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Champagne Spins – bonus abuse


Resolved - Champagne Spins software platform, SoftSwiss, have agreed to pay this player. The player is non-responsive to our request for update so we assume is dealing with this by themselves.

Player's Complaint

I have a problem with “Champagne Spins” casino which, to my knowledge, is a part of SoftSwiss group of casinos.

I always read the rules before I play with the bonus at any casino. I read Champagne Spins rules very carefully. So I tried not to violate those in any way. I deposited 200 and received 200 bonus. Maximum allowed bet was as low as 5 and that was the bet I have chosen. I got extremely lucky and won 4300 on one of the spins. Now it was almost 8000 in wagering left to be made. I completed the rest of the wagering with 0.45-0.90 bets on the same slot finishing with 3600 balance (minus 700 on wagering).

Later, Champagne Spins casino sent me an email claiming I abused their bonus and violated the rules quoted below:

* Making maximum allowed bets on high variance games in order to increase balance.

* Decreasing stake after big win and switching games.

Regarding the first rule - I played, actually, a MEDIUM variance game (Spring Break) and not a HIGH variance one as the casino claims and uses it for justification of confiscating the winnings. Anybody who knows something about variance of this particular game can easily confirm it.

Second, and this is the most important part, their rules clearly state that one who “decreases the stake AND switches the game” violates the rules. Which means both actions must be taken together in order to make this rule applicable. Otherwise, the casino should have used the word OR instead of AND. I did reduce the bet but I never switched the games. And as such this rule cannot be applied to me. I read the rule carefully before I played and I acted exactly according to it. I knew I was well within the terms.

(In case you want an additional information on AND/OR uses in English language , please see the relevant excerpt from the reputable online resource:

“When creating your lists, you have two types of logic for multiple criteria: AND and OR.

* Using the AND logic means contacts will need to meet all criteria within that set.

* Using the OR logic means contacts will need to meet at least one criteria or the other criteria.”

P.S. The Champagne Spins casino ALREADY has a very low maximum bet limit of 5. As if that was not enough - they claim an abuse if anybody changes the bets within this already SUPER LOW limit. My opinion , these rules are absolutely PREDATORY. And still, I succedeed not to violate them. Unfortunately , it was also not enough for the Champagne Spins.

Thank you! I appreciate your help.

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6 Responses

Aug 30, 2018

Hi Avegla86 - welcome to ThePOGG.com!

Before going further - Spring Break is not a 'medium variance' game. It may be medium variance in terms of the slots games put out by Microgaming however all slots games fall into the high variance category when compared to table games, which vary between low and medium variance. This is not an argument we will consider.

Furthermore, a 5 credit limit is not "very low". It is almost the industry standard when playing with bonuses that you will be restricted to 5 credits with well over 90% of bonuses we list having this limit. Nor is it difficult to vary your bet within this limit. In fact the Spring Break game it's possible to bet anywhere from 0.09/spin right up to 4.50/spin remaining under this limit. In fact in a survey of over 100 slots players that we took when putting together our Bonus Report system over 90% of respondents used a average spin size of 4 credits or lower. So the 5 credit cap is more than high enough for the vast majority of players.

I'll contact the operator and see what we can find out for you.


Aug 31, 2018

Hello, thePogg.
ON all the big casino resource that I have read Spring Break is mentioned as a MEDIUM variance game. At the end of the day - where else should I source my information on this topic?
Now, I want to stress that the main point of my complaint is the OR/AND part. Because I followed the rules the way they are written. But still was punished as if I did not.
Thank you for your reply and help.


Aug 31, 2018

Hi Avegla96,

As explained above those resources are giving a categorisation in the context of slots games, not in the context of all casino games. So for your future reference in this type of situation, slots games are considered high variance. Nowhere on the Champagne Spins site does it suggest that Spring Break is a "medium variance" game. Even the game provider website does not list this game as medium variance.

With regard to the and/or argument, you are correct in this respect and if this is the only issue in contention we would support you.


Jan 08, 2019

Hi Avegla96,

After an extended conversation with Champagne Spins platform provider the platform provider has decided that there is no significant evidence of a breach of terms and as such is prepared to pay you directly and manage the issue between themselves and the operator. They have emailed you requesting Skrill details but have not received a response. Can you provide those details and we'll follow-up with the platform provider?



Jan 17, 2019

Hi Avegla96,

Have you forwarded on your Skrill details?



Jan 25, 2019

Hi Avegla96,

If we haven't heard from you by Friday the 1st of February I'll assume you are happy to resolve this issue by yourself.



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