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Eypobet - apply predatory term


Found for the Player - Eypobet failed to offer any reasonable response to this complaint. We can't confirm when the dormancy term was added. It does appear to be oddly formatted within the casino's terms and conditions, looking more like a latter addition than part of the original document. This does not mean it wasn't in place at the time the player signed-up.

Regardless of the above, dormancy fees shouldn't be used as a method of extracting additional funds from players. They should be used to cover any expenses in maintaining the account or to allow for a balance that's been abandoned after all reasonable efforts have been taken to alert the player to the funds (phone calls/emails). Charging €600 for 2 months of account dormancy is nothing short of ridiculous.

Player's Complaint

On 14 December I opened my account at Eypobet and I used their welcome bonus in order to increase my chances to win.

Chances were with me and from my starting balance of 200 euro I managed to finish bonus wagering with a 3061 euro balance playing only slots games.

From that moment until February 2015 I didn't placed a bet using this balance at Eypobet casino.

On February 2015 I decided that I want to cash out a part of my balance but I found my account closed without any notice.

After heavy attempts to get in touch with someone from Eypobet I manage to reopen my account after I complete the verification process.

On my first payment they informed me that my balance was reduced from 3061 euro to 2456 euro. Taking 20% (605 euro) of my balance after they applied a predatory term.I have very strong assumptions that the used term was added recently in order to affect my balance. Since the used term is not numbered and is framed between two terms unrelated to each other.

______for Thepogg administrator my complaint can be seen in the next link also there you can see a screen shot with the term that I am talking about


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4 Responses

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June 22, 2015

Hi rotabcaru - welcome to!

Unfortunately there's not much that I can do to help you in this situation.

I've checked the terms and conditions monitoring service that we use and no-one was monitoring that specific page. I've also looked at the Google cache which show the page from the 12th of June, which shows the term, and Wayback Machine, which has only captured this page once on the 18th of March, again showing the term.

I absolutely agree that this term is ridiculous in nature - it doesn't cost €600 for 2 months maintenance on a player's account - and it is formatted unusually within the terms and conditions documentation, but without proof that the term was changed after you played there's not going to much I can do to get your funds returned.

I'll talk to the casino and see what they have to say, but before I can do that I need you to provide me with your username and email address at Eypobet casino.



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June 29, 2015

Hi rotabcaru,

I need your username/email address before I can even contact the casino.



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June 30, 2015


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July 6, 2015

Hi rotabcaru,

I've have a very short response from Eypobet stating that they've already addressed this issue on several other forums and will not engage in discussion of the issue again.

I've explained to them that if they don't offer a response to this complaint it will default to being marked 'Found for the Player'. I've also pointed out that if they've spent the time dealing with this issue at other forums, they should already have all the pertinent information gathered and ready to present.

Unfortunately we've received no further response.

The only course of action I can suggest for you is to contact their regulator there - This appears to be a Cyberluck Curacao license and I've yet to see any evidence of Cyberluck offering any response to player complaints, so I wouldn't hold out any great hope of any success. It's still worth giving it a shot though.

Sorry we can't be of any further help.


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June 22, 2015

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