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Bitstarz - am I father or son?


Found for the Casino - It seems very likely that the operator are in fact correct and that this account is in fact being operated by someone other than the named account holder.

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Player's Complaint

I made an account with them a few days ago and got lucky enough to win over 4000$ on monopoly live, so i tried to make a withdrawal and went through all the normal sending documents and so on, all my documents got approved with no issues.

Then i get a mail that a manager wants to call me to verify it all witch is fine, but since i dont speak english i told them to call on my sons phone number since hes good at english and this is when it started to go crazy.

They accused me for not being me but my son who dosent even live here anymore, might be easyere to show all the mails from them so you get the idea.

"Hi [EDIT],

My name is [EDIT] and I'm one of the managers at BitStarz.

Regarding your pending withdrawal, I just wanted to verify your details over the phone. If you could provide your phone number and a suitable time for you to have a call, that would be great.

Warm regards,


Thats a first never had that happen where you need a call to someone for a withdrawhal? and ive played alot of casinos from back where i started in 1997...

But in any case i hope you can speak Danish because i dont speak any english my son does everything that has anything to do with english.

You can call any time from 14:00 to 03:00 CEST on my sons phone witch is +45 51xxxx02



Hi there,

Why do I need to call your sons phone?

And no problem, we can speak Danish here so that's no issue.


Great then there wont be any issues, most casinos dont have Danish speaking people thats why i said use sons phone number since he can understand and speak english.

Your welcome to call on +45 51xxxx03 witch is my number, aslong as its in Danish it will be fine, you can call at any time between 14:00 and 22:00 CEST.



You're also using your sons email to reply to me. You also said "that's why I use my son's phone" but it's actually the son replying to me right now :)

You can also spare me the charade and just tell me how it really is :)


First i never said i use my sons phone? i said you could call on my sons phone bc i dont speak english, and i dont really know what email iam using i dident set that up my son did that for me.

I dont really understand what the problem is? or what charade you think is going on?


Hi there,

Did you notice what email address you're sending from? You're sending emails from [EDIT]'s email. Hence I'm speaking to [EDIT] now and not [EDIT]. I'm too old for BS like this, and especially from someone old enough to clearly know better than to use his 80-year-old dad's details to play online.

Besides that being against the rules, it's also a crime to use someone else's details and pretend to be someone else online. So please cut this out.

On top of breaking that rule, the rule of using the welcome bonus more than once on the same IP has been broken too.

So. Do you wanna tell me the truth?


What is this? my son dosent even live here anymore he did set up the email for me years ago and i have no idea how he set that up, i dont even get official letters online bc iam exempt from eletronic mails, like i said i dont know about that stuff.

Your more then welcome to call me and talk to me but, this is getting crazy never have i been treated like this from a casino, iam playing in good faith making deposits without bonuses as well and your more then happy to take my money, then when people win you try to claim the customer is cheating? ive been playing online since 1997 stating at inter casino and roxypalace iam not new to casinos but happy to say this is the first time a casino has tried to bully me like this, my son dosent play for me? why on earth would he.....

I have talked to my son and its true he had an account with your casino that he closed permanently last year, but still dont see what that has to do with me?




This is the email that you used on your account at BitStarz, [EDIT].

You're not fooling me. Your account is closed based on multiple welcome packages taken on the same IP.

In my last mail i told him yet again they can call me to clear this up and see iam not [EDIT] but they dont care about that apprently, i took over this appartment from my son thats true and i got proof of all this, the last bill of rent shows one name mine [EDIT]....

This is just getting crazy they accuse me for being a criminal using someone elses cards, witch i clearly dont i play my self and have been for many many years, my son does help me with things and he did used to live here witch is why mails are the same, i dont know how to change that but dont see why it should be an issue either.

[EDIT] witch is one of the biggest win ive ever had, just sad it had to happen at a casino that dosent payout winning to customers.

I did tell them they are more then welcome to call me on my phone number and talk to me, i can get my son to come over as well so they can speak to both of us so they can see we are not the same person, witch is clear from the driver licens i sendt to them, but its pretty clear they dont care about any of that but only care about not paying out winnings, i allready sendt proof of address with my name on it so they can see iam the one living here not [EDIT] who used to live here.

So i dont see what else i can do, they clearly dont think iam my self, they dont care that they got proof with drivers licens showing my self and my name or the proof of address that shows my name not [EDIT], so iam lost here they dont listen to me at all no matter what i show them.

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1 Responses

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April 9, 2020

Hi ptm,

I'm afraid we're going to shut down this case immediately. While I cannot say that I am fond of the way the Bitstarz manager chose to communicate with you in this instance, they are clearly correct in their concerns.

You claim is that your standard of English is weak enough that you could not complete a phone call verification of your account. And yet the standard of written English both in your communications to this service and to the operator is very high. As a weak English speaker there are only two ways that this could happen: you are not the one writing the communications, in which case the operator's concerns are absolutely validated, or you are using a translation service. However, throughout the communications there are errors that would not be made by a translation service, ruling that option out. So you have either lied about your standard of English or someone other than the named account holder is writing these communications.

No further discussion of this issue will be engaged. No further posts will be approved on this thread.


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April 9, 2020

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