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Dozen Spins - Confiscation of winnings


Unresolved - While Dozen Spins have indicated the nature of some of the concerns they have about this player's account they've been unable to provide proof of breach of terms.

Read our Dozen Spins Casino Review.

Player's Complaint confiscated all my winnings 3101 euros and I beg you to help me. I registered at 10/24/2020 and made a deposit via Skrill 20 euros, then I made a deposit of 300 euros and after that my deposit was 1000 euros. In total, I made a deposit of 1320 euros. I didn't take any bonuses, free bets, free spins, I played only with my own money. I made live basketball bets and played casino slots. In sports betting, I won 1084.07 euros, and in the casino (the slot gave me a bonus and I got a big win of 1862.5 euros), I won a total of 1697.77 euros. Thus, my total balance was 1084.07 1697.77 1320 = 4101.84 euros. I have made a request to withdraw 400 euros to my account.

After that, the support service asked me for a passport photo, screenshot screenshots, a copy of utility bills, a selfie with a passport in front of their website. I immediately sent all these documents to them.

The next day, they demanded "the history of your Skrill wallet transactions for the last 3 months (from 01.07.2020 to 27.10.2020 inclusive) in PDF format, which must confirm that you have funded your e-wallet with real payment methods (bank account / credit card, which belong to you) Screenshot of your Skrill that you used to top up your balance (page with linked cards / bank accounts). " I gave them a screenshot of the transaction history, a Skrill page with linked bank cards and a PDF file with the transaction history. I also told them that my Skrill account is over 7 years old and I replenished it several years ago.

Then the support service asked me again "Screenshot of your Skrill that you used to top up your balance (page with linked cards / bank accounts)." I immediately sent them this screenshot.

This time, the support service asked me to take Skrill screenshots and record a video of the screen as I log into Skrill and show the transaction history, personal data and linked bank cards.

- Screenshot of your Skrill wallet, which was used to top up the balance (with wallet number, page with personal data, email);

- Screenshot of your Skrill wallet, namely the page with linked cards / accounts. * Please set the scale of your screen to 100% before taking the necessary screenshots. Do not decrease it, otherwise these documents will not be considered. - Video (screen recording) of your Skrill wallet transaction history for the last 3 months (07/01/2020 - 10/27/2020), which must confirm that you are funding your e-wallet using real payment methods (bank account / credit card) that belong to You. The video should start from the moment you log into the Skrill wallet, where your personal data will be visible. After that, you set the period (07/01/2020 - 10/27/2020) and slowly scroll through the entire history of transactions for the selected period. I took screenshots, recorded video from the screen and sent them.

After sending all the photos, screenshots and video from the screen, I received an email from them:

"When checking your login, a violation of paragraph 1.21 of the rules was revealed: Clients can only place bets individually, group bets are not allowed. Repeated bets on the same results / winners from the same or different clients may subsequently be invalidated. Even after the official result of the competition / athletes is already known, the platform may invalidate the indicated bets if it considers that the clients are acting in collusion or as a syndicate, or the bets in question were made by one or more clients within a short period of time.

Your winnings have been canceled for violation of this paragraph of the rules.

Your deposit of 1000 EUR is returned to your game balance. "

They canceled all my casino winnings and all my sports winnings and refunded a portion of my deposit. An interesting fact is that in the history of casino betting and in the history of sports betting, all bets are calculated correctly and there are no canceled or canceled bets. They just wrote off all my winnings from my balance. But I did not violate anything, I played only from my computer and have nothing to do with their accusations. I thought it was some kind of mistake and answered them with a letter with screenshots from my account history:


I'm sure there was some mistake.

1. I made 3 deposits to you. First 20 euros, second 300 euros, third 1000 euros. In total, this is 1320 euros, not 1000 as you wrote. (screenshot 1)

2. From the history of bets you can see that I did not bet twice on one and the same result. I can place one bet on total less than 160.5, and the second for total less than 161.5, for example, to hedge. I have there were no repeated bets on the same result. (screenshot 2)

3. I bet honestly and played in the casino from my computer via Mozilla browser and google chrome. I'm ready to go through any Skype checks, phone and provide any documents.

4. With a total deposit of 1320 euros in sports betting, I managed to win 1084.07 euros (2404.07-1320). (screenshot 2)

5. My total balance was € 4,101.84 (€ 3,701.84 for balance and plus 400 euros pending payment for the screen) (screenshot 3)

6. I won € 1697.77 in the casino. (total balance 4101.84 - balance from sports bets 2404.07) (screenshot 4)7. In the casino, in the Serpent Shrine slot, I got a bonus, I won big - 1862.5 euros. Id 62657811 confirms this (screenshot 5)

8. You have not canceled my bets, in the history of bets they have the status of win or losing. In the history of the transaction, my payout per Skrill € 400 was canceled and a deposit of 3,701.84 appeared, which I did not make. After that, the balance on my account became 1000 euros. (screenshot 6)

At the moment, it looks at least unfair, because as soon as I won casino and sports betting and ordered funds for withdrawal, my winnings have been canceled.

I honestly bet on sports with you and played in the casino and won. Your I didn't break the rules. I want to continue playing with you and I am firmly convinced that an error has occurred and my funds will be returned to the balance. In any other I will have no choice but to complain about you to relevant authorities and ratings of bookmakers and casinos.

Before registering with you, I read reviews about you on Russian and foreign sites of casino ratings and you have a good reputation and high user ratings. Of the minuses, I only noted that you have small withdrawal limits, but I was ready for this. I have not found a single review or complaint about you in which it said that you took away the winnings from the player. If I saw this review, then I definitely would not register with you and play.

Please check my account again and return my money. "

Here is the answer from

"The violation was revealed by the platform providing the betting service. There is no mistake. The administration went to meet you and did not block your game login, and also returned your last deposit in the amount of 1000 EUR to the game balance, since you unfortunately lost the last two deposits.

We value our reputation and always for fair play and quality service. For this reason, at the moment, the administration of the project issued a warning about the fairness of the game on your part. If you wish, you can contact the authorities at your request. In this case, the Risk Department will provide a full package of documents from the platform with evidence of violation of the project rules. At the moment, your game account is active and the withdrawal of funds is also available to you according to the rules of the project. "

After that, I realized that all the signs of fraud on the part of the casino are visible here and I wanted to withdraw at least something from my balance and then complain about them and demand to return my winnings. I made a request to pay out 1000 euros for Skrill, but the next day I received a letter from them:

"We inform you that your request for withdrawal of funds in the amount of 1000 EUR has been canceled by our Finance Department. Please note that in order to withdraw funds, you need to place a bet on the total amount of your initial deposit at least three times. At the moment, your deposit roll is 0 out of 3000 EUR. "

I was just shocked by this answer. I feel cheated. I want to receive all my winnings of 4101 euros.

I wanted to talk and called the phone number that is indicated in their contacts section 356 3550 0490. However, I kept getting "Wrong dialed number" all the time. I called from my phone number, on different days, at different hours, but I constantly heard "Wrong dialed number" and I never got through to them.

I am ready to provide any documents for verification, go through any checks by Skype or phone. I am also ready to accept payments to my personal bank account or bank card. If has representative offices in the CIS countries, I am ready to personally come to their office with a passport and any documents.

I am also attaching screenshots from my account, which I sent to in correspondence with them by email. When I won big at their casino, I took a photo of my monitor on my phone and I am attaching this photo and other screenshots of my account.

I made a detailed video with my account and uploaded it to YouTube, please watch it, there is all the evidence.

I apologize for the too large text, but I wanted to describe my problem in as much detail as possible. In short, I made a total of three deposits in the amount of 1320 euros, then won a total of 2781 euros in casinos and sports betting, but after sending all the documents, canceled all my winnings

I received an email from where they wrote that they closed my account and sent my last deposit of 1000 euros to Skrill. Text of the letter:

"The security service of the Dozenspins project carried out a detailed check using your login [EDIT]. This login did not pass the casino security check. The service providing sports betting revealed a violation of the project rules:

Multiple bets combining different variants of the same event are prohibited if some results can affect others. The administration has the right to declare such bets invalid and block the client's account. Based on this violation of the rules, the administration decided to cancel the winnings and return the deposit to the player. Your last deposit of 1000 EUR has been returned to your Skrill wallet based on the refund policy. According to the rules of the project, you are not allowed to play on this casino site and on the partner sites specified in the license. "

I actually put a few live sports bets on them on basketball while playing slots along the way. I have 194 pages of betting history in slots, which is about 1500 spins. I bet on totals in basketball in live, for example total under 161.5 and total under 162.5 for the same match. Is it forbidden?

To clarify the absurdity of their arguments, I will give you an example. Imagine a player signs up with DozenSpins and makes a deposit of € 500, a second deposit of € 300, and a third deposit of € 200 (€ 1,000 total). He plays slot machines in a casino and sees that his favorite football team is playing now. The player places a bet on sports in a football match, such as West Ham - Fulham, on the total number of goals in the game under 2.5 and continues to play slots. In slot machines in a casino, a player wins, for example, 10,000 euros. He watches his football match and sees that the game is nearing completion and the score is 1: 0. The player places a second bet on the same match West Ham - Fulham - total goals less than 1.5. Suppose the match ends 1: 0 and both of the player's bets win. Also in this example, the player won 10,000 euros in a casino using slot machines and, after calculating the bets and winning at the casino, the player's balance is 11,000 euros.

After that, the player makes a withdrawal request, sends a lot of documents, but his account is blocked, and all winnings in slot machines and all winnings in sports are confiscated, and only the last deposit of € 200 is returned to the balance. That is, instead of a balance of 11,000 euros, the player has 200 euros on the balance sheet!

And the casino informs him that "Multiple bets combining different variants of the same event are prohibited, if some results can affect others."

That is, they took ALL winnings in sports and ALL winnings from the casino for the fact that the player made two bets on the West Ham - Fulham match with a total of less than 2.5 and a total of less than 1.5.

This is a fictional example, but it describes what happened to me.

They took ALL my bet winnings and all casino winnings of € 3101. However, they do not provide any evidence because no such evidence exists. I played fair and won fair and I want to get all my winnings.

Another fact that indicates that they made up an excuse not to pay me is that they did not immediately take all my winnings and the first two deposits, but after several days of verification. I'm sure they expected that I would lose this money in a few days, but I never played with them anymore.

Also, after they took my winnings in the history of bets, nothing has changed. There have been no canceled, canceled or invalid bets. They just took the winnings off my balance.

They promised to provide "evidence" of my violations, but I ask you to carefully consider their "evidence". I absolutely did not break any rules, I just managed to win and I am sure that they are ready to go to great lengths not to pay me.

Please help me to get all my winnings from I honestly bet on sports with them and played in the casino. I really count on your help and want to receive from them all my money of 3101 euros.

Thnaks in advance

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3 Responses

User icon
November 21, 2020

Hi ramanah89 - welcome to!

Unfortunately you have chosen to play with a group of operators who has historically been non-cooperative with complaints submitted to us. While we will try to contact the operator on your behalf the chances of a successful mediation are low.



User icon
November 23, 2020


Hopefully they'll answer this time.

thanks for the help

User icon
January 17, 2021

Hi ramanah89,

Dozen Spins have indicated that there are concern that your account activity has breached terms of use in a specific manner. If this was demonstratable we would support the operator's claim. However, as the operator have been unable to provide sufficient evidence that this has actually taken place, we're left with two parties with opposing claimes and no basis upon which to base a reasoned ruling. As such this complaint will be marked as 'unresolved'.

Sorry we couldn't be of further help.


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November 21, 2020

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