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Crazy Vegas - confiscate 8350 Euro - it is real crazy


Found for the Casino - The player received a €50 bonus that did not require a deposit when they were moved to VIP status, but refuses to accept that this is a No Deposit Bonus and hence subject to a €150 maximum withdrawal as stipulated in the Crazy Vegas general terms and conditions.

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Player's Complaint


I turn to you for help and solve the problem I have with Crazy Vegas Casino.

Two years ago I played a lot in the aforementioned casino games and made the deposits for a total amount of €3,396.28.

On 7 February this year [EDIT] received from [EDIT] the following email:

Hello [EDIT]

Hope this email finds you well.

My name is [EDIT] and I am your VIP Relationship Host at Vegas Partner Lounge Online Casinos. I am very happy to announce that after reviewing your account I have been assigned as your dedicated VIP Host moving forward.

Should you have any questions or queries you would like me to look over to make your gaming experience with us that much more enjoyable, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I added 50 euro free to your account to take your mind off reality and enjoy some well-deserved entertainment with us!

And on top of this on your first deposit will receive a 100% bonus up to 150 credits. And on top of this I will upgrade your account to Gold lounge.

Please login and enjoy with my compliments.

The month of February is full of activities, but the most anticipated is the launch of a new game called Avalon II, which promises to be by far the most breathtaking online Slot game of the year.

I am really looking forward to building a successful relationship with you and hope I can bring a new and fresh approach to your gaming experience at Vegas Partner Lounge.

Hope to hear from you soon and have a great week!

Best regards,


Vegas Partner Lounge

The above-mentioned e-mail does not contain words such as "promotion", "bonus" compared to 50 Euro, which were donated to me (it is only to define 50 Free), nor is there wording: "terms and conditions apply".

Below paste the advertising offer, which is presented on the website of this casino:

It shows clear information on exclusive promotions and gifs for players VIP status - and I'm such a player / g [EDIT] have become.

When I wagered that 50 “little” more times than I should( I wager it 1470 times, I should do it 50 times) and then I decided to withdraw their winnings - 8500 Euro.

The day after winning the order I received a letter of congratulations from [EDIT], where she was also given the amount of my winnings. (I attach to this email too)

Then, at the request of the department dealing with the payments had yet to send scans account for the purpose of updating my current place of residence.

After successfully verifying my account waiting for the transfer to Skrill, transfer received on Valentine's Day and he sang in the amount of 150 Euro.

In order to clarify the situation immediately contacted the live-support act casino.

The first version was that the entire amount was credited to my account, few minutes late, I talked with pit boss [EDIT] below I put a piece of that conversation:

[EDIT]: [EDIT], as per the system here it states that you failed to meet the wagering requirements for the cash-in

Me: i try to do something for 13 hours

Me: :)))))

Me: i count my wagering few minutes ago

Me: are you sure

Me: if yes i have a proof

Me: that you cheating me

[EDIT]: [EDIT], The finance team has stated that you did not meet wagering for the 8350 and therefore it was removed

Full chat conversation is attach to this email

Whenever I contacted live- support act casinos cause confiscation of Euro 8350 was different from the previous one , below mention that the reason I was given :

  • Convert loyalty points
  • Withdrawal limit to 150 Euro - 50 Euro because that got a no deposit bonus
  • Do not perform the required rotation X50 - the most bizarre version because it turned X1472

Below I will present my conclusions:

  • casino is breaking the law by granting me with no regulation and no information that apply to any of the 50 Euro , and after winning creates regulation and limits in order to avoid the payment of my winnings.
  • Please justification for the use regulating bonus no deposit for the bonus I received - VIP_BONUS (BM) - these are completely two different bonuses, as in the past, I made a deposit in the amount of approximately 3400 Euro - the phrase " no purchase is required" is not in the If no use, because at this point the Rules of the casino, there is no determination of the time - that is when I made the deposit. In addition to this in the rules is the provision that limited to 150 Euros are won obtained from the following types of bonuses : no deposit bonus as well as a complimentary bonus. VIP_BONUS (BM) I received a completely different type of bonus should be accompanied by individual regulations - in correspondence with the casino you join , please pay attention to how many times I asked [EDIT] (my VIP HOST ) to send me those records - but unfortunately I never received it, the only answer was to continually rely on section 5.5.2 - no deposit bonus , a few days later, I saw that [EDIT] has marked my email address as spam. I wonder if it's the norm to treat the players VIP status at this casino.
  • Below you will paste a fragment of the Rules of the casino to show that VIP bonus and certainly there must be other conditions and regulations of the bonus no deposit :
  • 2.3.5 Bonus events can not be forfeited That are : Initial Deposit Bonuses No Deposit Bonuses VIP Bonus

    • If he says casino staff were the same , and have the same regulations it is interesting that in the official rules of the casino are separated.
    • The provision for bonus no deposit refers to players who have not made any purchase (because no deposit is required) . In total, I made a deposit in the amount of about 3,400 euros, or according to your assessment of this provision is important for depositors, VIP status - and introduces such limits.
    • During the second or third conversation with customer service , I was clearly informed that the finance department made a confiscation because I did not perform the required rotation - and that information I received from pit boss [EDIT] - whether a casino could still may change or choose the justification of such an action? Is it consistent with the law and is commonly used? I think it is simply breaking the law , and the casino should bear the consequences of such action (I have chat conversation with this situation)
    • The Rules of the Loyalty Lounge recently made corrections to the status of loyalty and the benefits offered very interesting is to remove the bonus of 50 euros for the players with the highest status, I wonder what regulations and limits were in the application . A lot would explain pass by the casino conditions of the bonus – o don’t received any information about this changes, I think that was important because at new rules I don’t have access to VIP support and I lost VIP membership – very interesting is my conversation with casino support - I was informed that despite the changes in the rules I d still the possibility of using the VIP Host, and my VIP Host Is still [EDIT] – I don’t received any answer for emails – which I sent to her (I received only reading confirmations), 3 weeks ago.
    • The analysis of the interviews that I carried out the operation can be drawn , among others, a very interesting conclusions:
      • Player with highest loyalty level, which don’t made deposit at “particular day” and convert loyalty points for example - have the same rights and apply it the same limits as the player who just registered and uses the no deposit bonus . In my opinion, the greatest absurdity and perhaps precedent. Do you meet up with a similar situation , the players counted among the elite , making the large deposits of May limited to the payment of 150 euros ...
      • Paragraph 5.5.2 at Casino terms and conditions should have the following contents so that you can in any way be used as the reason for the confiscation of winning in my case:
      • That is original paragraph:

        5.5.2 Because NO purchase is required, and the winnings returned could be sizable, the total winnings on all NO-DEPOSIT bonuses are limited to $200/£100/€150 maximum. Should the Player win in excess of $200/£100/€150 the excess will be removed from the Players account before fulfilling the cash-in

        And I think that should look like this:

        5.5.2 Because No purchase was made at particular day and the winnings returned could be sizable, the total winnings on all NO-DEPOSIT bonuses are limited to $200/£100/€150 maximum. Should the Player win in excess of $200/£100/€150 the excess will be removed from the Players account before fulfilling the cash-in

      • Is it possible the institution of legal proceedings - also wanted to bring a claim for compensation for lost time and health (for phone calls I had to pay almost 300 euros)?

    For many years, playing in online casinos and never say such a thing never happened to me.

    I turn to you for help and order Crazy Vegas Casino payout my winnings.

    Best Regards and Wishes


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    8 Responses

    User icon
    March 28, 2014

    Hi roko1979 - thanks for getting in contact. Having read through your complaint I afraid that there's not going to be much I can do for you. Your entire argument seems to hinge on the concept that a the €50 placed into your account is not a No Deposit Bonus because you have previously made deposits with the casino. I can't agree with that. By definition a No Deposit Bonus is a bonus that does not require a deposit to be made to your account to receive it. You did not have to add funds to your account to receive this bonus. The fact that you've previously deposited at the casino is of no consequence. Taken to it's logical conclusion, after a player made their first deposit, it would be impossible for the casino to offer a No Deposit Bonus the way you are interpreting the rules. Nor do I agree that simply because the words "bonus" or "promotion" were not used in the initial email that the €50 cannot be considered a bonus. The google definition of the term "bonus" is as follows;

    1. a sum of money added to a person's wages as a reward for good performance. - "big Christmas bonuses"
    2. an extra and unexpected advantage.
    By definition this was both an "extra and unexpected advantage" and as it was in connection with your account being given VIP privileges "a reward for good performance", therefore this would automatically be considered both a bonus and a No Deposit Bonus as you did not have to make a deposit to trigger it. While I have encountered casinos giving out free cash in the past, they always make a big deal out of emphasizing the fact that this is no strings attached and that you could withdraw it immediately without any play if you chose. Normally they'll point out that there are no terms or conditions associated with this cash. The Crazy Vegas representative did not at any point suggest that this bonus could be removed from your account without play or that it was term free and as such there should obviously be considered to be conditions to the receipt of such funds. Where I would criticize the Crazy Vegas rep is in not making clear what the associated wagering requirement for this bonus would be at the time of issue. The Crazy Vegas No Deposit Bonus terms and conditions are as follows;

    5.5 No-Deposit Bonuses / Complimentary Bonuses (where offered)

    5.5.1 To claim, Players need to register at least one credit card or make a successful prior purchase using any banking method before qualifying for a download bonus.

    5.5.2 Because NO purchase is required, and the winnings returned could be sizable, the total winnings on all NO-DEPOSIT bonuses are limited to $200/£100/€150 maximum. Should the Player win in excess of $200/£100/€150 the excess will be removed from the Players account before fulfilling the cash-in

    5.5.3 Minimum initial bonus wager requirements and minimum cash-in requirements apply.

    Given that the general No Deposit Bonus terms don't specify a standard wagering requirement for all No Deposit Bonuses this should have been stated at the time. I'd also suggest that, if the information regarding the amount of wagering you engaged in is accurate and bearing in mind that different games carry different weightings so it's completely possible that the amount of the wagering requirement that you completed could have been substantially less that 1470xbonus (for example, if you were playing blackjack it only counts 2% so you would only have played 29.4xbonus, though I think it unlikely that you were playing a table game), it seems that you should have completed any associated wagering requirement. Based on the assumption that you have completed the wagering requirements, you should be entitled to €150, but there's no case to argue for the payment of the full balance. If you have not received the €150 I'll be happy to speak to Crazy Vegas about this issue. Regarding legal action, while it may be possible to take this issue to a lawyer and ultimately a court room, I would make several points;
    • As this isn't a clear cut case, I think it's unlikely the casino would settle out of court. Therefore you would need legal representation and it's likely that taking legal action would ultimately cost you more than you'd get back if you were successful.
    • I personally don't think your case is strong, so I think it's likely that you'd end up spending a lot of money in lawyers fees and not getting anything back.
    All that said, I'm not a lawyer nor do I hold qualifications in any related fields. I would stress that I cannot provide you any legal advice. I'm sure that the above will not be what you were looking to hear and I'm sorry to disappoint you. If you wish me to discuss the €150 with Crazy Vegas let me know and I'll contact them. ThePOGG

    User icon
    March 28, 2014

    I wager that 50 Euro 1470 times only on slots like:

    - Break da Bank Again

    - Summertime

    I received e-mail from Irina with her congratulate me my winnings and she wrote sum of it – that was 7900 Euro –(I won another 600 little later)

    And I received a lot of reasons of confiscate my winnings, each time when I asked that was another. I paste a few of them:

    - Pit Boss [EDIT]: [EDIT], you did not meet the wagering requirements as per our terms and

    conditions.- 21,02.2014

    - [EDIT]: Your winnings were limited due to the fact that you won from

    a free bonus. We have rules regarding a free bonus. Whatever you win from a free bonus you

    receive, you will be limited to 150 euros. That is a set rule in our casino.

    - Pit Boss [EDIT]: [EDIT], as per the system here it states that you failed to meet the wagering

    requirements for the cash-in -20.02.2014

    - Pit Boss [EDIT]: [EDIT], The finance team has stated that you did not meet wagering

    for the 8350 and therefore it was removed – 20.02.2014

    - [EDIT]: [EDIT], I am going to be straight forward with you here, the casino is

    not going to payout your total cash-in, your cash-in had been restricted due to

    winning coming of a no deposit bonus. – 22.02.2014

    - [EDIT]: [EDIT], I unfortunately can not go on debating this issue with you, as

    no matter which context you put it in, your cash-in size has been restricted and

    you will not receive the confiscated balance – 22.02.2014

    - [EDIT]: Has you have been told before, the funds were removed because you won from

    the loyalty points that were credited to you

    That not all reasons I have more chat conversations…

    With arguments, different interpretations and add to the Rules of the non-existent records such as "Particular day" can be drawn, for example, the following absurd conclusion:

    First time no deposits players has the same terms and limits like VIP player which don’t make a deposit at the day(particular day) and for example convert loyalty points.

    That is impossilble.

    User icon
    March 28, 2014

    Hi roko1979,

    I'm afraid the different reasons you've been given are completely irrelevant. You were given a No Deposit Bonus and they come with a maximum allowed win of €150. As long as you've received the €150 then you're not entitled to any further payout.

    While I'd agree it's bad practice, many casino customer service reps either don't have access to the right information or simply make up excuses when they don't know the answers. That doesn't change the rules.

    As to this being a VIP bonus - as no terms were provided with the bonus, while not offered to lower level players, is subject to the casino general promotional terms and conditions and those terms specified a clear maximum withdrawal.

    It's far from uncommon for casinos to offer their VIP players No Deposit Bonuses as a reward for their play, but I'm yet to see any casino offering any No Deposit Bonuses without withdrawal limits.

    As I stated initially, if you've not received the €150 then I'm happy to speak to Crazy Vegas. If you have received the €150, as far as I'm concerned you've got no case to argue.


    User icon
    March 28, 2014

    Vegas Partnert lounge changed rules and benefits at Vegas Loyalty Lounge - did it 2 weeks ago. one very important thing has been removed - 50 no deposit bonus for players at the level of platinum lounge.

    I wonder what regulations have this bonus, because you can bet that it will certainly payments were limited, and the only requirement was a rotation specified number of times.

    User icon
    March 28, 2014

    I'm sorry roko1979, I really don't see what relevance the removal of a bonus has to the case in hand. Casinos constantly add and remove bonuses and promotions. The issue here isn't whether you were entitled to a €50 No Deposit Bonus - you were offered this and received this - it's what the maximum allowed win from that bonus was. Given that no over-riding terms were provided at the time the bonus was issued, the casino general terms and conditions apply.

    You've still not answered the question regarding whether or not you've received the €150 payout from the bonus? I need you to get this conversation back to the relevant point and answer that question. If no answer is provided to this question in your next response I will assume that you have received this payout and close this complaints.


    User icon
    March 29, 2014

    Roko1979, I've received 4 further posts from you, not one of which answered the question I asked and all going on at length about this not being a No Deposit Bonus. I've deleted these comments as this complaint is already excessively long and there was no new information in them. I gave a clear instruction in my last post and as such I'm now assuming that you have received the €150 that you were due and closing this complaint in favour of the casino. Going over and over the same issue again and again isn't going to change the facts and it's wasting time that could be invested in other player's complaints that actually have a valid basis. When you received a bonus that didn't require you to make a deposit to receive it, that is a No Deposit Bonus. As there were no terms specifically attached to the bonus you received, general terms and conditions apply. Further comments made will be deleted if they continue to reiterate the same information. ThePOGG

    User icon
    March 29, 2014

    When it comes to 150 Euros which I received I believe that in no way will solve this case - but it's quite a difference between 150 Euro and 8500 Euro ... These 50 Euro , I received did not really gained just for nothing - two years ago in the casino lost almost 3500 Euros , well it seems from this case that the casinos do not charitable institutions and never give anything for free, and the gift he for me to go back to the Crazy Vegas, then lost what I got and began to lose their own money . Problems started to stick out like a won ... at the beginning it was nice ( a letter of congratulations address verification ) until i have received a transfer to my account Skrill and saw that instead of 8500 for the 150 .. Interview with Pit Boss [EDIT] I think is quite important , please note that I ask her if she is sure of what he had written ( the finance department has determined that it did not do the required market and therefore made ​​a confiscation Euro 8350 - How did it turn in 1470 and only played slots ) - responded that it is certain. The length of my complaint is caused by a huge number of mistakes made by Crazy Vegas Casino.

    User icon
    March 29, 2014


    I understand your disappointment in not receiving the full win, and I appreciate that the subsequent fumbling of the Crazy Vegas support staff regarding the win and the explanation for the removal of the funds above the €150 only served to make this experience worse.

    While I sympathize with your frustration - it's easy to see why your hopes would be raised only to be dashed - as far as I'm concerned, the casino have clear terms and conditions related to the bonus you received and as such I cannot support your claims. I also will not allow you to use this site to pursue an agenda that I've made clear I don't support.

    Further posts on this topic will not be approved.


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March 28, 2014

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