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Casumo - failing to pay claiming fake details


Found for the Casino - This player has signed-up using incorrect information. This is a breach of contract and Casumo are within their rights to consider the contract void.

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Player's Complaint

First of all thank you for reviewing my complaint.

My complaint – Casumo refusing to pay $14,000 CAD in winnings: as they claim account opened with “fake” details.

I opened my account with Casumo back in March 2019, upon opening this account I did so rushed and you can tell by the choice of my username a couple of drinks deep. From that night, I have rarely played on the account, I think around $120 in deposits up until last week – I never doubled check my personal details until asked to verify my account upon winning last week. When I did details were incorrect and documentation was provided.

On Oct the 8th I deposited another $30; bringing my total deposited to this account to $150; I did so via Gigadat and interac transfer – Reason for the deposit was too play after watching some you tube videos and decided to have another punt. I lost about 75% of this $30 - then got really lucky, playing a game called jamming jars going from 0.20 cent to 0.40 cent to $4 spins, getting to a total of $4500-ish; I moved to another game and got even luckier and did $20 spins and went to close to $20,000.00 - I initially withdraw $15,000.00 and later changed and locked in to $14,000.00

At this point I was taken to the verification process and updated all that I had on hand for proving I am who I am, and this was the first time I had gone into these screens; since opening the account and saw information was incorrect- I also informed chat that the address was wrong and I needed to change, also informed them that the one on file was one I did not recognize, and at this point saw my DOB was also not correct - Casumo highlighted that to me as it’s a thing I never thought of checking after doing one time. I can only assume the shared network on set up auto changed my details. I provided information on previous and current address, and stated unsure how the mix up was. I was a little stressed that this was an issue, chat support [EDIT] understood and did not highlight the points I was making would in any way stop my payment – in fact she just stated they are clearing up for regulatory purposes and what I have provided will be good for all identification purposes.

I have a total of TWO accounts online – CASUMO AND VIDEOSLOTS;

By no means did I have a nefarious plan to set up and account with the intention of getting lucky 7 months later and profit!!! lol - I don't think anyone can plan for that - the people in support were very helpful, and understood and gave the impression not a big deal as I have correct information now - I'm sure you can pull the chat logs to confirm this. [Note in the process of requesting all historical chats] We all had a good laugh at my initial bad choice of username - and I gave my apologies of it, and requested a couple of times if I could change was told I could not.

I received the following email when I awoke -

"When checking your account we can see that you have registered with fake details, therefore breaching our terms and conditions.

We have therefore confiscated your winnings and refunded 170 CAD to your bank account.

2.9. As an account holder you are responsible for providing Casumo with correct personal details. Consequently, you agree that all information that you give us, such as but not limited to, address and email, during the term of validity of this agreement, is complete and true, and that you will immediately notify Casumo should there be changes to such information. Should Casumo become aware that you have deliberately failed to provide to us correct information, we retain the right to block the account and confiscate any funds therein.

Please refrain from opening new accounts at Casumo."

I have issue as by means, did I not intentionally register with errors in personal details – Therefore I did not open with “fake” details – Therefore I feel this ruling is incorrect.

At No point did I mean to do this, and specifically gave all details to clear this up

I can only assume an inputting error via auto population or such.

I am sure if I actually looked at the verification process before winning and explained the situation this would have been rectified and I would have been allowed to play.

Only now I am a depositor of $170 total and withdrawing $14,000; it seems an easy out for net profit loss for the company. And although Casumo chat implied this would not be an issue – payments have an “Easy” Out on not paying.

In fact when trying to withdraw was when I first noted the errors, and I gave all correct to rectify.

"And that you will immediately notify Casumo should there be changes to such information." I felt I did do this – as soon as I noticed details were wrong - of course like all people this happened when $$ was on the line….

Chat support were supportive and let me know this would not be an issue, although I do understand they are not the decision makers -I would like my winnings $14, 000.00 of course and account re-opened

Thank you in advance for your review

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1 Responses

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October 13, 2019

Hi bgranger - welcome to!

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you in this situation. When you sign-up to an online casino you are actively agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of the operator. All operators carry clear terms requiring you to provide accurate details at point of registration. If you have not done this you have violated the terms of the contact and the operator are within their rights to consider your account void.

While I agree that if everything is as you describe Casumo may be using this opportunistically to avoid paying a significant win, they are within their rights to do so because you provided inaccurate information. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is correct.

All we can recommended is that in future you ensure that you provide accurate information when registering.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


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October 13, 2019

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