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EUSlots - Written Off Funds


Found for the Casino - This player has provided incorrect information about their residence at point of sign-up and as such their account is considered void.

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Player's Complaint

Soo where do I start, I guess by saying I’m a British passport holder, but I reside in the UAE. I come across this website not to long ago whilst I was working in Germany I accessed this site from my phone and I must say the platform itself was amazing offering a lot of slots from many providers, so I deposited some funds and began to play after a few deposits I hit a mediocre win and decided to call it a night and cashed out 200 Euros.

Over the next few days I deposited and played some more, on my last deposit I accidently clicked the deposit bonus and received an extra 25 Euros on top of my 50 euro deposit but this wasn’t the issue as I hit a good win, as I went to cash out I noticed that I had to wager 875 Euros to cash out, so I began to play and ended up hitting the wager and had around 700 euros in my account so I decided to cash out. After waiting a day of hearing nothing of my cash out being approved, I received an email asking me to add documents to verify my Identity. So I added my Passport along with a utility bill of my issues within the last 90 days that clearly had my name and address ( my house in the UK ) at this point I wasn’t aware that the site didn’t accept users that reside in the UK. So I messaged the live chat and asked for an update on my cash out. I was told at this point that we cannot verify your documents as you reside in the United Kingdom. I immediately replied and said no I am a UAE resident and live in the UAE, the document I sent was just of the house I own in the UK as I thought they just wanted a letter with my name stated. So at this point I sent over straight away my UAE residency visa, along with my Residency ID Card but didn’t have a utility to hand with my name and address as I was away for work, I was then told no problem just send all these documents over and you will receive and email shortly. As you can guess I received nothing, so the following day I managed to get hold of a bank statement with my name and address issued within 90 days as requested. I then informed the Live chat I will be adding this to the my documents Page and was told “great, someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible, but thanks for confirming”. Later that night I reverse my withdrawal and play some more as the cash had just been sitting in the account.

So I managed to get my balance up to around 830 Euros, I was planning to play down to 800 euros and cash out again as I had sent all the documents requested. Then BOOM! As I made my next spin after 830 Euros, 600 euros was taken from my balance, I was shocked and was scared I clicked a 600 euro spin, so I immediately contacted the Live team once again and ask what IS GOING ON?? I was then told that the funds had been written-off from account as I am a british citizen, I then battled back with yes but I reside in the UAE and have sent all the proof stating this as requested. I then sent all the documents over to the staff on the Live chat and asked them to send over to the department as at this point none of the Documents on the website had been approved just in the pending “status”. I was then told once again someone will email you from the team with an update on your request by tomorrow, I then asked do you advise me to play with the funds that are left in the account as there was still 196 euros remaining I was then told ( I have screen shots of every single chat ) “You are more than welcome to play if you are a UAE Resident” unfortunately I didn’t get very far with that remaining balance but that’s not the issue here I understand the ways of gambling!

So I wait the whole of the next day for this so called department and receive nothing, again I speak to the Live chat team, “hey can you help and give me an update on my request” I am then told “sorry what request” I then see the same staff member online from the Live chat who dealt with me the previous day and ask to be transferred as she will be able to help more. Once I am transferred, I am then told again “you are a British citizen your funds were written off as they were illegally won, we have left the funds you have deposit in the account but you played them ( 196 Euros ) so this is not our problem” at this point I was not happy as one I was not informed that this was my deposit money that had been left in the account and secondly I was clearly told “ If you are a UAE resident you are more than welcome to play” which I am and I had sent full proof of this so I gathered there would be no issues! So this continues with me battling with the live chat staff sending over the same documents again and again, then was told my request had been transferred over to admin team you will receive an email as soon as possible.

You can guess again I didn’t receive nothing, so I messaged the live chat each day and they said please be patient someone will email you regarding this. After four days I logged into my account and see the balance of my account showed 150 euros, I then opened the live chat again and asked for an update and what this 150euros was as the total owed to me which was so called written off was 630 euros. I was then told that after the review by the admin they have given back 150 euros to withdraw and then will close my account after the withdrawal had been processed, as you can imagine I wasn’t happy and refused to do so and demanded they sent the remaining 430 euros as this is what I had won! I also said to them you know you are in the wrong and I am right because if I was wrong you wouldn’t have even refunded the 150 euros they where just trying to give this and hope I would take it and go but I’m sorry this is not the case as I had clearly won these legally as I am a UAE resident, I was also playing in Germany so I have every right to play(Plus I have spent over a week of my time talking to the Live chat staff getting documents over and sending them repetedly). I was then told my requested has been transferred and I will be contacted via email. The next day I still hadn’t received no email and from this day I have not received a single email regarding my case from any member from the EUSLOT team apart from conversations with the live chat team. My account has now been closed and I really need to know what I can do from here!

I would like to know what we can do to 1. Retrieve back my 430 euros that were un-ethically /un-fairly written off, and 2. make other players aware of this shamble of a website because what they are [EDIT]. As I stated have screen shots of everything from live chats to my balance at 830 and then how it immediately dropped to 190 along with all the screen shots of my bet history. I can also supply you with my residency documents and any thing else you would like me to send.

I’m sorry for the long message but just wanted to share every step with you guys so you can feel my pain too! This has now come down to principle as well as the funds owed to me and I will not stop until this case is solved!

Look forward to your reply and hope you guys can help me from here,

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5 Responses

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January 7, 2020

Hi unfairgaming365 - welcome to!

As we are the ADR for the N1 Interactive Ltd license under the Malta Gaming Authority license there is certain information we have to provide you now.

You can find all the relevant information about this service here – and the terms of use for our complaint service here -

To summarise.

– Use of this service does not preclude your seeking redress through court proceedings .

– This service is free to use for both the complainant and operator.

– At any point during the procedure the submitting party retains the right to withdraw their complaint. This does not preclude our right to continue the discussion with the involved operator of general issues related to the complaint (i.e. insufficiently clear terms and conditions).

– You are not obliged to obtain independent or legal advice or representation, though you may choose to do so.

If you have any questions about the above, let me know.



User icon
January 7, 2020


Thank you for your reply,

No questions regarding the above, happy to proceed.

User icon
January 14, 2020

Hi unfairgaming365,

I've discussed this issue with EUSlots. Unfortunately we are unable to support your claim. When registering your account you selected you selected the UAE as your country or residence but then entered an address in the UK. Now given that the UK is not an option that you can select:

even without reading terms and conditions it is self-apparent that the UK is not an accepted country. So you've chosen a different country but still then gone on to provide a UK address.

Reviewing the EUSlots terms and conditions we can see the inclusion:

"The Company has strict anti-fraud policy. If the player is suspected of fraudulent actions including but not limited to:

- providing incorrect information about personal data during registration;

the Company reserves the right to terminate the user account and suspend all payouts to the player. "

If your address was correct your country of residence wasn't and if your country of residence was correct your address wasn't. No matter which way round this is looked at you have provided incorrect information at point of registration which violates the terms of use and thus the operator in within their rights to consider your account void and reset both parties to pre-contract positions.

You have then compounded this breach of terms by providing proof of address for the address in the restricted UK. There is simply no possibility of the operator viewing this sympathetically.

Sorry we cannot be of further help.


User icon
January 14, 2020


Thank you for your reply,

Unfortunately I do not agree with your decision or there’s due to the fact that I have clearly stated my residence in the UAE. Also the fact that the document I sent with the address in the UK is a house I own. The card I used to deposit is also a UAE account which I then further provided a bank statement from the same bank with my address in the UAE.

There must be something you can do because I reside in the UAE and this casino does not restrict players who reside in this country? Also I havn’t provided “incorrect” information during registration because even the address I entered I provided full proof of.

When I was speaking to the live chat team none of this mentioned at all the only thing they said the fund were written of was because I reside in UK which I don’t I reside in the UAE therefore I am eligible to play. If it was the case that I am unable to play due to the fact I have provided incorrect information why was I then advised to play with the remaining funds by there staff ? I have full proof of screen shots of there staff advising me that I can continue playing?

I’m sorry but I can’t agree with your decision and hope that you guys can fight this back stating that I am a UAE resident and can provide you with all the information needed along with the screen shots from there staff informing me that I can carry on playing.

I hope you can help me recover the money they owe me and not just drop this case after an incorrect statement they have put forward.

Look forward to your reply,


User icon
January 17, 2020

Hi unfarigaming365,

While I appreciate your frustration as stated above there is nothing we can do for you.

The information that you provided at registration was indisputably incorrect. That address does not exist in the UAE which is what you claimed on your registration form. There is no ambiguity here. I understand it may have been an innocent mistake at your end, but where you select your country or residence as the UAE you would have to have inputted your UAE address as well.

And this does not consider the fact that if we accept your address as valid (ignoring the country selection) that it is within a country that is also clearly prohibited within terms and conditions and has been specifically removed from the registration form to prevent it being entered. That would be another breach of terms.

For obvious reasons the operator now considers your account 'high risk' and given that there has been a clear breach of terms they are within their rights to consider your account void. This is not something we can argue against as you have breached the terms of use.

Customer service have just given you basic advice - they do not have the final authority to make a decisions relating to breach of terms. That would be taken by the security department immediately before any withdrawal was processed. Your continued play made no difference to the case however as the breach in question had already occurred meaning that all transactions after that point were void whether you continued to play or not.

As stated above, there is nothing further we can do for you.


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January 7, 2020

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