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Coral - Self exclusion


Declined - Complaints related to whether UK players should have been prevented from accessing gambling services are reserved to the management of the UKGC.

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Player's Complaint

On Fri 14th Jan I joined up . I knew I had a self exclusion in place but to be quite honest didn't know of there was a time frame or of it was permanent. But thought sure I'll stick in my details and see what happens. So I registered with the above email, which was accepted. I then began entering the rest of the details, my name, my address, date of birth and phone number. Much to my surprise the account was opened. Bu the end of that day I coudeposit immediately, it was only when I had deposited 250 that they wouldn't me deposit anymore until I verified my account.

Now I understand the rules to be from a few years ago that the commissioner stares that no one must be allowed to play or place a bet or deposit until fill verification has taken place. So there's already one breach.

Secondly here they are in full receipt of details they are part of a self exclusion, I e en agent them my passport and a copy of my bank statement. The reason they know in self exclusion d I have screen shots taken just to show you, I tried to log into another account and firstly it said


I mean what does that even mean, I have the screen shot to show you if you need it. And when I did eventually get through the previous self exclusion [EDIT] by the way was the email address when I tried to deposit a message came up stating you cannot deposit due to having a self exclusion in place.

So as you can see how many breaches there are we talking about to with regards to social responsibility and to ensure no further harm comes to people by betting. So I guess what this means really is, self exclusion stands for nothing. They have made a mocking of the rules. Because all it takes os using a different email address you can then go ahead and submit all your personal info and these multi million companies will have you believe that they haven't got a system to detect when someone is under a self exclusion tries to recreate a new account using their same name, address , mobile number and date of birth. I mean is that what the commissioner Says that this is what self exclusion means and I guess that is the question here. Have they breached rules and regulations and if the answer is no then what is the commissioner even there for. There are no need for rules because they make it up as they go along. It saddens me greatly because if rules were actually implemented there would be no way of getting around a self exclusion unless you bought yourself a fake passport etc and despite how bad a gambler I am, I would ot stoop that low. Its time these companies were made to justify their actions and asked the questions instead of deliberately taking advantage of problem gamblers. Just look at my story and how many more stores out there is like this. Its not fair. I just want my deposits returned on the basis that the account should never have been allowed to be open as I had a self exclusion in place. How does anyone argue that. Please help me

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3 Responses

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January 18, 2022

Hi Antrimlisa - welcome to!

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to help you in this instance. The UKGC reserve management of this type of complaint issue to their own team. All we could do is suggest you contact the regulator.

You may find our free Responsible Gambling app BetBlocker useful. It allows users to restrict their internet capable devices from accessing over 15k gambling operator websites for between 24 hours and 5 years.

Sorry we could not be of more help!


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January 18, 2022

What are you even for . These companies are reading this and I'm sure have good laugh because ultimately look at what they are getting away with. So for all of us out there it literally means that self exclusion hold no value. If you can provide a new email address that's all that's required. No wonder they don't care because they can't be touched . They continue to flought rules and regulations and there are no prices to pay. Thank you

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January 19, 2022

Hi antrimlisa,

In the first instance - you have actively tried to circumnavigate your self-exclusion by changing your registration details to try and bypass automated restrictions. If you look at the terms of use for Gamstop - the national self-exclusion register - even this external agency clearly state that if you change information, specifically using email address as an example, the restriction may not work. These systems are a tool to help you not a guarantee that you cannot manipulate your way past a self-exclusion.

Beyond your own actions however, we make clear in our review of Coral that they will not cooperate in the management of player complaints. So I'm perplexed as to exactly what you expected us to be able to do when we have not been able to assist any other players with problems against this operator?

And finally, as already covered, the UKGC has explicitly instructed their official ADRs (the groups that are officially appointed to manage complaints) not to engage with complaints of this nature. If the officially appointed ADR that the licensee HAS to respond to cannot challenge the operator on this type of issue, there is no possibility of any operator choosing to work with an unapproved service.

I'm sorry that you are frustrated, but we are not an appropriate target for that dissatisfaction.


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January 18, 2022

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