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Box24 - Deposit /won/Box24 claim it was a Free bonus I was playing


Found for the Casino - This player had claimed multiple bonuses at once and was in fact playing with a No Deposit Bonus at the time the win occurred.

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Player's Complaint

This has been playing out for 6 weeks now.

I deposit at 5:21 pm on 19.02.2020 (I have a screenshot showing time, from casino records of my depsoits )

I win 11 thousand nearly 12 thousand  at 8:04pm playing  $1.50, on aciant giants I managed to get the feature free spins I generated from getting 10 diamonds from my paid pokie spin and getting 10 diamonds means that you activate the free spin feature, I was playing $1.50 each spin at this stage still using using my own balance from my depsoit 3 hours earlier. (once agian exact time of Win can be seen in screenshot of the gameplay I took showing the winning and time is in top corner).

I play for a few more minutes and go to chat to see if I have any wadgers before I withdraw . She saud I had to wadger $150 if I recall (have screenshot also) so I go play a bit more and go back to chat and they said nearly there amd told me how much more so iprocedded to play a different machine then check back with chat to be told yes wadger met you may withdraw.

So I am aware of the max cashout of $4000 AUD will be aproved and processed each week but you can have more than one withdrwal pending but you will not have any more than one looked at a week. So I requested $4000 twice in two separate requests and I now must wait up to 5 working days for approval of the 1st request and then wait that time Agian for the 2nd request to have approval after my first was paid.

SO from my $11 '700, (APROX... SCREENSHOT AVAIL that shows exact amount) ,win I was left just under $4000 left in my Box24 casino account, after my withdrwal requests which I played back into the casino. I was already KYC verified so it should of been smooth sailing.

I checked daily to se eif it was processed and the night before on 26.2.2020 I actullay fell asleep refreshing my account in box 24 as my wothdreal was overdue to be aproved but chat kept saying wait another day than after waiting 6 working days since I won , I wake up and grabbed phone which was still on the website, I went straight to withdrwals to hopefully see it was sent To my bank account, and I see it's cancelled. I never got a email on the day 27.2.2020,  the day the accounts department decided to cancel my withdrwal! I found that strange. To cancel 2 withdrwals of 4k each from account saying nothing to me about it. I had to contact them and be told a bunch of different things. From I was on a free no deposit bonus or I won on free spins.... Yes I did but I wasn't in free no deposit free spins I generated the free spins feature during game play, such lack of help and even insulting me at time, I can get nowhere wih the casino. I've asked to see my records of this free bonus. Also I pointed out I claimed a bonus but this was earlier that day and it was a deposit bonus, if you deposit in the whole month once you get a free bonus chest but as they state in my screen shoots once Agian, if it was depsoit bonus all wi ongs are claimable but once Agian this was all played out before emy depsoit and before my winnings. Then yiu can claim a secound bonus chest on the days you depsoit and I did claim it but not untill after I won and withdrawals are pending. They keep changing there story, refuse to show me the evidence in which they have in frount of them.. As they say they have reviewed it but if that's so why is it so hard to show me? I emailed various departments and they do not address my concerns and I provide simple bullet points on facts... Ie time I claimed chest, then my depsoit shi g had nothing to do with it, the time I won, amd then the time I withdrew and the time I claimed my daily depsoit chest wuich way afyer all that. They say it was free no deposit bonus unfortunately, nevt time you depsoit don't claim bonus.... But I claimed it after I won and it had no effect on my winnings and I have screenshot of them saying in chat if it was the result of a deposit bonus, being played and the winnings are from that they are claimable 100%. So misleading and it takes days for a response via email if I get one at all that is.

So my withdrawal was forfeited and I was told only 100 was sent to my bank account which never arrived might I add still 6 weeks later

Key Facts 

I claimed deposit bonus chest of 10 free spins which was played in a different game to which I won on, and these were not only on a different game they were players and claimed after I withdraw winnings.

I played my deposit for 3 hours of nearly continuous game play, before wining on ancient giants playing $1.50 bets

NO deposit free bonus are 100max cashout 

I depsited and  know that I was playing my depsoit amount at time of win and regardless depsit bonus is always cash able says their rules.

The fact that accounting have made a mistake in ruling this as a no depsoit bonus which VOIDS my win, and whme I ask chat who else I can talk to this about I get told I must contact accounting, the very people who never notified me of [EDIT] my winnings and offer stock reply to my emails never actually listening or seeing the evidence infront of them, it's so stressful and disappointing to only be able to get this sorted with thru the accounting team, the very department that failed me and failed to review my case and photos is heartbreaking.

I can forward you all screenshots if you want to see them. Sorry for long post im a truth fairy and like to portray the events as aqurite as possible so you don't get half the story.

Please if you can help it would be the best news for me amd my children. ❤️

I had no email from them about this cancelled wothdrwal I recieve danvahue and untrue response week afte ri wmiale them asking it to be revised which they didn't and I can  tell that by their response of free no deposit bonus crap. . 

They made a mistake which is ok but it's not ok that thed refuse to be willing to solve it or look into it in a timely manner if at all.

I was so glad I won this money it was life changing. I was a loyal customer and had many new customers form my friends and family playing at box24 casino and feel hurt and betrayed by this.

I was going to purchase a car so myself and my 3 kids, 16,9

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2 Responses

User icon
March 27, 2020

Hi applesuck - welcome to!

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.



User icon
May 12, 2020

Hi applesucks,

We've now reviewed your play history in detail.

On the 19th of February at 08:21 server time you deposited $25 and received a 25% bonus of $6.25. Immediately after you opened one of the prize chests from the Pirate Treasure promotion that your play prior to this point entitled you to awarding you a further $10 bringing your total balance to $41.29 (including $0.04 which was included in your cash balance prior to your deposit). As per casino terms and conditions you play with your cash funds first then bonus funds. You started playing and at 09:02 server time your balance dropped to $9.12. The significance of this is that your cash balance was exhausted and your deposit bonus was also gone, leaving you playing with the No Deposit Bonus from the treasure chest. That being the case any winnings after this point are subject to No Deposit Bonus terms and conditions which include the following:

"2.1.9. Free bonus withdrawal limits

Maximum withdrawal amount from free bonus money are as follows:

(i). Basic maximum $100,"

As such the maximum you would be due from your play is $100.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


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March 26, 2020

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