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GameBet – Stalling Withdrawal


Resolved - After a slight delay in sending out a withdrawal, Gamebet have paid this player in full without our intervention. We consider this issue resolved.

Player's Complaint


I registred on this site (Not in your list) on the 19th September this year, 2017. I recieved an 200 % bonus which i used together with my 30 euro deposit. I played through the wagering requirements and ended up with 683 euros. I instantly made an withdrawal attempt. Just a little while later the money just bounced back to my gaming account, without any explanation. So i went to the live chat support and asked why. I was told to send in required documents, so i did that as well, instantly. Waited for a couple of days, no response. I went back to the live chat support and was told some documents were rejected, and i should send new ones (documents that has always been accepted on any other casino i have played on before). No problems i thought, i will send in new ones, so i did. Was rejected three times more, until they finally accepted them. Still, they didnt send me an email about, i had to contact the live chat support all the time to check the status. This part already made me a bit suspicious about this casino, but i was thinking, well its probably good that they are careful with security.

Now when finally verified, i tried to make a new withdrawal at the 25th of September. I was using Skrill as method with deposit, and so with the withdrawal. Couple of days went on, no response from anywhere. So, back to the live chat support who just keep telling me email support will get back to you. The 27th of September i recieve an email from the support team telling me this:

Good afternoon !

At the moment we have a technical problem of output to the SKRILL wallet.

It is possible to expedite your payment if you have a WebMoney purse in US dollars.

С уважением, команда

2017-09-25 12:24 GMT+03:00 [EDIT] :

I responded that i want my money to be paid out with skrill, as promised, and i do not have a webmoney account.

After this short email i have been mailing them three times to ask when they plan to pay me, without a response. I have also frequently been asking the live chat support, who are just telling me that email support will get back to me. So, now im here the 4th of October, more then one week since the second withdrawal was made, five emails later and seven days without any response. I do not know what more to do, they dont seem to want to pay me. Please help me out. Im attaching a file that shows my pending withdrawal at the site. I would be so glad if you guys could help me out.

Best regards [EDIT]

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4 Responses

Oct 06, 2017

Hi Jasenko16 - welcome to!

Unfortunately in this instance it's likely that the casino are within their rights to pay you by another method.

29.9 The Company reserves the right of funds’ withdrawal using a priority for itself method of payment for winning players (including credit/debit card or to the player’s bank account).

The above term is poorly worded but basically means they're reserving the right to decide the withdrawal method.

Now the issues with Skrill may be genuine in which case you won't get paid until such time as those issues are resolved. In that case you'll just have to be patient if you're determined to be paid by Skrill. Alternatively, if they suspect that you may be running multiple accounts this could just be another reason to try and get you to switch. At the end of the day they can force the issue.

I'm happy to contact the operator, but before I do can you accept payment by another method?



Oct 06, 2017

Hi again!

Yes, of course it is ok for me to get paid by another method, and i have told them by mail several times that they can pay me through bank account (swift metod). But as i have stated in the complaint, they have stopped respondning to my emails since the 27th of September. I am not using multiple accounts, for sure. Please help me out. They can pay me in whatever metod, if the value of the winnings stay the same.

Best regards [EDIT]

Oct 09, 2017


I have finally, this morning recieved the 683 euros on my skrill account. I dont know if you have been in contact with the casino yet, but i still want to thank you for helping me out!

Best regards [EDIT]

Oct 09, 2017

Hi Jasenko16,

While I have emailed the casino we haven't yet had a response. I think this has just been a case of them getting their issues with Skrill fixed. Really glad to hear you've received your money!!


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