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Casino Las Vegas - problems during gameplay


Found for the Player - The player experienced technical errors while playing at Casino Las Vegas. The casino informed the player that the issue was with their internet connection. Despite producing video evidence that the casino was wrong in their conclusions, Casino Las Vegas failed to adequately attempt any form of investigation into this issue. Poor customer service all round.

Casino Las Vegas also refused to discuss any aspect of this complaint with us.

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Player's Complaint

Hi, Mr POGG, I'd like to submit a complaint against Casino Las Vegas.

On the 25th of October I received an email from Neteller advertising new promotions in their showcase. I check the showcase and I saw a promotion from Casino Las Vegas offering a 200% bonus for new players. I sign up and create a new account with username [EDIT] and my email address [EDIT]. I deposit 35 euros and received the 200% bonus of 70 euro, which gives a total 1,05 euro to start playing. I start playing the slot Cat Queen with a 0,4 bet. After some time the slot started spinning without stopping. I had to restart my computer to be able to play again. But the problem occurred again after a few spins. After restarting the computer 3 times I contacted custom support and I was told to take screenshots and to send them to my account manager. I changed to another slot Sultan Gold and the same problem occurred. I take screenshots and send them to my account manager [EDIT]. She replied with instructions from their technical department to clean all cache data, to uninstall the casino and to reinstall from their webpage. I have done every steps and documented them with a screenshot. I log in the casino I start playing the slot Sultan Gold and again the slot starts spinning without stopping and the same problem occurs. I take screenshots again with the open setting from internet to prove that my internet connection it's a very good connection with a minimum 65.0Mbps. I have sent at least 9 screenshots proving that my PC is protected by antivirus and that when this problem occurs I have good internet connection and that I have followed every steps they told me. Bear in mind that all these tests were done with my balance. I asked to be refunded because they are not able to provide a good service and then she replied that they aren't going to refund me because they don't find any problems and asked me check my internet connection. Since I have provided them with screenshots when this problem occurred and my internet connection was excellent with 65.0Mbps, their reply sounds like they don't even bother to look at the screenshots they have asked me. I had to take another approach and decided today to look for programs that enabled me to record in video during gameplay. I recorded today my last session in video and started playing the slot Sultan Gold and after 14 minutes the game started spinning without stopping and during this error when I tried to stop the game, balance came down but the game did not stop. I opened the internet connection to prove that it's not my fault and I have good internet connection. Please check this link I provide you to see the video and let me know if you want to receive the screenshots.


I asked the money back because I'm not able to play in their casino. They provide a bad service with unplayable games.

Thank you very much,

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5 Responses

User icon
October 31, 2014

Hi wolf77 - welcome to!

I'll contact Casino Las Vegas and see what I can find out.



User icon
October 31, 2014


Thank you very much for posting my complain and trying to help me on this. If you need any additional prove let me know. As I've said before I have screenshots and the video.

The last email I got from them was to check my wireless connection. But as you can see in the video the connection was excelent.

If signals go down the computer system warns that there is no signal.



User icon
November 7, 2014

Hi wolf77,

I have had a response from Casino Las Vegas stating that they do not discuss player disputed with anyone other than eCorga. I've emailed back and am waiting on a further response.

I'll let you know when I hear something,


User icon
November 8, 2014


Thanks for helping me with this complain.

I now know that this Las Vegas Casinois not willing to accept that it's not their fault, and their aswers are always evasive like the last one I received from them "to check my wireless connection".

In the video and the screenshots it is clear that my internet connection never broke down and that the internet signal had been for 3 consecutive hours non stop.

I play in several Playtech, Netent and Microgaming casinos sometimes I play long marathon hours without any problems.

They just want to evade their responsibility.

Thanks again for trying to bring a solution to this complain.


User icon
November 12, 2014

Unfortunately Casino Las Vegas has chosen to withdraw completely from the discussion of any player complaints through Obviously this is very disappointing and their reviews have been changed to reflect this.

As to the complaint itself, I can confirm that wolf77 is indeed correct that their internet connection was functioning correctly at the time these errors were occurring. As such Casino Las Vegas have not done enough to identify a legitimate error.

Sorry I couldn't do more to help you wolf77.


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October 31, 2014

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