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Coral - Self Exclusion


Declined - As Alternative Dispute Resolution services are prevented from managing complaints against UKGC licensed operators that involve Self-Exclusion issues, we have to decline this complaint.

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Player's Complaint

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I have previously had coral online accounts which have been closed ( I believed due to self exclusion ), I have also self excluded in branches of Corals which according to the terms and conditions says I cannot have other accounts with Gala Coral Group.

In a moment of sheer madness 6 weeks ago I opened a new account with Coral, I was surprised I could do this and went on to deposit nearly £4000 in 2 hours. The following morning I had an email from Coral asking for information to verify my account.

Needless to say I contacted them and explained that the account should not have been opened due to my gambling problems and they closed my account.

I have sent number of emails to coral and they are distancing themselves from any blame.

I have a copy of my self exclusion form which states no new accounts can be opened. My name, DOB, Address are all the same as account opened online.

I now know that if I was to have won then winnings would have been voided due to duplicate accounts from years ago plus I have self excluded from Gala Coral groups by completing form in shop.

Is there anything further I can do ?

Thank you

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3 Responses

March 8, 2016

Hi dazlane78 - welcome to!

Unfortunately there’s not going to be anything we can do to help in this instance. As a UKGC Accredited Alternative Dispute Resolution service we’ve have to work within their framework. IBAS are Gala and Coral's appointed ADR service. Further to this, all ADR services have now been told to refer problem gambling complaints to the UKGC directly. That being the case, even if we were the appointed ADR service for these groups we wouldn’t be allowed to engage with this type of complaint.

As such if you want your case reviewed further you’ll need to submit it to the UKGC at this email address [email protected]

Our current understanding is that the UKGC will review complaints in a general sense with regard to whether or not their policies need to be updated, but will not assist players in recovering funds in individual cases. To do that I believe that you will have to take the operator to court. I’m currently trying to get further details from the UKGC to assist players that wish to pursue this option.

I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.


April 6, 2016

Hi dazlane78,

Just a quick update. I will be attending a meeting with the UKGC towards the end of this month. During that meeting I will be looking to raise the current state of play for Self-Exclusion related complaints. As such I'd hope to be able to provide more information at that point.



May 2, 2016

Hi dazlane78,

The information I've received from the UKGC is as followed:

1) Self-exclusion issues will remain reserved to the Gambling Commission. In other words, ADRs like cannot assist with this type of issue.

2) While the UKGC cannot directly force an operator to pay a player, where the commission find that an operator has not adhered to best practice it would be normal for the operator to to look to address the issue to be seen to comply with best practice. As such, if you've not already forwarded this issue to the Gambling Commission I would strongly suggest that you do so as your next step.

3) Your alternative to forwarding your issue to the Gambling Commission is to take legal action against the operator. The UKGC is considering publishing information for players on how to go about doing this, though I can give no information for the likely time frame within which this will be achieved.

Sorry we can't be of further assistance.


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March 8, 2016

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