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Club777 - Responsible gambling


Found for the Casino - From our understanding of the UKGC responsible gambling requirements this player does not have a case.

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Player's Complaint

I suffer from a compulsive gaming addiction.

I have had a long history with 888 holdings plc, who failed to protect vulnerable players by allowing them to gamble while excluded, which resulted in criminal activity and were fined by the gambling commission.

In 2017 I was one of the people they failed to protect since 2011. I had to go through eCOGRA to get my deposits back and it was a long process which was resolved in 2017.

In June 2018, I registered with gamstop to help me with my gambling addiction.

However, in November 2018, I was able to create an account on Club 777, not realising it was a 888 holdings website./p>

I deposited £300 and then my account got suspended.

When I contacted customer service they confirmed that I had been excluded.

I contacted club 777 manager asking why I had been allowed to deposit when I was permanently excluded and requested to have the deposits of £300 returned to me as I should not have been allowed to gamble/ deposit on their sites.

As a person with gambling issues, I could not remember which sites I excluded myself from/ belonged to which group.

When creating the account I used the same details as previously used on their other site- full name, date of birth, postal address and even the same phone number.

However, I was accused of using a different email address when signing up and using a different name- I checked my details and I missed the 'e' in cathey which was a typo when I signed up. In regards to my email- I made the deposits using my old email with paypal, which is already on their system and in the list that they had sent me, which was permanently banned a year ago.

I would not have used different details intentionally for one simple reason- if I had won I would not have been able to withdraw my winnings as I would have failed security. (As they only verify your details when you wish to withdraw money)...

I do not think that 888 holdings take responsible gambling seriously or they would have asked players to send id documents prior to making a deposit/ verify their details.

Their system should be able to detect an excluded player and automatically block that player.

Also I could be a victim of fraud using the same details. Surely, if the last name, date of birth, postal address and exact same phone number match- further security should be carried out by club 777, in order to verify that player, to prevent fraud and to protect vulnerable players.

I asked for a list of accounts with 888 and all my details were on that list including my 'so called' different details that were used all linked to the same ID.

Since 888 have failed to protect me again- I require 888 to refund me my deposits as their systems should have identified me as a player who had been permanently excluded.

Personally considering 888 holdings were found guilty in failing to protect vulnerable players like myself, I don't think that they have done enough to prevent the same thing from happening again.

I am very disappointed with the way my complaint was handled and I hope that they will take responsibility for their errors and improve their systems in order to protect their players.

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4 Responses

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January 17, 2019

Hi catr - welcome back!

Before we go any further I need you to confirm the url of the site you are complaining about? Club777 were part of the Mansion Group of casinos before they closed, not the 888 Group.

Moving on, it is unlikely that you have a case here. The terms of use at GamStop - who are the national self-exclusion scheme set up by the UKGC - read as follows on this particular issue:

"GAMSTOP may not be able to spot inaccuracies or other differences in account details, and we may not be able to prevent you accessing accounts you have created using, for example, email addresses that you have not provided to us as part of the registration process."

Where the UKGC scheme specifically cites using a different email address to be a point where the system may not function correctly, it seems reasonable to conclude that the same would be applicable when registering accounts at different properties across a group.

Finally, based on our conversations with the regulator, in situations where a player has changed their details and subsequently avoided the new account being detected, the regulator's expectations would not necessarily be for the operator to refund deposits to the player, but rather that they give the deposits to a gambling related charity.



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January 20, 2019


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January 20, 2019

Hi, Thank you for your email. My apologies, the website is . I have had the complaint on resolver and for some reason it came up as club777 but Cassava (888) responded to my complaint. I apologise for the confusion caused. In regards to GamStop- the issue is not with them but with 888 holdings. I have a list of all my accounts which was provided to me by 888 themselves (available on request). On that list are all my linked details such as different emails used in the past and even old postal addresses, including the account I have made the complaint about. Hence my details were linked and should have been detected by their system. Considering the history I have with 888 holdings and the fact that they refunded me my deposits between the years 2011-2016, after failing to exclude me permanently in 2011, (accounts that had various emails addresses and postal addresses yet still were linked)- I do not think that 888 have done enough to protect me as a player. Furthermore, I was not asked to provide further information although I had the same full name, postal address, date of birth and phone number and my details were matching my previous accounts with them. I could have been a victim of fraud which is another concerning issue... I think 888 Holdings should have done more to protect me as a vulnerable player, especially when this has already happened in the past. Therefore I require that my deposits of £300 would be refunded to me as I should not have been allowed to make the deposits. Clearly 888 holdings did not do enough to protect me as a player,even after they were fined by the gambling commission for failing to protect excluded players... I could understand if I had used completely different details, but as mentioned above my ID details were all linked on their list. I appreciate your help in this matter. Kind regards, [EDIT]

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January 23, 2019

Hi CatR,

Your message was caught by our spam filter due to the inclusion of a link.

The point I was making with the GamStop terms, is that these are the policies specifically put in place by the regulator run scheme. Where GamStop are stating that their self-exclusion system can fail if you use email addresses that you have not provided them to register new accounts, we have to assume that the same would apply to detecting new account registrations within a group as it is effectively the same process that is being applied.

As to the 'linked account' - I'm afraid that the group providing your details under a Freedom of Information request or similar doesn't indicate that the accounts were linked within their system. That type of response will be dealt with manually and a human will be able to spot accounts with different details but that belong to the same person better than a person.

And as detailed above, based on our conversations with the regulator, in situations where a player has changed their details and subsequently avoided the new account being detected, the regulator's expectations would not necessarily be for the operator to refund deposits to the player, but rather that they give the deposits to a gambling related charity.

If you really feel your case is likely to warrant a refund from the operator our best recommendation would be to contact the UKGC.



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January 17, 2019

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