi is a russian payment system. It uses phone number as account id. But it doesn't mean that I have to use phone number in Qiwi as my main contact number. It means that they break they own rules and call to payment method! But even in this stupid case I have possibility to answer. Is it OK? I can make a deposit with a card. And where would he call in this case? Don't you suspect that the casino simply does not want to pay and came up with a fictitious reason. Even I am ready to answer the payment method, but this violates their own rules, namely clause 9, which states:

We reserve the right to make a phone call (at the number specified in the player’s profile),

Well, I think you understand everything. In confirmation of my words, I am sending a screenshot, and each of you can sigh up and see that the profile does not have this line.

They sent me such answer:

Good afternoon!

With the player under the nickname [EDIT] appeared the following situation.

The player made a deposit with Qiwi, which belonged to a third party, as it turned out. Before the payment was made, the standard KYC procedure was carried out. There were also two attempts to call the player, but for the first time nobody answered the number, the second time a woman answered the phone, saying that she did not know the player.

As a result, the account was closed and the funds were confiscated in accordance with the casino rules, which states that the use of third party payment methods is not allowed, as well as due to the impossibility of further verification.

We apologise!

My answer to manager:

Hello, dear manager!

Let's do it by items:

You have sent rule 9(5), "cut from it" to the post office, which says:

Your account has been closed because you have not been verified.

In case the provided phone number is incorrect, missing or false or the player will not answer the phone call, we reserve the right to confiscate your winnings and/or disable your user account.

Full rule item:

We reserve the right to call the number specified in your user account, which at our discretion may be a necessary part of the KYC procedure. Until the account is fully validated, no payments will be processed. If the phone number provided is incorrect, missing or incorrect, or the player does not answer the phone, we reserve the right to confiscate your winnings and/or disable your user account. We will use reasonable efforts to contact you about withdrawals, but if we are unable to contact you (by email or phone) within two (2) weeks, funds will be retained by the Company because you have failed to complete the KYC procedure.

Firstly, your casino does not have a "phone" line in player's personal data on the site. Accordingly, these rules do not apply to me anymore. You called to the payment method - you had no right, nobody was notified about the call, called from a hidden phone number. In the evening of the same day in the chat room, the operator was informed that the calls were received and I am ready to answer right now. I need to be warned. In response: The manager has already left. Okay.

Further: You now write in response to the claim absolutely different words about "the use of the payment method by a third party and the fact that it does not belong to me". I ask you a question: Why do you think that it does not belong to me? According to a relative's answer to a hidden number, there are no such people here. It is very funny that I will tell you. Secondly, on what principle do you make such inferences? You claim for no reason what you do not know. Are you ready to apologize to me and to the players who read this complaint?

I prepared a complaint to russian site which considers players complaints about dishonest casinos. I communicate with manager of this site. His nickname is [EDIT].

So as not to be unsubstantiated: I send [EDIT] proof that I own the number and also the Qiwi payment method. Cellular operator's contract and a screenshot of a kiwi wallet with personal data. After that, I expect full payment and an apology from the casino.

[EDIT]'s answer(complaints administrator):

Dear agent, the player has provided me with documents confirming his possession of the phone number and payment method (I send you the data for review).

According to your rules, point 9, you should not have used the payment method as a contact number.

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6 Responses

User icon
August 26, 2019

Hi castwild - welcome to!

Before going any further, carry the following term:

"The Company does not accept third party payments. You must make deposits only from a bank account, bank cards, e-wallets or other payment methods that are registered in your own name. If we determine during the security checks that you have violated this condition, your winnings will be confiscated and the original deposit will be returned to the owner of the payment account. The Company is not responsible for the lost funds deposited from third party accounts."

While account verification checks would be carried out via a phone number you registered with, additional verification checks can be legitimately engaged to confirm that you are indeed the owner of the payment method used to deposit. This can include checking phone numbers associated with the payment method used, especially if account information includes a registered phone number.

There is no problem with this practice.

That being the case I need to understand why someone other than yourself would answer the phone number associated with a financial account you own and why did they claim no knowledge of you? This phone number will be used by the payment provider for security verification purposes and as such is not one that other people should have access to.



User icon
August 26, 2019

When calling the payment method (it was out of the rules of the casino) from an undetectable (hidden) phone number, my mother picked up the phone and said she did not know me. You ask why she said that? Because she could have said anything she wanted to say when calling a hidden number, and she had every right to do so. In Russia, spammers and scummers are calling from hidden numbers. Why should someone call from hidden numbers to the payment method?

I would like to emphasize that I own this phone number and Qiwi wallet. I gave them proof of this fact. I sent a copy of my contract with provider . l must say that casino's agent received evidence and just ignore me. Why did the casino really want to contact me if they didn't ask me for my contact number and didn't contact me? I understand this only from the side of unwillingness to pay the winnings. I have no other reasons. Qiwi's payment method can only be called by the Qiwi Wallet administration, nobody else and never calls here. Another question for you personally, dear Pogg: the phone number used in Qiwi wallet is a props like in Skrill, Neteller is an email. Would you call the Skrill email address? The same is true for Qiwi wallet. It is only for payments.

The same evening I was told in the chat room that I couldn't get in touch when I found out it was them, I immediately asked them to call me back and I would have no problem talking to the manager. This fact will confirm the casino without any problems, or I'll take a screenshot. What do you think happened? That's right! Nothing. The chat operator said that the manager had already left. No one called me back in the morning and I got a email about which you already know. The whole public is 100% saying that the casino was not legitimate and groundlessly took away my money. I have conducted various polls on casino forums - there is not a single person who would say that the casino made an objective decision. In this regard, I would like you to help me if possible. Thank you.

User icon
August 26, 2019

As I understand it, this is not the casino that I indicated when choosing the casino. I have a problem with, you have a bit different bitcoincasino ...

User icon
September 7, 2019

Hi castwild,

I've spoken to and they inform me that this issue was resolved a couple of days ago. We would appreciate it if you could confirm when you receive your funds.



User icon
September 8, 2019

Hello, complaint resolved.

User icon
September 10, 2019

Hi castwild,

Thanks for letting us know - it is appreciated!


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August 26, 2019

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